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Hello, and welcome to
Life More Abundant Hypnosis! I’m your hypnotist, Kevin Wharem.
Over 35 years ago I saw a comedy stage hypnosis show at the local community college I
was attending. It was amazing to watch and I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so
hard. He mentioned that hypnosis was also quite valuable for a lot of helpful
applications, and I found that very intriguing as well. A couple of years
later I finally went to see a lady in town who used hypnosis to help people
change unwanted habits, as well as other personal improvement objectives.
See, when I was about 11 years old I started chewing tobacco. Not much at first, of
course, but like most bad habits, it got increasingly prevalent as I grew older.
By the time I was 21, I was chewing two or three cans of that stuff every day!
Well, I knew I had to do something to change that. So, I tried to cut back.
I tried to stop cold turkey. I tried substituting other things like
gum or beef jerky. I tried about everything I could think of, but whatever
I did, I just kept thinking about that chewing tobacco! So, when some friends told me about a hypnotist in town who did sessions in her upstairs apartment, I
booked an appointment with her. I looked over the information she sent.
A few days later I walked into her apartment… she hypnotized me…
I walked out about an hour later and I’ve never chewed again! I didn’t want to chew again. I didn’t have
any withdrawal issues. Nothing but freedom from tobacco, and all of the
personal, social, financial, and health benefits that came along with that
freedom! The money savings alone was amazing! I usually bought it at
convenience stores. Recently I called one of our local convenience stores and
they told me the brand I used to buy sells for $8.86 cents a can!
Two to three cans a day…
60 to 90 cans a month… At current prices, that’s over $530 up to
$800 a month… or at least $6,400 to $9,600 per year! For me, being free of
chewing tobacco was like… actually it was like a miracle! Well, I can’t promise that
hypnotic help will last forever, but I can comfortably attest to at least three
decades worth so far. To say the least, from that appointment on, my fascination
with hypnosis just continued to grow. Fast forward to 1997 when I performed my very first hypnosis stage show, which I still call the “Hilarious Hypnotic
Holiday ~ comedy hypnosis experience.” Of course, I’ve performed hundreds of shows since then for all types of groups and in all types of venues… Hypnotized
thousands of people… but the fascination is still as strong as it ever was.
The show content and the stagecraft are continually evolving, however, it’s still
a light-hearted and respectful exploration of the power of the human
mind, with the attention focused on the amazing volunteers and the audience from which they came. I strive to keep the LPM… or laughs per minute as high as possible,
always with the honor and dignity of the people in mind and intact. Along with the shows, I’m also passionate about helping people… just like you and I… to develop
and enjoy a more abundant life by using hypnosis and other strategies to help
you change the way you think and act. Away from limiting or sabotaging
thoughts and behaviors and toward new habits and beliefs that propel you, almost automatically at times, into a new life.
A life more abundant! So, whether you’re looking for a customized Hilarious Hypnotic Holiday
performance for your school or company party or maybe a group fundraiser…
A personalized session to help you meet some of your own individual objectives…
Maybe a short, humorous, light-hearted audience participation show-and-tell
style demonstration themed and targeted for your service club or
other group… Perhaps you want to interact with some
the recorded programs we offer…
Or, maybe we’ll customize something totally unique
and tailor-made just for your situation. Whatever is most appropriate, I invite
you to explore this website and discover the wide range of benefits you can
expect from working with me and Life More Abundant Hypnosis.
We update the site continually to better serve your needs and to give you an opportunity to
both meet and get comfortable with me, perhaps before we even chat online, in
person, or over the phone. However you decide to utilize my services, the most important person in this entire process, both right now and always, is YOU!
That’s because your desires and objectives steer all of our interactions and shape
the very experiences you’ll most likely enjoy and benefit from. So, when you’re
ready, please contact me. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have and
we’ll develop a hypnotic experience to provide precisely what it is you’re
looking for.
Thank you again for visiting. I’ll be waiting to hear from you very
soon, and as always, I wish for you all the best in your life more abundant

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