100 thoughts on “Michael Cohen Testifies LIVE: Trump’s ex-attorney testifies to House Oversight Committee | ABC News

  1. Cohen is not a rat, he's a Patriot, it takes balls to face the music, his regret is that of having been a mole, blinded and unguided.

  2. Thank you Michael Cohen for testifying and making it clear that you and trump are thief’s and criminals Now it would only be right to pay back all the money you both stole and give it to fund domestic violence shelters and help the homeless all over USA 🇺🇸

  3. Cohen is Trump cleaners. Nothing else. Obviously, the cleaners first job is to lie, 2nd lie, 3rd is too lie. Spiral lies… till lies is the norm, he can’t no longer tell the right from wrong coz he’s already part of the system.

  4. Americans should take note and listen carefully to what one of the Democrats said in this hearing. It was stated that congress had the right to request and obtain the tax returns of “any” American and that includes the president. Let that sink in for a moment. If congress wants to target any American citizen up to and including the president, there’s not a damned thing we can do about it. They need no warrant, no probably cause, no reasonable suspicion, no other reason other than that they want it. The bad thing is that he was speaking the truth.

  5. your kind of slow ,if there was anything Trump did it would have been but out there ,the fact this has gone on for so long proofs there is nothing and also proofs just how devious this whole ordeal is ,but you know if there is nothing there always will be nothing two years !! ,these leftest dems use any thing slander lies even kill YES kill lets put Hillary and Trump together and look at what has been done these past few years Trump is so clean and Hillary the whore of America is dirty as hell

