[#MetroTV] (ENG/SPA/IND) Can’t Stop Watching Even Though It’s Frustrating | #YellowBoots | #Diggle

[Metro TV]
Get out!! (Funny thing is, Yu Ra doesn’t
know that this is Yoon Hee) No, no Please save my baby (Important point: Yu Ra’s anklet is broken) I didn’t do this! (I closed my eyes because I thought
that she was going to run over her) (But it was a hit and run) (Yu Ra is unstoppable) Hold on, Yoon Hee
(Meanwhile, Yeon Hwa who came here) (Found Yoon Hee Of course…) (Yu Ra comes back) (Was she feeling bad?) (No it was because she was afraid
that the victim could’ve seen her face) (She has no conscience) (But kind Yeon Hwa found out
that the victim is Yoon Hee) Oh no, Yoon Hee! (Yu Ra is here) Did you… hit her? (XXXX) Yoon Hee wake up! Wake up It’s Yoon Hee? (Yu Ra understands
the severeness of the situation) It was Yoon Hee? She’s so cold (Yeon Hwa asks for the blanket in her car) Yu Ra, quick! Okay Anyone can know that this is the original
CCTV clip (Yeon Hwa is making it worse) (Yeon Hwa gets on the ambulance) (Yu Ra who is left alone) (Collects evidence… Bravo for her) (Collecting evidence) (And the CCTV CD) It’s not me!
(But Yu Ra doesn’t have common sense) You did it, it wasn’t me
It was Seol Yeon Hwa You mean the accident? Was it you? No, I was the witness The person who caused the accident
asked me to call the police instead Do you know that person? Yes I do Her name is Seol Yeon Hwa Sir…Yoon Hee …
(Yu Ra is telling Yoon Jae right away) She was hit by Yeon Hwa’s car and she’s been carried to the hospital
(No! You can’t say that girl!!) Is she okay? There’s a blood shortage… What’s her blood type?
I’ll do it I’m type A
Can I volunteer? Come with me Yu Ra, what about you? (She’s not helping
because Yoon Hee could’ve saw her) Hurry! I’ll be back I’m Ha Yoon Hee’s guardian
How is she doing? Doctor, use my blood We need to save Yoon Hee I can give her all of my blood to save her
(Good acting) Please take my blood What are we going to do? Why was Yeon Hwa
on the road to the training institute? I don’t know, but it was
Seol Yeon Hwa for sure You have to be clear Yu Ra I heard a crash I stopped the car
(Yoon Jae’s eyes are going to pop out) Yeon Hwa was holding onto
Yoon Hee, and she was bleeding (Yeon Hwa is here after
giving a blood transfusion) Hey… She’s going to be okay She’ll wake up
So don’t worry… Did you…
(Please don’t say it) Did you hit Yoon Hee? For real? I wanted to show you that I’m not an industrial spy
(Yeon Hwa calmly explains) That’s why I was heading to
the training institute And on the way I saw Yoon Hee, bleeding She was bleeding heavily
It was like a hit-and-run It was bad, so I called 911 And right after the ambulance arrived
I took her to the hospital I didn’t…cause the car crash She was already hit before I arrived My name is Park Chang Doo of the traffic
investigation department (He is in charge) I was informed that there
was a car accident Who is Seol Yeon Hwa?
(Because Yu Ra called the police) Yes, that’s me Can you tell me the
details of the accident? What is wrong with you?
(Yoon Jae is mad) You didn’t know, but why did you tell me
and the police that Yeon Hwa hit her? I….told you… Your words change people’s destiny Be careful Yeon Hwa didn’t cause the accident My sister was already hit by another car,
which left the site Choi Yu Ra When you called the police
You said that Seol Yeon Hwa hit her That’s what I saw so that’s why I reported
(You’re a bad person) (Final stop,
Will Yeon Hwa reveal the truth?)

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  1. 연화가 운전한 차는 부딪힌 흔적도 없는데 저 말만 듣고 의심하는 남자가 ㅂㅅ
    모르는 여자도 아니고 자기가 사귀던 여자 인성을 그렇게 모르냐

  2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ편집자덕에 정주행중이에욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ고3의 낙입니다

  3. 🚊 정신차려 지나철! 🚊 ※보다가 역 지나침 조심※

    통학 통근러들 아침마다 지겨울까봐 에딧몬들이 지나철 아침특선 만들었습니댜~~~

    아침특선은 "매주 월요일 아침 8시"에 공개되니까 다들 탑승하러 와주십쇼~~~

    ★에딧몬들의 픽 ☞ 지나철 꿀잼보장!!!★

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