Migraine Relief: Massage these 2 Muscles (Quick-Relief)

Hey everyone, I’m Dr. Matt Pennetti, Neuro-Structural Chiropractor here in Denver, Colorado. And today I’m going to share with you guys the two muscles that you’ve got to massage and break down if you want relief from migraines and headaches. So, I’m going to bring out my lovely assistant, my wife, Lauren…and I’m goin to show you guys the two muscles. They both attach at the same spot. Which happens to be the back of your ear. You’ll feel a bump back there The first one is called your SCM. It starts at that bump, and it runs down the neck into the front of your body and it attaches to your clavicle, or your first rib in your body, you’ll feel a bump there as well. That’s where it attaches. You need to take your fingers and strip that muscle or use your knuckle if you’re feeling really adventurous. And break that muscle down You’re going to feel the tight tender spots…it might send you through the roof… But until you break those down, you’re going to have that pain in the head. The other muscle that you want to make sure is called the Levator Scapulae. It starts at the same spot. But this muscle runs down the back of the neck and attaches to your shoulder blade. And you need to do the same thing. Strip it down until you don’t feel those tight, tender spots anymore. You might feel the pain shooting through your arms, or actually go up into your head while you’re doing it…that’s a good sign. That means you’re doing what you need to be doing. If you enjoyed this video, like it, comment below, with any questions that you have, and then don’t forget to share it. Thanks for watching and hope to talk to you soon.

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