Mean Mom

There are people in our lives that make us
feel safe, and loved, and respected. And then, for some of us out there, there
are people in our lives that are supposed to make us safe, and loved and respected,
but the don’t do their job. My entire life I’ve had a wonderful father,
who has made so many sacrifices for me, and taking care of me so that I could have a better future. Unfortunately,  I can’t say the same about my mother. From a young age, I was always ridiculed,
teased, and taunted by mom, and whenever I did something wrong, I wasn’t properly sat down and disciplined, I was yelled at, and smacked even sometimes. I grew up with very low self esteem because
my mom would say things like, “you’re terrible, I don’t like you, I don’t love
you at all, I think that you’re a big burden to this family, what sin could I have possibly
committed to have you as a kid”. And she thought that all of these words would
just brush over, and I would realize that she someone didn’t mean them. But she said them so many times that I don’t
think she doesn’t believe them. In fact I’m quite sure that she means everything
she says, and as a result, it has lowered my self esteem and my self worth, and it has
made me do things like cutting, and inflicting self harm. As a young adult, even now, I suffer with
this. Of course I stopped inflicting self harm, but I have struggled with my self worth
so much, whenever I look into the mirror, I can’t see a girl that I love and appreciate,
I can’t see somebody that is strong and independent I see someone that is weak and
has been broken and shattered by a negative influence all her life. To those of you out there who are struggling
because of some negative influence in your life, whether it be your parents, or an ex best friend,
or an ex boyfriend, or a bully, or anything, please remember that you’re not alone, that
you don’t deserve to suffer this way and nobody should be able to say that to you. You are wonderful, compassionate human beings. And, you have so much to offer this world. Don’t let this negative influence take over
your life anymore.

100 thoughts on “Mean Mom

  1. People think that saying “you’re not alone, you’re a strong person etc etc” will instantly help someone like me feel better.

  2. She get mad at me,for the period mess thing,good part I was standing up to my mom for worst words she said to me

  3. I research about children. Dead children, and my dad thinks its fine that i research but my mom yells at me to find “IMPORTANT” stuff. WOW. You think that Abused and Murdered and Sick children aren’t EVEN CLOSE TO IMPORTANT?! WOW! So yeah. She hates dead kids. Check put Angels Memory. Thats where i write, with the video in front.

  4. You actually have a good mother! She is training you to overcome life. Also, why the hell do you cut yourself? She yells and hits you to train you to be better. This is not abuse.

  5. I have a mean mom she is so rude but she is getting a little nicer when is as a kid she said bad words to me and she use to beat me with the belt

  6. My mom would ask me a question and I would answer and she’d say “stawp talkin back to me with dat attitude”

  7. i think that, to me, the worst thing was when i was so mentally unstable and i just told my mom how much she hurts me sometimes and repeated that i just want to talk about it. She immediately raised her voice at me, yelled at me and told me to do whatever the fuck i want, because im just a pig. Later that day, I took a lot of pills and while having a panic attack I called an ambulance because I had tried to kill myself. When I told my mom that they were on their way (i was very frightened) she sighed, and looked annoyed. She asked me what the hell I had done and even later when I woke up in the hospital, my father was the only one who seemed to genuinely care about my mental health. I know it sounds selfish but I will never forgive my mother for hurting me so many times while never acknowledging it. I know, i could possibly not always be at fault but she made it look like it.

  8. Here's a song for u: I sware to never be like them but I was just a kid back then the older I get the more that I see my parents arnt heros there just like me love in is hard it doesint all ways work u just try ur best not to get hurt

  9. Are you joking my mum and dad beats me up for things I do wrong. Its called discipline. People don’t actually learn if u just talk to them sometimes to learn a lesson you have to have discipline. And ur exaggerating with that verbal abuse my mum says that all the time when she’s angry at me she still loves u and here you are making a video about how “mean” she is. Look around you people go through worse

  10. I am a boy. I have been physical, mental abused by my mom my whole life. I am 23 y.o now still my mom insult me everyday. After death of my dad I started working..i gave her my money. She have control on my dad's money. She don't let me use anything of my dad's money. She wasted much money in my older sister marriage. But she doesn't have money for me. I am millionaire.. But she really made my life hell. She never supported me in anything.. I left my dance bcoz of her. I left studies.. I left gym, sports everything I loved gone away from me including my dad.. She send me to rehab.. After 3 months.. I was taken back home bcoz of death of my dad. It's been 2 years now.. I do work.. But my mom really doesn't like me. She curse me all the time. She really depressed me. I lost my inner peace bcoz of her. She says my dad died bcoz of me. I was in rehab when my dad died.. And I was physically, mentally abused too in rehab by staff members of that Centre. I really hate my life. I decided I will leave my house soon. Otherwise I will do suicide if I keep living with my mom. I will take no money from her. So she will have enough money to live her rest of life. I am tired of her insults she do to me everyday.

