Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 14 | 16th November 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

who is with Mr. Mateen? yes … I’m sorry we tried our best, but he couldn’t survive whatever God’s will be patient *funeral prayers* *funeral prayers* I got a call from her husband, just a day before she died that Sameena, wants to speak to you I talked to her he breath was stuck she asked me Mateen Ahmed, do we get the punishment for unfaithful attitude? I said, yes we do get punishment she said, “how much”? I said … that much, which doesn’t even the faithful gets the fruit of she said go, Mateen Ahmed I have forgiven you *door bell rings* *door bell rings* if you are awake, then why aren’t you receiving your phone? phone? you called? yes, yes … not at all … it didn’t rang any ways… come come… oh, its battery has died it was ringing just now… may be, you must be afar one of my very close friend has died … I’m very upset because of that please sit thank you! sorry, I won’t be able to offer you tea don’t worry, there is no need of that tell me, shall they come tomorrow to give the advance? yes… if you can make it day after tomorrow, it will be better
please … he was very close friend of mine I’m missing him it’s alright, we can make it day after tomorrow
no big deal you please take rest…
alright then let’s meet day after tomorrow, by God’s will and yes … one more thing
they will make full payment so you are understating my point? what? you need to give the flat’s key, and have to relocate from here yes, yes … that I know… I will leave If you say so, shall I do some arrangement? I will let you know by day after tomorrow Mr. Jameel, I want to do some rest now…
I’m very tired ok, ok ..fine.. you do rest… will meet day after tomorrow, by God’s will bye …
bye! shall I bring Roomi here for one or two days? it’s been months now
I haven’t even seen his face he will come here? in the past months, his father has made him your enemy he is not of that nature what! he will not instigate him …
I know him shall I bring him here?
you don’t have any objection? no at all, why will I have any objection I will be happy
if he comes here, and stays with you but he shall not stare me why will he stare? he will stare… step children, stares their step father a lot he will not stare…
I promise alright then…
I have no problem bring him today then then you call him…
ask him to drop him here to whom shall I call to?
to Danish? this was his name…. Oh … for such small work, now I will be calling such low-class people? you do have his number? yes … then call him tell him, that I’m sending the car
send Roomi along with the driver if you want, you can also go thank you, so much now you’ll also say thank you for this? you rule on my heart just rule don’t take permission like public Ok, I’m going to office give me this … hey, why don’t you ask me to come to office? will you still go? alright come to office, when Roomi leaves and yes… don’t seek permission
it’s your office Mr. Deewan Mr. Deewan … wait for a minute, Deewan give this to me from today onward, this is not your responsibility anymore let’s go … *phone ringing* Hello! whose this? who are you? this is Danish’s number? no, no… this is my father, Mr. Mateen’s number how’s it possible?
this is Danish’s number tell me the truth, who are you? shut up!
who are you speaking? *phone ringing* listen, who ever you are…
give he phone to Danish or tell him, that I want to meet Roomi Roomi! look, this is not Mr. Danish’s number
I’ve already informed you please don’t disturb us, by calling again & again *phone ringing* how many times shall I tell you, that this not Mr. Danish’s number, this my father, Mr. Mateen’s number.. why aren’t you understanding this? is this sister-in-law speaking? sister-in-law? who is this? I’m dealer, namely Khawaja Jameel… I’m selling your flat sister-in-law I’ve called, since I have to speak to Mr. Danish… that’s why is he sleeping? do you also think, this is Mr. Danish’s number? so, this is not his number? not at all sorry… sorry sister it’s 6 PM in the evening … Mr. Danish … who is this Mr. Danish *phone ringing* Hello! Uh … Hello! yes, some Mr. Danish called me from this number from this number of yours, Mr. Mateen also called Mr. Mateen! I’m Hania speaking, Mr. Danish Oh! I believe, both of you have similar cellphones yes, yes… they are similar so, what has happened is that, you have given me your phone by mistake
and… you have kept my father’s phone Oh!… I will be coming in a while, to give it back to you ok ..
