Mindfulness: How to deal with anger?

hi today I’m in Lima Peru behind me beautiful ocean today I really like to speak with you about anger and hatred these emotions can harm as a lot in life so that’s why I want to talk with you about it in the free video series Buddhism in a nutshell I told you about the four noble truth and the path one of the elements of the path is that you have a right few and anger and hatred is a perfect emotion to practice this anger is a very strange emotions because if we see other emotion people like fear or happiness or sadness or insecurity we like to involve but anger we really don’t either we walk away from it or we’re going to say something about it and then often we react angry as well Buddha said it very beautiful angry and hate is drinking poison yourself and expecting the other to die anger is really a poison in your body it’s like a bite it’s not the bite that kills you but it’s the poison that goes through your body and it’s up to you how you going to treat anger anger often lays in the past there’s so many things happening in our life and it’s in our body somewhere and something can trigger us and then we get angry and we think it’s because of that but if you’re going to research it we often see that it’s somewhere in the past where the root is of this anger and it’s not only for yourself but it’s also for other people so if you if you ask people about anger a lot of people say well it makes me strong it shows that people are not allowed to walk over me but in reality it does not make you strong it makes you a lot weaker and it’s definitely don’t make you in balance and happy there’s another emotion that’s way way stronger than hate and anger and its compassion because if you’re compassionate somewhere else or to yourself you have the freedom to see what really happens so if you look to someone else and you see anger and hatred be aware of that it’s not only anger and hatred elements there are a lot of non anger and non hate elements in it is like a flower a flower exist of so many non flower elements like the water that fall on it like the Sun the ground they were all needed so the flower could bloom and if the flowers finish it will fall in so many parts and it will be part of something else again so you can say it’s only anger or it’s only hate so many other elements and instead of focusing on that it’s good to just take a moment and to really see the other person to see behind the anger what happened which non anger elements are there and maybe you see fear or you see someone who’s lonely someone who wants to be seen someone you will see if you focus on it if you’re willing to see and if you do that the anger will lose his strength it’s not as strong anymore so and if you see that you will also see the anger will go somewhere and that you are part of it because you’re an element that moment because you’re going to say something or not you’re going to do something or you are not and what are you going to do you will be part of the transformation of that anger and do you choose to be loving or do you choose not to be and then it’s the same with anger in yourself anger in yourself is poison that goes in your body and will stay there and it will come out in very nasty ways you can get depressed you can feel like loneliness you get angry at other people so it’s very important that you get to know your anger because if you get to know your angle you’ll also know the non anger elements in yourself so you breath in and you see your anger and your breath out and you’re going to sit next to your anger your breath in and sit next to your anger and your breath out you’re going to take care of it and when you get take care of your anger it’s not an enemy anymore it’s just what it is you’re not going to attach to it anymore you can just see it from a distance but you can also see all the other elements and then you can understand and then you can take care of all these other elements as well all these other emotions that’s inside you as well and you can also see that this anger at this moment that you feel will transform in something else in the future and in this moment you creating the elements for that so what are you going to create are you going to create something that makes you even more angry or are you going to create something that makes you feel loving that makes you feel happy it’s not the anger that’s your enemy it’s the ignorance of it because if it’s there you have to listen to it so you can take care of it you can take care of all the elements inside you and you can take care of yourself if you can take care of yourself you can be compassionate with yourself and if you can be compassionate with yourself you can be compassionate to other people and you allow them to feel angry at certain moments because you will see through the anger and you will see the true person behind the anger you’re not only going to focus on the behavior you also see the intention of the other person and you can help the other person to transform the anger into something positive and if people don’t want to be transformed into something positive if they don’t want to work on their anger you still have the ability not to get involved because it’s not your anger you don’t have to take it it’s like someone gives you a present you don’t take it still belongs to them it’s the same with anger so take care of yourself take care of other people if you want to hear more about my videos please subscribe to my youtube channel and i would love to see your here again

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