Mere Dad ki Dulhan – Ep 17 – Full Episode – 6th December, 2019

Hi, Dad. Come here. Come on. You know, you have
ten weaknesses but, you are really nice.
Do you know that? Yes, I do.
But, what’s this about? Because you don’t crush
ginger in your tea. You dry your hair
in your room. You are so good. All right.
What’s going on? You should drink tea.
– All right. I’ll go make some. Correct. You shopped online again? Well, they are watches. I can see that. But why did you buy
so many? Dad, this online shopping
is also a disease. I should call Dr. Pandey and
ask some medication for you. Well, I got it at a discount.
It was very cheap. You see, it only comes
as a set. So?
– Well, that way one will show your time zone
and other one, mine. Look, we’ll be
13.5 hours ahead of you. So, I have two here and I’ll
get two more for my office. And one more
on the first floor to know when she comes down. She is a silent sleeper. Dad, when will you step out
of the 19th century? You know phones can show you
global time. You wasted your money on this. I can’t fathom those things.
– Right, I know. You’ll see the time and wonder
if Niya is up. Whether Niya did her laundry,
or if she left for work and if Niya had her food.
– If Niya had her food. You see?
Jinx. I mean, just think when you’re there, I can’t
call you in at mid night to ask if you had your food.
Right? Yes. Also, you can’t disturb me
during my coffee dates. Yeah!
– I’ll break your legs. And I don’t need to put up
with your coffee. Don’t kid around, Niya.
– I’ll go on so many dates that it’ll give you acidity.
– I can still cancel your visa. You know what..
– Hey, I’m sorry. I won’t go.
– You need to give me phones numbers of your friends
out there so I can call to see if
reached home. All right, you got it.
I won’t go on dates. Anyway, tell me something.
– What? You’ve hung two clocks here,
where will you hang the third? In my office.
There’s one there already so this one will keep
your time. Come on. Mom, I’m leaving for.. What are you doing, Mom? I’m making halva.
– This much? Why? Didn’t you already make
the offering at Gurdwara? Don’t complain.
You’ll ruin the taste. No, Mom.
Tell me what are you doing? You know Mr. Amber
isn’t very fond of us. If you do this,
he’s going to give us hell. Nothing will go wrong.
I’m extending my friendship. Don’t worry. Mom, listen. You do know that this is
our only accommodation, right? Yes, I know.
And this is a very nice house. And I already feel
at home here. Mom,
this isn’t our home yet. Please don’t do anything
that could upset him, Mom. I won’t do anything. Just watch how I win
everyone over. You’ll be very proud
of your mother. Go now. Why are you still here?
Go, you’re getting late. Dear God, please bestow some
sense in to my mother. Don’t let her do something
that might create trouble. Aren’t you getting late?
Get going. I am, Mom.
But if your halva.. Oh, God. I better cleanse
the evil eye from the halva. I do make tasty ones,
but still.. Sri, listen.
– Sri.. ‘Every time you take flight’ ‘every time you touch the sky’ ‘I might be far from you,
but I’ll still be with you’ ‘every time you remember me.’ Well.. Carry on. Can you get me a printout
of those reports? – Sure? It’s in the queue. Oh, yes! Sanjay was here
and he gave me this file. There are glitches in some apps
and you need to sign these. Okay. Kabir! – Yes?
– Let’s go. Where to? – Meeting.
– What meeting? The meeting about
Stop playing the boss now and come with me as a friend.
– Come on, Kajal. I’ve work to do.
– Come on.. Let’s go. – Please! Which meeting?
– Guys, Niya. Mr. Gupta, do you know why
Mogambo was happy? Because he wasn’t married
and didn’t have a wife. Right! Once we go home
I’ll take you to task. – Enough. You talk rubbish
before everyone. Please, have some more. Try this.
– Hello! Hello!
– Who are they? They’re our neighbours. I thought, since we’ve newly
moved in here the more people we meet,
the better. Mom, where did you get
all these people? – Don’t know. I asked the milkman to invite
every home that he delivers to. But they’re so nice.
They all dropped by. I got ‘Kachoris’ and ‘Samosas’
from Gupta’s stall and prepared ‘Halwa’, too.