Thank you! *phone vibrating* listen, Danish is not attending the phone some girl is speaking So? then go, I have told you many times… you don’t need to seek permission Ok Sir, I have heard.. that you are selling the flat yes … sir, why are you selling? brother, it was important to sell it *door bell rings* *door bell rings* you don’t have the keys? I don’t live here anymore I know about this sir has told me that your posting is done in another city and child Roomi, has also gone with you Roomi! where has he gone? with you where is Danish? he has just gone outside, on his bike when he’ll be back? I don’t know, sometime he comes very early
or sometimes he comes very late I’m waiting in the car he is not at home where are you? I’m sitting in the car, waiting for him why are waiting? meet Roomi or take him along he has sent Roomi somewhere what do you mean? he has sent Roomi somewhere he has told everyone here, that my posting is done in some other city I have gone there, and taken along Roomi with me he would be feeling guilty while telling that my wife has left me same that old, problem of honor anyways, no problem it is a problem, Shehwar where he has sent Roomi? where he would have sent? a small, low-class loser man and a wounded husband, can do what more? he is hurting you, in the name of kid of if I will say it clearly
he will try to blackmail you what else he can do? but, don’t worry if you won’t get Roomi, tomorrow or day after then he will get notice from your lawyer, on the third day you just wait & watch.. what I’ll do with him you just come back… don’t wait for him no, Shehwar… please
you wait for a while I will be back, just after meeting him Oh ho …. you are wasting such a beautiful evening you know? if you wouldn’t have called so, I was enjoying a lot just a small sound I just felt, that you have come but, now if any sound will be heard, it will be useless to see Ok, fine keep waiting your phone thank you … and this is of Mr. Mateen’s thank you! how much sugar? no, I won’t drink tea how can I drink? just now…. just 3 days ago I miss him so much we also miss him so much
I was reading his diary today there wasn’t even a single page from the last 10 pages, in which he has not mentioned you he has mentioned your name, while drinking tea at the cafe 1 teaspoon you came to school that day you didn’t tell, that you use to work with my father how would I have told you? I never knew,you were his daughter for that day, I’m sorry why sorry? a good teacher shall be like this no compromise it’s good Mehwish is your wife… right? she WAS oh yes… right she was calling today, I received it by mistake I don’t know, what she understood I’m sorry, she is very ill mannered why are you selling the flat? don’t be glad your dealer called in the morning, he told me and I’m asking because because, father was so worried about you he has written in the diary…
“I am worried about my friend” he is very angry and in anger, a person is powerful but not wise has Roomi improved? yes … you have said right, if he promises, he’ll get good results… he is doing good also now, he laughs.. he talks… and he is becoming playfully as well and playful is that much… that day I gave a star on his hand so he said, “will you marry me?” what? I am telling the truth… I said to him, go child you are very little at the moment so he replied… you wait please, I will grow up soon so, you get married then my son will become happy I will meet your wife, someday I will see a woman who cheats her own child, just because of her own means …does look like a woman? I shall take you leave now as you wish bye,
bye! listen… Don’t think about Roomi’s studies… he is my responsibility now I will make him alright for that even, I have to get married to him bye…
bye! *Greetings*
how are you? perfectly fine …
who’s in this car? some guest whose guest?
Mr. Danish’s oh.. brother Danish’s ….
Listen, brother Monty she is some lady oh, brother Danish is here how are you, brother Danish? someone is there to meet you in that car… some lady is there oh, she is sister-in-law (your wife) where is Roomi? why have you come here? if you won’t receive my call, then I had to come here I didn’t had my phone with me I know… it was with one of your girlfriend’s come upstairs, will sit & talk No, I won’t come upstairs since you have come here, then you have to come upstairs too else, it will be a scene in front of everyone *greetings* sister-in-law nobody knows here, that you have gone from here for forever nor they know, that we have been divorced and look at you, you came here wandering to tell everyone, that you are no more related to people living in this flat anymore so how do I relate? believe it now, it’s all over
why are you hiding it? I won’t hide it, for long time but if anyone will get to know here, I will feel very ashamed I feel in that way where is Roomi? in boarding What? you got him into boarding? yes, he felt… he will be OK, in boarding he said, so I accepted I want to meet him ok, then meet he must be missing you too I will take him along with me on Saturday & Sunday where? at my house No, he won’t go there why? because I won’t let him go there look, you are his mother…you can meet him whenever you want to but, because of you… he meets such people, that I won’t like what do you mean by such people? means Shehwar? look, you are raising issues without any reason I had thought, since you have gone now… you won’t ever come in front of me I had also got Roomi admitted to boarding so that you can meet him, whenever you want to I also go, & meet him there Roomi’s hostel is very nice it is big there is no problem in talking, meeting or to play there with him I play with him for hours he will stay with me on Saturday & Sunday I have said! he won’t stay never and nothing such was decided at the time of divorce then remember you are creating the problems… if he won’t