Meet Zoe – A Case Study on Anger + Managing Stress

(relaxing music) – Hey there it is Irene Lyon. And I’d love for you to meet Zoe. There she is beautiful smiling face and her website Now I met Zoe via Marie Forleo’s B-School And I took B school back in 2011 and last year Zoe took
advantage of a killer discount I gave to all B-Schoolers when I launched my first online course in 2014. The ultimate result of this
course was to empower people to be better stress busters by learning the biology of their
stress response system. How stress gets trapped in
the body and most importantly, how to release stress
efficiently and effectively while you work. This course is superb for enhancing your focus and brain power, keeping your energy levels high. And by the way this is not
the kind of high energy that is full of adrenaline that burns you and your adrenals out. It’s the kind of high healthy energy that lends itself to crazy
levels of productivity, endless creativity, accurate
and immediate gut instinct, and ending self-sabotaging habits. Now you might be thinking, Irene, how the heck can one
course cover all of that. You see the missing link in business, health and improving life is at the level of your nervous system. This is a practical course that’s all about this essential system. When you work at the level
of your nervous system and improve it, you
touch all levels of you. Now if we go back to
this concept of stress and stress overload. When you can deal with
stress as it comes in rather than holding it inside of you, it doesn’t become toxic. Space gets freed up in your system, and when this happens, you can access the energy
that is that healthy kind. Translation, you succeed and you bring all of your passions and
amazing work to the world. Minus the burnout factor. Plus, you get to live the life you want, and do what works for your
own unique body system. There’s one more cool bonus to this. You also help the planet at the same time. Because less toxic stress inside of us means less toxic stress globally. We affect the planet. Just as we affect the planet by putting pollutants into the air, we affect the planet by having
pollutants stay inside of us in the form of that stress. Because don’t forget,
everything is connected. So let’s go back to Zoe. After the course was over
I got on Skype with her and she gave me some valuable feedback on how to improve the
course so people could benefit even more from it. And as we were talking,
some anger surfaced. Look at those teeth, some
anger surfaced in her. And she agreed to do a little
work in my scientuitive way of helping people move this
kind of energy and emotion so that it doesn’t stay
stuck and become toxic. The transformation she
experienced was pretty cool and she agreed to share this
snippet of our work together. Now P S, as you watch this video clip, also watch your own body responses. Be present to your own internal awareness. (relaxing music) I’m gonna ask a question, is there one thing that
you have anger towards that you’re very cognizant of? It could be a person, it could be a thing, it could be a situation. You don’t even have to tell me what it is. – It would definitely be my parents. – Okay. – Both of them equally
probably, but very strongly. – Okay, so here’s the little
thing, we’ll play with this. It’s a sound, so hopefully
you’re okay making a sound in your space, I don’t know– – [Zoe] Yeah.
– Who’s around. But there’s a sound and the first one is, like a foghorn, I don’t know if you have
foghorns around where you are. But it’s like a voo sound. And I’ll do it first so you can hear. So it’s a breath in. Voo. Really deep, Kind of like saying voo-lay-voo. – Right. – Like the (mumbles) (laughing) Okay, so that’s the first piece. And then it goes from voo to voo-ah-ra. So it’s like an ah. The ah means that you, have
to obviously to vocalize ah. – Ah, yeah. – You have to open your jaw a bit. Because the seed of anger is in the jaw. – Huh. – It’s kinda like, Peter Levine would say the jaw is like the linchpin to anger. – Okay. – Id you think about animals and dogs, when they don’t want you to
touch something like their food, what do they do? – Yeah, they bare their teeth. – They growl, the snarl,
all that kinda thing. – Yeah. – So here’s the exercise. You wanna see your parents
right in front of you. So you imagine they’re
standing right there, or in the room behind your computer. You keep your eyes on them. – Okay. – And you do this double sound of, Voo-ra. – Right. – Okay. That sound cool? – Yeah, I’m gonna try. – Yes, we’ll try it out. So take a breath in and then Voo-ra-ra.
– [Zoe] Voo-ra-ra – That’s it, and then just rest. We’ll do one more, and
just track your sensations. If you go back the things
you learned in the course. – Yeah. – Just kinda track it and see if you notice anything. I guess one question is, have you ever done sounds like that? – No. – Okay, alright. Was it possible to stay focused on them? Or did they wander off. – They wandered it was quite difficult
to stay focused on them. My heart rate is increased