– But Mom, you should’ve asked Niya and Mr. Amber at least. Oh! Even Mr. Sharma is here! Please come, Mr. Sharma.
Have a ‘Samosa’. What are all these people
doing in my house? They’re the neighbours.
They’ve just visited. Whom? My mom. Who parked his vehicle
in my spot? Raise your hand. Who parked his car
in Mr. Amber’s spot? Whose car is it? I.. I’ll check it out. What’s going on? What’s going on?
– What? You’re leaving in a week.
Is this how you’ll exit? Ditto.
Is this how you’ll let her go? Are we your divorce lawyers?
– Or umpires? Or your intercom
that keeps you connected? Just talk mutually
and sort this out. – Ditto. Niya.. Let’s go. Come on. Coffee. Look, Niya.. The only thing
that’s been constant between us all these years
is our friendship. And I don’t want to lose it
at any cost. Neither do I, Kabir.
– Good! So, we both feel the same way.
– Yes. Okay. So, I’m sorry.
– Even I’m sorry. Why are you apologising?
– I wonder why I was behaving so weird.
– It isn’t your fault. It isn’t your fault, either. I’ve a meeting to catch, so..
– Yes. I’ll just go catch up
with the meeting, okay? I’ll see you. Mr. Sharma, I told Mrs. Shukla
just today that you’ve changed a lot
and become really good. You’ve opened your home
and your heart to us. I had one more thing to say.
This one woman.. I mean, your tenant changed
your whole life, Mr. Sharma. It’s amazing!
What a drastic change! Really! Get out.
Leave! Mr. Sharma, have some ‘Kachori’. I bet you haven’t tasted
such crispy ‘Kachoris’ ever. But I have some advice.
Please don’t have the ‘Halwa’. The ‘Halwa’ that Mrs. Pammi made
is awful! She can’t prepare ‘Halwa’.
All she can do is just talk. She’s messed your kitchen up
and turned it upside down. Who has parked the car
in the middle of the street? This is heights!
It’s blocking the traffic! Who did this stupidity?
Where will Mr. Amber park now? The car in the midst of the road
is mine. Because everyone else has parked
like they were cargo buses. I collided with so many bumpers
just to enter my house. And here, it’s a whole carnival!
Why are these many people here? Who even are they? They’re the neighbours.
I invited them. The neighbours, really?
But I never invited them. Take them elsewhere.
Everybody, out! Out!
– This is not fair. Didn’t you hear me?
Get out! Out! Hey.. Hey! Put that down! It’s a TV, not a table.
Out! Mr. Sharma, see you.
We’ll visit again. It was really fun.
See you again. Let’s go. They were my guests!
– But Mom, you barely know them. I was trying to
get to know them. This is how normal people
socialise. They don’t kick guests out! Normal people don’t cram
others’ house with guests. So, is this not my home?
Is this some charity home then? What’s wrong with this man! He’s always whining about rules
and morals! Don’t the tenants have rights?
– But Mom.. – Oh, stop it! He didn’t mean that. – No! No!
That’s exactly what I meant. You heard it right.
I won’t tolerate any strangers barging into my house. – But..
– I cannot tolerate other people either in my house
or my parking spot! – Okay. And if anyone tries to get in..
– Then what? Tell me, what will you do?
– Mom! – Talk to her.. You didn’t even ask him.
– Ask him for what? And why are you defending him? It’s all your fault. You brought me here.
Now you’re defending him. Soon, you will team up with him
and kick me out. – Please do it! Why would I do that, Mom?
Hold on, I’ll talk to her. You’ve upset your own mother
for this temporary guest. Hold on! Whom did you call
a temporary guest? Dad! Dad!
– Hold on.. – You’re back. What’s going on?
– Come here.. Stand here and hear me out. Do you want rights as tenants?
So, here you go. I’ll pay you three months’ rent. Pack your bags and leave.
– I don’t want your rent. No, please take it and leave.
– No way! I’m going nowhere! You’ll be the one to leave!
Then, I’ll take over this house! We won’t leave!
– Mom, stop it! – Ma’am! Where will I leave?
– Dad! Dad!
– Where will I leave? What did she say? – Let me go!
You heard it right! When you go to America
with your daughter we’ll take this house.