  6. Congressman Clay Higgins needs to quit playing like he is concerned about Cohen's family. He is there to try to defend Trump. We don't want to hear your paid for by the party opinions! We all know Cohen is a crook, we all know Trump is a crook and believe it or not, most don't care! Most of the youth do not care about his business dealings with Russia or his extramarital affairs. Tell us why and how Russia is hurting us, in the USA. That is what we need to know in order to feel the outrage that our Veterans, Servicemembers, or Politicians and their children. What we are desperate to have is someone truly looking out for us, not saying one thing and doing another; not lying to our faces while stabbing us in the back. FYI- A hearing should be just that, not the congress peoples opinions about the questions or the person they are interviewing. How unprofessional. The other congressman talking about he sees Trump as a good man trying to help everyone in the country, I would have believed it if I did not know the facts. If I did not see him saying one thing and doing another. He talks a good game. But he lies about what he is doing and why he is doing it. I would not care about that either if it did not directly affect me and the rest of America. I am a Republican trying to hold on, but this crap is ridiculous! I was expecting to see true change with the 2018 tax returns. If only that were true my friends would not be truly upset about their 2018 tax return. They owe more money with the same income they had the year previously. The only difference is they had twins in 2018, so that is 2 additional people to the same income, but know they are paying more taxes. What the Hell! This Tax Scheme was not for the middle class. Again, the mid and lower middle class are paying more taxes per $1 earned than the rest of the USA. I remember a time when the USA new better to be openly greedy, the only ones who paid a chunk in federal taxes were big business owners, the top 3-5% and federal employees. The rest of the USA was too poor to owe, and they understood that. The US would borrow from us during the year and pay back what they withheld at the end of the year. The reason big business owners paid taxes was the people in USA were paying them for their services and goods and they were allowed to do business in the USA which gives them a huge book of business, (most companies were under a monopoly. As New business came in and the monopolies started being opened up taxes were raise on the poor and middle class to offset what they small business could not pay due to losses and but the regular everyday people who did not own business, they were able to write of things off like Utilities, Rent, Mortgage, school and school supplies, like paper books, uniforms and things of that nature, without being business owners and there was a real deduction that could be felt on the tax return, not he pennies on the dollar they give today (where you need a million deductions to justify the time spend calculating them. As the USA became more greedy, coddling big business owners and the top 3 percent their deductions for everyday people began to disappear, while businesses received more deductions. I understand this happening for struggling businesses and small businesses, but the rest is a shame. The people of this great country, like sheep, are having their paychecks led to the slaughter. We pay taxes on food so that the grocery store chains can offset their taxes. We pay taxes on utilities and cell phones that the companies can offset their taxes. The same is true for clothing makeup, wine, beer, and other so-called luxuries. I do not mind business writing off taxes. I have been a business owner and the struggle is real. I do have a problem with the everyday people who really sustain the USA and these businesses paying for their deductions. I do not care if they give jobs, because guess what, people are working for their money. People are also giving them all of their money because they are paying for their products and services and buying their products or services. It is a 2-way street. The people who work for Wal-mart spend at least 30-50% of their earnings in their stores, so they are getting their money back with double interest. Think about it. They buy the product at cost or pennies on the dollar and sell them to the public and their employees for 30 to 200 times the amount that they paid for it. What would happen if everyone all over the world grew their own food, picked their own cotton, spun their own silk and made heir clothing? What if we really became independent like they say they want us to be and had no need for them. Then there would be no need for their services or them. There would be no top 3% there. There would be no need to have leaders or government to pay taxes to, stealing from the real people of the world. We could have a real checks and balances system. But they create these programs and tell us where we can live on our earth and we need to pay them to get it. Really they need us to make their schemes work. So give us our deductions for rent, utilities and all basic needs that we purchase. Do not give us additional taxes to offset these greedy people, because if you don't, these millennials and their children will wise up and make the system you say we depend on obsolete. I am old now, but when I was young I loved growing my own food, fishing, and hunting; living off the land. Making my own clothes was a joy. You are trying to remove these skills from the millennials, but some are wising up and taking back their opportunities to be independent and pressing limits. Why are you so greedy. Why do you feel the need to be financially superior to the very people that allow you to exist by patronizing your goods and services? Stop stealing from the people! For these American businesses who want to outsource their work to another country, ban them from selling in the US. You do not get to receive our money and not pay the taxes or give away the Jobs here in the US. Most of us do not want to talk to someone from another country, not in our country anyway. They can hire Americans in their American businesses that are in other countries. If I am calling from the USA, I want to speak to someone either in the USA or who can be understood. I don't want to talk to someone from India unless I am paying India's prices! I am not racist either. Fair is fair. You don't get to charge USA prices using worker from countries who do not understand our culture what we are saying or why we are saying something. You do not get to charge USA prices and you pay 10% -50% of what an American gets paid. It is Unethical!

  7. I love how all of the Republicans are totally deflecting, and also eating their own words. He has every legal right, whether he seems it "ethical" or not to record conversations. If the freaking FBI is questioning you and you are going to jail…yes…you will be turning over tapes as you would have no other choice. It's ridiculous how these Republican representatives are trying to beat their chests in hopes to get their followers to be so blinded by the nonsense that they won't see the underlying issues here. Cohen is testifying to the information that he has already admitted to and is already going to jail for. These idiots have nothing to defend Trump, so they are just trying to find ways to take away Cohen's credibility. So…if they think Cohen is this corrupt…Trump employed him as his attorney for ten years…think on that.

  8. It's rather interesting the Republicans are trying to discredit him by saying taping Trump while not illegal in NY, it's unethical. Or that trying to smear their "God"#45 is reprehensible and a waste of tax payer money and the Democrats are asking detailed questions about corruption around the election, prior to the election and since he's taken office. Hysterical 😂 and sad 😭 at the same time. #45's impeachment would ruin the GOP, put traitors in prison etc

  9. Republicans have no interest in bettering the lives of anyone but themselves. They don't care about infrastructure, the poor, children, no one but millionaires and billionaires who pay them or finance their campaigns

  10. This dudes shitting in his pants the only thing that's a fact here is he's a liar payed off alot by libtards to knife his former boss in the back Trump did stormy she's Mikes mistress mike got jealous made up shit

  11. Michael is going down! Down in History forever as an American Patriot, a good husband, a loving father, and friend to many, and the writer of a good book coming out soon! It will be alright M i k e! 😁

  12. Drama trump does speak in code. He hints about, like when he hinted to his fan base that if he gets impeached they're going to cause a riot. Pay attention ppl…
    He's not lying when he said that.

