Memory Loss with Hypnosis – Hysterical

: Is that yours?
: Yeah.: Do you remember taking that off? No? Alright.
: Here, I’ll help you. There
we go. The instant you realize you will not be able
to remember how to put on a shirt.

21 thoughts on “Memory Loss with Hypnosis – Hysterical

  1. Hahha so funny!
    I saw your show March 12 2012
    When I was in Las Vegas!
    Your show was 1 of the 3 show I had seen that weekend the other ones were Nathan Burton and Jan Rouven and I have to say your show was most defiantly my absolute favorite! Every time I go to Vegas and I'm always gonna HAVE to stop by your show!
    You should post a video of the night I was there where the men were pornstars and Dominic wanted a black male blow up doll! Too funny!

    Thank you

    Greetings Palm Springs, Ca

  2. He how do you do that thing were you touch someone on the back of the neck and say slep, sleep , sleep. I would really like to do that or even learn how to do hypnosis. i am so fascinated with it. but im only 13 so i dont think there can be a place to teach me.

  3. this seems kind of bullshit. I think that this is more of social pressures; this would never work on me. Instead, you'd probally wouldn't choose me and choose someone else with lower IQ or someone who seems like they want to entertaine or put on a show, and thus are easily influnced by you to to do what they are told. And yes, I've been to your show, last week acutally and this is exactly what I felt the whole time.

  4. It is definitely real. I was hypnotized by Marc just this week actually. I can tell you by personal experience, everything that happens on that stage is 100% real.

  5. Unfortunately, I will never be able to afford to come see you live, so please continue to post the videos. They keep me smiling.

  6. You are correct. Let me rephrase, the prospect of me being able to ever make it there is extremely unlikely. Lol. But i will always smile. No matter what 😀

  7. Just keep in mind…if you ever see this short white bald rural country girl in your audience….i am not afraid to embarrass myself with a conscience mind! Lol 😀

  8. Hey Marc 🙂 Love the videos and would like to get into hypnosis myself, someday I will, but on your website I found a typo, just to let you know, (Gotta stay all professional and stuffs, right? :P) "The most advanced stage hypnosis course in the world. This extreme session will turn seasoned stage hypnotis into the world’s best." Typo : Hypnotis –> Hypnotists. It's under "I'm excited … whatever else it said" and more specifically under Part 3. Keep doing what you're doing! 🙂

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