come tomorrow, then on Monday I’ll go to the court court? have you gone mad? try to remember Mehwish have I never done anything good to you in the past 8 years? you also decided, just now from today on wards, I wont wait for you sitting in the parking of this flat nor will l listen to your girlfriend’s voice on phone no, no… she is not my girlfriend … she is Mr. Mateen’s daughter Mr. Mateen has died so, in the hospital our phones got exchanged both the phones are similar whatever aren’t you sorry about Mr. Mateen’s death? may God, give him place in paradise sit … look Danish, I don’t want to go to court nor I want to exaggerate this matter to make it a news so, just get convinced that he will stay with me on Saturday & Sunday never you’ll regret… remember all you salary will be wasted in Lawyer’s fee please Mehwish he not mentally stable he will be angry, when he’ll see you with Shehwar a month ago, his progress report was so bad, that I thought he won’t be able to stay in the school he has got alright, after so much difficulty he has started being playful & jolly please you can go & meet him … but don’t be stubborn on taking him along with you if this is your answer, then remember we will meet in the court, after some days there, you will face disgrace… Danish you please get out please get lost … get lost you are leaving now? where is posting done? let’s go driver Shehwar Ahmed means, the owner of Shehwar Chemicals? yes so now, she is getting married to him yes what do you do, Mr. Danish? I am a government officer.. 17th grade how much do you earn? almost 65000 what is your son’s age? 6 years your problem is… you want, he doesn’t live with her in her house he want live there, Mr. lawyer you talk about your self I also don’t want the thing is… my son is very intelligent & sensitive he will be upset, when he’ll see his mother with someone else and such thing, affect his studies then… just get a mutual solution no, she is being stubborn… that on Saturday & Sunday.. he’ll stay in her house then let him stay let me tell you from my experience… this will not be continued after 2 to 3 Saturdays & Sundays he will never tolerate, that his lover’s son.. will sleep with his mother on Saturday & Sunday night why are you talking such things? I won’t let this happen I will compete her in the court Mr. Danish.. if you’ll compete her… you will lose he will do very strong lawyer and he will put so disgusting allegations on you, that you will be ashamed of yourself your son is also sensitive,he won’t be able to listen these things and if you don’t earn anything beyond your salary then all your salary will be wasted on lawyer’s fee & court’s hearings don’t look at the court just look, at your competitor let me tell you the truth you will be disgraced keep it Hmm … Mr. Mateen, what am I seeing? the share of Shehwar Chemicals has dropped by Rs. 2.25 although there is a rise in the market by 95 points if there is an increase in the banking sector, so shall I open a bank? I want to know the reason the report is in process … what happen if it gets delayed by 3 weeks? a company’s goodwill also matters no, I want to know the actual reason alright, you come at 12’o clock to meet me what happened? you are not doing breakfast same… Saturday & Sunday issue please, get your mood settled shall I look at the business? or I shall run around for these court matters in order to make that person realize you have threatened him .. that’s enough and I had also make you understand at night he will always be attached to you,if he will stay on Saturday & Saturday what will I do? what do I have, except for Saturday & Sunday and have you seen at the company’s condition I just went for 2.5 months, so I got to know today, that company’s share as dropped by Rs. 2.25 means, I have dropped in the eyes of stock dealer ok, let’s make up your mood you can get him here, when he’ll grow up I will give him the whole bedroom but.. he will irritate now he will be saying mama, mama and I will be staring on his face,while sitting it means, I will just be taking care without any response this is my desire, Shehwar he said to me, “get out” .. after listening to my threat yes …so cheap
Mr. Deewan give me he has gone to boarding …. it’s good
you can go to meet him make him sit in the car, roam around… do shopping…
that’s enough if you will stay as lover…. I will feel good if you’ll become mother so,I’ll feel that in a night only… you have become of 50 years yes, send her in ….
thank you ok, I’ll come later…
no,no … sit.. I will be needing you *greetings mam* *greetings*… come come… please come & sit down Ms. Mehwish .. please sit she is Ms. Hania…. Roomi’s class in charge Hi…
Hi! we have met before? no … at first we had a word on phone Umm… you are here to meet Roomi? no, I’ve come here to take him along with me at 1.30 school will get off, then I’ll take him along with me I will bring him back, before evening of course Um … would you like to have tea? no, thank you…
ok Um, have you brought any permission letter…from his father? permission letter? mam, I’m his mother of course you must be his mother…but how will I get to know this? I’m seeing you for the first time call Roomi, he will tell you if Roomi, will say that you are his mother… then you will be able to meet him for sure but I can’t let him go with you when he’ll say that I’m his mother, then why he can’t go with me? Look … Um… if you don’t have permission letter with you, then I can’t sent Roomi with you I’m sorry…these are the rules
we haveto follow them I’m surprised I’m sorry call his father ask him look, we can’t depend upon phone calls you understand that, someone can say anything on the phone furthermore, his phone was left with Ms. Hania… some days ago I need a letter, I need a permission letter or … or ? or an order from the court

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