  13. Cohen should spend his free time on the streets in a boxing ring cuz he's going to need to know how to fight once he goes to prison. I read somewhere that he's going to be whacked in prison.

  14. Some of these members kept
    telling him he is a liar. Then they said he's a pathological liar and every word
    is a lie and they can't believe anything he says. This guy is going to jail. He
    lost his career. His wife and children are suffering. I guess if his wife and
    children want to see him they will see him in jail. When someone's down, the
    self righteous mob attack them like hyenas eating their poor prey while still
    alive and rip them to pieces, also while still alive. He made mistakes maybe a
    lot and he's paying heavily for it. How many of these people ripping him to
    shreds for lying has never told a lie? Everyone has. Cohen got caught. You also
    see these guys getting caught with all kinds of things almost every day. I'm not
    excusing Cohen but how about a little forgiveness? Do we really get enjoyment
    from his suffering? yes?

  15. The Republicans that spoke today to discredit Michael Cohen will be going down – down in history down in history probably for nothing else!

  16. Dam all those from the Republican doesn't even let Cohen finish his answer and keeps interrupting him and ask the same question all those idiots are saying.

  17. This cohen comits several federal crimes and yet only gets 3 years in prison. Yet an illegal imigrant enters and gets caught then faces 10 years in prison.

  18. America is Clearly Now The Worst Country! Not even Top Ten Richest. Racist, Corrupt, In Dept, Full of Crime & Homeless, Crazy taxes & laws to take money from the people. Police can kill whoever they want. Anybody can be president and do whatever they want. Bush &Trump! Mexicans have already taken over. There are better places to live!

  19. Mr. Cohen you are the most despicable human being I think I ever heard testify in a court of law. Your testimony does nothing but throw slander and kindergarten playground bulshit and they are feeble attempts at getting out of jail free cards. You're not a man you're a pussy rat and a big one at that. I hope and pray they throw away the key to your jail cell, because that is the only way you can protect your wife your children and the people of this world nonsense has nothing to do with a person's capability as a president.

  20. The Republicans came off as complete idiots in this hearing. If they're so convinced Cohen is lying…then why aren't they grilling him about his testimony. They just all keep on attacking him about his character…which is unnecessary because Cohen blatantly admitted that he's lied and is going to jail.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats are actually trying to delve deep and get more information.

  21. If Little Mikey said Trump committed crimes, and Little Mikey took pride in being Trump's fixer, then what is Little Mikey's culpability?

  22. We are trying to get an idiot who wants to destroy americans to give up nuclear weapons and you filthy dems are worried about the president lying about some whore he screwed 15 years ago Idiots

  23. Enjoyed watching Cohen calmly remove the balls of each republican that made a puny attempt to convince us that he is lying to Congress again, because Cohen wants more criminal charges, and aggravated charges at that, (because he’s still on the hook for lying to protect Chump). uh huh sure he’s lying…….NOT.

  24. I want to know who the blonde headed lady is sitting to the right and behind Cohen……without knowing, I would assume by her reactions to his testimony, its his wife. If not, then who is it?

  25. Wait, the republicans want his files pertainng to clients and don't care about client privacy, but turn around and critize him about the tapes. The law doesn't require both parties to be informed, but they attack his ethics. The law is reflective of our ethics, if you have an issue then change the law .

  26. what will be important are the revealed documents that collaborate testimony AND whether the House shall go forth to act on their Constitutional duty with accord to the purpose(s) of this Congressional committee ~ we don't want a final result of "all talk AND no (Constitutional) action"

  27. Americas' historic Democratic Soap on worldwide display. The Dems with their Leftist agenda is a danger to our Democratic Representative Republic which started with the notorious James Clapper.

