Migraines and Headaches Relieved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Boulder Co.

My name is melissa Smith, I’m 27 years
old .I was having migraines two to three times a week before I started
seeing Christina. I had headaches since childhood and migraines since about
middle school. The worst time in my life for migraines was probably the six
months after I got married, I was in bed with a migraine once a day every day: I
cut out msg in an attempt to stop the migraines,
I also cut out high fructose corn syrup. I was always trying to drink more water
my parents always told me I need to get more sleep pretty much the only thing
that ever seemed to work consistently was like extra-strength excedrin. Before
I started seeing Christina I was having two to three migraines a week and now that
I’ve been seeing Christina I have had one migraine! I was even in a
really bad car accident in November and I flipped over my car, it was totaled… and I
haven’t had any migraine even since that! Now that I’m not having migraines so
often, it’s really great because I’m not spending as much money on
pain medication that’s for sure! And it’s great because I don’t have to worry
about like wrestling with my kids as much I would always get like super
freaked out if my son threw anything near my head and I jerked away
because I was I would immediately think Now I don’t have to spend so much
time locked away in my room, I can spend more time with my with my family. Before
I came to see Christina I had never been to a chiropractor before, I have friends
that have been to chiropractors a lot and I always told them that I didn’t
want to go to see a chiropractor because I was worried they would do the jerking
motion on my head. But when she adjusted me it
was not even slightly scary. She was very gentle and it was very obvious that
she knew what she was doing and that every movement she made was calculated.
She had a plan in mind she knew what I needed. She has really improved my life
and made it so much easier for me to be a mom, and have a job, and its really
great to not be in pain daily. I’m really glad that she’s the first chiropractor I
came in contact with.. I don’t plan on seeing anyone else!

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