Married To Medicine: Dr. Simone Teaches Mariah Huq’s Daughter The Birds & The Bees (S6, E5) | Bravo

– Your mom was my patient
when you were in her belly. I delivered Lauren. And it is a good feeling
in my heart to see her now as a
teenager, developing into a
young lady. – She’s in high
school now. And I wanted her to have
a conversation with you about growing up
and not necessarily the meat and
potatoes just yet. – Right. – I think that comes
maybe next year, I’m hoping. – What’s that? What’s the meat
and potatoes? – You don’t need
’em, you just like broccoli and
spinach. – Well, Mariah. I hate to put
you out. – Mm-hmm. But we about to jump into
the good stuff. – Can you just walk out? [chuckles] – You want me
to go? – Yeah. – The whole reason a
young person comes to see the OBGYN in the
first place. You’ve got some sh– you
want to tell me? That you just can’t
tell your mama. ♪♪♪♪♪ [clock ticking] So are you excited about
going to high school? – Yeah. – Did you have any crushes
this last year of middle school? – No. – Well, thank god. And remember to stay
away from the boys ’cause
they’re just nasty. – Yeah. – Right now, the time is
to focus on school. – Yeah. – Now Lauren, do you have
a cell phone? – Yes, ma’am. – Are you and your friend
texting pictures? Okay. Because you also want to
stay away from that. – Yes. – There are lots of things
that go through a teenager’s head from
day to day. My job is to make sure
that they are able to reach out to
somebody in case of a problem. – One thing I’ve learned, like,
as I like, grew up. I tried to stay ,like, with
bigger groups and things like that. But it’s like, easier
if you have a smaller group of
people– – It is, yeah. – — who you can like trust
and be around. And that’s what
I have now. – Right. – You know, if you
experience any issues with the girls or the boys, you
just let your mom know. I promise you, she
will handle it. – Yes, ma’am. [chuckles] – It is so good to
see you. – It’s nice to see you too.
– It is. ♪ This is for the haters, let
them see you glowing ♪

45 thoughts on “Married To Medicine: Dr. Simone Teaches Mariah Huq’s Daughter The Birds & The Bees (S6, E5) | Bravo

  1. I know Simone deliver her. But I think Mariah and Aiden should be the ones to talk to Lauren about the birds and the bees. Simone shouldn't be asking personal private question without first talking about confidentiality. Also, I hope Simone didn't tell Mariah what her and Lauren talked about after she left, it will be violation of doctor/patient confidentiality.

  2. Mariah has so much mouth w everybody else, but she can't talk about the "meat and potatoes" with her daughter in High School? That talk should of come years before H,S…

  3. Some parents arent comfortable talking to their kids and vice versa for the kids so i understand y Mariah did this and Yass Mariah and Simone such awesome parents and her daughter put Mariah out lolol

  4. Y’all are so pitiful and judgmental. I see nothing wrong with Mariah’s choice to have Simone talk to her daughter.

  5. That's really sad to see so many people focusing on telling their kids to stay away from boys then telling them how to find a good one.

  6. I told my daughter about the "meat & potatoes" when she was in elementary, but that was only because she asked and was ready to know (certain things), thankfully, I'm not judgmental enough to believe what was right for my child is what's right for everyone's else's child. Some of y'all really need to focus on your own households and give other people room to raise their children the way they see fit.

  7. Children sometimes listen to other moms more than their own. It doesn't make the mother a bad mom. I will choose wisely though because this will be online for forever

  8. I have a feeling her husband is trying to make this marriage work because he knew he was losing his job. She is stringing him along being the big bread winner. It's a sham.

  9. My mom did the exact same thing with me. My first visit to gynecologist i was still a virgin and we just had a conversation without Mom.

  10. I can appreciate Another Woman Giving My Daughter Advice. However, i have a Respectful Son As well whom i Teach Good Values To. He Knows how to Respect Himself For Most & Respect Everyone Else. In my opinion it's Wrong to Say Boy's Are Nasty!. Sad to hear her say that when she herself has a young son. We need to understand children's behaviors often start from HOME. From My Son's Experiences, It's the Girls!! That Are The Fast Ones! Not Putting True Value in themselves & focusing on What's important which is Their Education!!. My son is only 12 telling me how these girls jump from one boyfriend to the next & ask him to be their boyfriend. But my son knows their reputation & ways of being isn't cool. He respectfully responds with him just being focused on school & would like to just be Friends:). I'm Extremely Grateful that they never teased him & Respect Him.

  11. It takes a village to raise a child. It is awesome that Dr Simone can support Mariah in guiding her daughter through the turbulent teenage years( trust mi I have 2 teen sons..damn, it ain't easy). Sisterhood is definitely demonstrated here. Great job Ladies 👏👏👏

  12. That liitle girl is so cute and respectful takes a village this why most mothers don't know whats up with their girls cause some mothers think they can do it all by themselves.

  13. I love Mariah’s daughter! Heavenly needs to take a page from her book. The way her daughters speaks to people in general, if that was my kid her mouth will be were her behind is!

  14. What the hell kind of birds and the bee talk was that? She asked if shared nudes with her friends and yolks her to stay away from nasty boys? I don't even watch this show but I expected more from a doctor. What was the point of even taking her to the doctors office? She could have had this talk in a living room somewhere.

  15. Whats wrong with DOCTOR Simone speaking to Mariah’s daughter? I talked to my girls…and I let them establish good doctor/patient relationships with my obgyn. My eldest daughter is going to school 4 hours away from that doctor, but will make special trips only to see him because she trusts his advice. Let this woman do what’s best for her baby girl.

  16. Mariah's daughter is lovely.❤️ She is also very smart. Mariah is doing a great job as a mother. And Simone actually seems very good at making her feel comfortable. 👍🏿

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