though, I can tell that. – You can feel it, okay, okay. So, do one more, don’t let them go away. So feel that anger that’s directed to them and feel it in your body, okay. Feel the mouth sort of changing
a little bit right now. Have you noticed that? – Mmhm. – Mmhm, okay, feel your
feet on the ground. Stay present to your chair. Okay, see them, and it’s just fantasy, it’s just imagination. But imagine this sound and this aggression coming out, and even feel your hands, shoulders and then we’ll do another
round of this voo-ah. So when your ready take a breath in. Really see them. Voo-ah.
– [Zoe] Voo-ah. – That’s it, see them, lock into them. R-ah-r-ah.
– [Zoe] R-ah. – Feel the teeth. Then just rest. You got a little redness there. – Yeah. Very heated like I feel quite hot. – Yeah, warm, yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah. Just let your eyes kinda
look around a little. The head and neck move. Just sort of listen and see
if that heat stays the same, if it goes up if it goes down. What do you notice? – It’s starting to go down actually. – Okay, feel how it’s going
down, that’s the gold. That’s the gold, you want your
system to sense the descent. – Descent. Yeah I kinda feel like
it’s draining from me. – Yes, beautiful, beautiful. – Like it’s more in my legs now than– – Yeah, than higher up. – Yeah. – That’s exactly it,
because just like you said, you feel the stress coming in but you don’t know how to get it out. So what we just did was a little exercise. It’s context based, because
we are not normally just angry for the sake of being angry. There’s usually something that’s happened. Whether it’s the computer pissing us off, or the dog that peed on the carpet, or the person or whatever. And we wanna direct that
energy that we feel in us out. But we’re animals and so we have this this visceral, this
sound, this expression. But when you can do little,
we would call this stimulus. So the sound was a stimulus to the system. Which allowed a rise in
your nervous system, right. You got activated, which
is actually what we want. You felt the rise, the activation. And then it’s that
feeling of it coming down that we wanna practice,
that’s the stress leaving. – Right, and then you, I guess that’s the kind of thing
that you do with different, almost like past traumas
that are kind of like– – Yeah. – Kind of would.
– [Irene] Yeah. – Create different stimulus. – Yes, there’s many different ones, and that’s one that can
be very very effective. And I’m just curious, when you think of your mum and dad now, what do you notice? Towards them, just in your sense. – Actually, honestly, really not as angry. Which is kind of confusing. – Feel that. – Really kind of amazing, yeah. (chuckling) – So that’s, that is a
little tool in your toolbox. – Yeah, well I shall be using that. Thank you very much. – You’re welcome. – That’s really, that’s
really quite a difference. – You can feel it can’t you? – Yeah, I really can. And I spoke to them
yesterday actually on Skype, and it was the best conversation I’ve had with them in a long time, in the sense that
neither party was getting particularly angry or stressed. And I got an email from
my mum this morning saying it was so nice to talk and you seem so much more relaxed. And I think that meant that
I didn’t get very stressed or kind of tense about anything. And I think one of the biggest problems is that my mum and I are
actually really quite connected. – You feel each other, completely. – Yeah. – Yeah. – More than most people,
and that affects things. But I then thought you know, I think all of this, all of
what I’m learning is helping my body to actually feel safe. – Yeah. – Feel like, it’s okay. (relaxing music) – [Irene] So, if you are a conscious and ambitious entrepreneur who wants the missing link to
supercharged healthy energy, incredible focus, and endless confidence, so you can catapult your business, health and really your whole life
to the next level of success. Definitely sign up for my free report, so you can get that healthy
energy on board ASAP. I’ll be giving you in that guide a quick overview of your nervous system and a practical seven step exercise so you can start to de-stress immediately. When you sign up I’ll also let you know, I’ll let you know when
my next online course opens for enrollment. Head over to my website right now to download your free
guide at and when you get there just look for the opt in boxes on my site. They’re pretty easy to
find, there’s a few of them. And just enter your name and email and I’ll send you your guide right away. Thanks so much for
watching and being here. Take care. (relaxing music)

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  1. Hi Irene. I appreciate this excersise. I wonder if there is one for sadness. Or an absolute shut down – is there an excersise that could help to deal with it?

  2. Cheers xx πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‘ wow heat rising anger leaving from parents wow grrrrrrrrr xx

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