Migraine & Yawning: How Are They Linked?

migraine is a medical condition in which
people have headaches lasting typically from 4 hours to 24 hours phases of
symptoms in migraine includes prodrome phase or a phase pain phase and postdrome
phase in per drum phase about 60% of people with migraine suffer from
premonitory symptoms that occur hours to days before the headache onset some of
the symptoms and prodrome includes heightened sensitivity to light sound
and odours lethargy food cravings mental and mood changes like depression anger
euphoria excessive thirst and polyuria fluid retention anorexia and
constipation or diarrhea in Ford Rome phase there is a symptom which is
commonly seen in patients of migraine and that is yawning researchers have
tried to find out the association between migraine and yawning results of
this research study has shown that patients with migraine having yawning in
prodrome have higher chances of getting migraine with aura nausea sleepiness
irritability or anxiety so when a patient with migraine reports of yawning
it may be counted as an opportunity for early treatment of migraine attacks by
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2 thoughts on “Migraine & Yawning: How Are They Linked?

  1. Great video. Will definitely help migraine patients in detecting early sign of the migraine headache and visit doctors for treatment.

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