  11. My Mom Takes Her Anger On Me All The Time If You Sister Does Something She Will Blame Me And When I Prove Her Wrong She Starts Crying And Plays Innocent

    What's Even More Annoying Is She Brings Up The Past All The Time And Even Time I Try To Explain She Starts Threatening Me And Yells at Me More So I Have to Keep My Emotions Controlled And Its Hard Because I Have Anxiety And Depression Confirmed By Docter/therapist I Also Have no close family or friends because the only Friends I had left me because i wasn't "cool enough" So I've decided to commit suicide age 17-19

  12. my mom is the same way she smacks me sometimes and tells me i cant get a job cuz im a selfish brat and that i should go live somewhere else. Luckily my dad is filing for custody of me so i hope all goes well

  13. I use Dad's billion a marquis that's a nice but he into me a few years ago we decided we decided that we had enough what is that the comedian now he seizes he goes he went back to his house and never comes out now my life is perfect

  14. MY parents only abuse me or my twin brothers when there angry I really don't like them when there like that even my best friends as abusive parents and I'm trying to get some help to stop my parents to abusive me when there angry it's sad for me and the other people that as abusive parents so please listing your parents or they will abuse you if you have abusive parents like me😭😭😭

  15. i always get smacked when i did wrong because its not just the parents that hurt it is also the kids that are mean

  16. This made me cry because it reminds me of my mom and i love her but shes just so rude and hits me and throws stuff at me i love her and i want her to be nicer

  17. I don’t know what to do anymore…
    My parents hate me…
    I have 3 siblings and it’s like there loved and treated where as I’m just nothing to them…
    My mum told me “dione,your not my daughter” everything’s my fault..I get blamed I get hit…nobody cares…

  18. im being verbally abused by my mother to and i have no where to go cause my dad is financially stable and my mom has full custody over me and i just feel trapped here…

  19. I wish my mom could atleast hug me one more time,I cry every day because I don't get the love i normally recieved from my father 🙁

  20. Whether you hate this or like it, it is true and you cannot deny it, my mom only uses me, and she is really mean, you know, she said I have no friends, and criticizes every damn time I make a mistake, it's like I'm never enough, not only that but pretty much everyone around me is a jerk, I've had quite a few suicide attempts, but never actual killed myself (obviously) and whenever someone is quiet she says they're just shy, but when I'm quiet I all the sudden need goddamn speech therapy and it's all my fault, and one time when me and my brothers clothes went missing, she started accusing me of throwing them out, and I told her I didn't know what happened to them, and she told me I had to be mental, and she made my dad yell at me, and whip me with his belt for no reason, and it's not just her, a lot more also only just use me and are really mean.

  21. I know most people may not see this message
    But for those who are going through something like this or whatever,just know that you are important and there are people in your life who care about you 🙂

  22. My father is my life but my mom is worst than everything but I couldn't live with my father because she doesn't want me to live with she treat me I am nothing. Like I am not human being from age 5 reply me if want to know my story

  23. dang everyone has such bad mothers. I’m so thankful for my mom she literally compliments me every second and I get annoyed from that. She’s literally my favorite person

  24. My mother is just like her she always yell at me she never give me importance she never heared me she love my other siblings but she never loved me i am so depressed now i feel that no one love me i am alone in this huge world

  25. Parents are just biological contributors, we aren't obligated to love them…
    Love is a not a thing forced upon someone or something, it's a choice and as human beings we have the rights to make decisions
    Its okay to hate your parents for the bad things we've done
    But if you hate your parents just because they didn't buy you the toy you've been wanting for the past 3 days, then you're the problem, not them

  26. My mom is scared of me cuz i smack her when shes a rude ass. No joke, im the boss of the house in my family.

  27. My mom always tell me to go wash dishes even though I did many things (reviewing for exam,refill water bottle,clean)

  28. You guys are fucking weak lol
    My mom always hits me and I run away saying
    “ it doesn’t hurt lol “

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