Wicked man! Dad, hear me out!
– How dare she! What did she say!
– It’s nonsense. Why did you get her as tenants
of all the people? Did you hear him? – Let go.
Let go of my hand! Hear me out once..
– I’m going nowhere! Dad, hear me out!
– It was our secret. What secret?
There was no secret! I’ve never seen such a rude man! He’s too much. Hear me out for once. Dad, what are you doing? Dad, what are you doing?
No.. I’m just packing my bags
and leaving. Come on, Dad. – Go ahead,
have them as your tenants. But please spare me.
– Don’t be stupid, Dad. I’m the stupid one, right? Because only you’re intelligent.
Let go.. – That I am, but.. Let go of it. – You let go.
– Come on, Dad. Stop it, you’re making me angry.
– But I did nothing. Why are you mad at me? You’re right. Even you were cheated.
It isn’t your fault. So.. Why are you down there?
– You toppled me over. Listen.. – Okay.
– That wasn’t deliberate.. Come on, get up now. I’ve got an idea.
– What? We’re a team, okay?
We’re a team as always. They’re our enemies.
They want us to quarrel so that they can take over
our house. But we won’t let it happen.
We’re the Sharmas. We’re brave, we’re fighters.
Got it? Stay here. Stay right here. Mr. Amber.. Home wreckers. W-What happened? What are you doing?
– No! No! Not now.. Hey! Dad, what are you doing? Dad, we can’t be timid in
our own house. – I’m not timid! Should I just attack them then?
Have you lost it? Who does that! – Oh! I thought
you’re scared of Guneet. No.. There’s no strategy, Dad.
We need a strategy. We need to think it out well.
– Yes. – Right? We can’t act impulsive. Listen, go and find out
what’s on her mind. Okay, I’ll talk to her.
– Do that. – Stay right here. Fine. Ms. Guneet, listen.. Let’s talk to Mr. Amber once.
– No, hear me out first. Enough!
I’m tired of lying to him. Let’s tell dad the truth. He’s going to yell, either way. What if he ousts us from here
after knowing the truth? He will do that, anyway. But we’ve lied so much that
I’ve lost track of what we said. My mind is in a mess right now. Same here. What? – Dad, Guneet wants to
talk to you. As if I’m scared of her.
– Hello! Mr. Amber, my mother..
– She’s sick? She’s dying? I know.
What next? She always wanted a house
of her own. – Okay. Dad never got her one.
I couldn’t get one. – Okay. I was going to buy one.
But I lost all my.. – What? It’s a long story.
Let’s save it for later. – Okay. So, I couldn’t arrange money
and buy the house. And we had to leave this house.
So, mom was very upset. So, you thought of
taking over my house? – Yes. No! No! No! Why would I think that way? Tell me something. Why do all the liars in the town
land at my doorstep only? Dad..
– Let me talk to her. Don’t you see? Okay, carry on. I lied to console my mom..
– Louder. I lied to console my mom. Have some shame. For how long will you lie? And on top of that
you made my daughter lie? She never lied to me,
but now she did because of you! You can’t stay here.
That’s final. And this conversation is over. You’re right.
I made a huge mistake. I’ve said a big lie.
I even made her lie. I lied to everyone,
but I was helpless. She wanted a house of her own
to spend her final days in. I lied to make her happy. Lying wasn’t easy for me, either
and that’s the truth. Done talking?
– Yes, sir. So, listen up now. No matter if you mom dies
happy or sad or whichever house she dies in it won’t be my house.
Thank you! You.. You can’t do this. I can. I sure can. Don’t be under
any misconception! It’s my right to kick out liars
and I’ll do exactly that! I’ll kick you out in a minute!
– Ever heard of legal action? Have you, or have you not? A legal license is an agreement
and we’ve signed it. And we still have the agreement! I’ll approach the highest court
but won’t leave this house! It’s a civil court’s matter!
No need to run around. And don’t threaten me with
going to court, or else.. Or else? Or else, what? Go ahead. Ms. Guneet..
– You can do nothing. Nothing at all! I won’t leave this house.
Never! I’ll die but won’t leave!
– Hello.. – Get that straight! Did she just threaten us?

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