  28. This is pathetic. Both sides should be ashamed and embarrassed. No one involved here can see through their own bias enough to be impartial. Republicans this, Democrats that, please. You're all at fault here. There is no justice anymore. Let's at least be honest about it. Claiming this hearing was for "the American people" is so insulting. This was supposed to be a Q & A, not a platform for each individual to spew their own agenda before asking leading questions for two minutes. The irony of Hice claiming "there is an agenda today" while spouting his own agenda. Are you kidding me? Is everyone really this thick? You're all bias. You all have an agenda and it's called "being the party with the most control". All of this is so disconnected from what life actually is, what it's about, what real people are going through. This is a circus. This is America.

  29. My husband also speaks in codes so I understand what Cohen is saying. Funny but I never looked at it as being a code but more like insinuations. For instance ( it's 12:00 ) that means where is lunch? ( Is the mail man working today?) That means have you checked the mail? And if you haven't then it's time to check the mail. He even has a code for sending me to bed. ( Are you going to get some sleep tonight? ) Time to go to bed. Or ( aren't you sleepy?) And the list goes on and on. Hahaha I understand this completely others don't get the message but I do. My husband also shares the same birthday as Trump and is very much a dictator.

  30. These republicans act as if they don't lie. They're liars themselves. In fact all they care about is what they can benefit from having some control in our government.

  31. What.about all the money the republicans take from the American people,with the laws.they.pass to benefit themselves.

  32. with "Buffalo Bills" financial documents in hand it appears clear that the IRS should be able AND required to investigate and open up prior tax returns by t-Rump for peculiar fraudulent asset value manipulative practices ~

  33. There are millions of ppl that work 4 ppl & companies that they hate, or feel are unethical. At the end of the day, it's a paycheck; no one being murdered. So, bringing up Trump's character as a reason not 2 work 4 him, is irrelevant.

  34. mr. cohen is the best possible witness for this committee hearing because not only does he know how the cheating works, he reveals the steps in how big money gets what it wants ~ congratulations to a highly credible witness, his documents and his testimony ~

  35. Powerful closing statement from Chairman Cummings. Not only did I feel that should resonate in the committee but as well as the civilians of our country.

  36. Republicans: Attempt to discredit Cohen because of his lies in the past.
    Also Republicans: Have no care in the world of all of Trump's CONSTANT LIES and not at any moment, question HIS credibility.

  37. All I see is Bringing up sexual scams that he paid before he got into office, if he did or didn't get, over it, but it was ok for Bill Clinton to have a blowjob while he was president, but they didn't kick him out!!! Don't make since the only thing I can see is because the Democratic party is not in the white house and they want to do what ever they can to regain the power and control and to take your rights away. But damn Trump is trying to fight for our rights even if he is a con man and everyone wants him out. Bs is all I say

  38. This is why people like Donald Trump are dangerous and it has nothing to do with being a republican. The same way that Michael fell in line and allowed DT to get him to do and believe all this crap,is how he influences others. Michael Cohen was very wrong to commit the crimes that he did, but many others would do the same

  39. Right from the jump Cohen gets caught in two lies lol! What a circus, what is this the so called two year Russian collusion investigation round two, haha!

  40. So President Trump wanted the campaign and election to further his brand.. every one of his companies and hotels took a financial hit from the jump..that was so stupid when he said that, get real!

  41. I'm not Shure if he knew what the substance of the dump would be..what are they talking about!! Lol 😁

  42. Lynne Patton, Trump official at Cohen hearing, claimed he only ‘turned’ when Mueller threatened wife
    “What many of you may not be aware of is the fact that I can personally confirm that the ONLY reason Michael Cohen ‘turned on’ the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years."
    Now we know.

  43. The Republican members don't ask a single question about Trump. All they do is besmirch Cohen's character, which unfortunately is easy to do. But this is the strategy used in a courtroom when you have no defense. When you don't dare ask a question because you know the answer and it won't be good.

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