Married To Medicine: Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Decides To Undergo A Double Mastectomy (S6, E5) | Bravo

I mean, I’ve really wanted
to do this since I was in med school,
honestly. – But I’m saying
with the BRCA test — – Yeah but that’s just– – –not being nothing
to worry about. – But it’s only 10%
of people with breast cancer have
BRCA. That’s a really small
percentage, 90% don’t. I have had abnormal mammograms
for at least ten years. And my mom died from
breast cancer. And I want to do
whatever it takes to make sure that that same thing
doesn’t happen to me. Don’t be scared. I’m scared enough for
both of us, so don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. – Dr. Pettiford.
– Contessa! – My favorite doctor!
– What’s going on? – Next to my husband. – Scott, hey how
you doing? How’s the family? – We’re good, how
you been? – Oh I’m good, I’m good,
I’m good. Have a seat.
Have a seat. So it’s a pretty
big surgery. You know, to have both
breasts removed, we call that a
Prophylactic Total Mastectomy. I understand, given your
family history. You saw what your mom
went through. All the stress and anxiety
that you experienced every six months by having
your annual mammogram. You’re just fed up and
you’re done. – I had two sick parents
growing up. Almost weekly in doctor’s
offices and hospitals and clinics
and my family seems to be cursed. I feel like my whole life
has just been preparing for the moment
that I’m gonna get sick too. – Knowing that it
doesn’t decrease your breast cancer
risk to 0% it definitely does lessen the risk. The plan is to do
what we call a Nipple Sparing
Bilateral Mastectomy. So basically–
– Keep my nipples. – Keeping your nipples,
keeping everything. Making very small
Inframammary Fold incisions underneath where the
bra line hits. – It just wont be scars all
the way underneath? – No so it’ll be very
small incisions. And surgery is typically
a day surgery. I mean, it’ll happen that day,
you’ll stay overnight. You’ll probably get to go home
the following day. – So I’ll be back
to normal? Like where I can just
do everything. What do you think? – Give yourself a good
three to four weeks. – You’re gonna do better
than normal. – I’ma be better.
– Better than that. – I’ma be like a brand
new person. – It’s scary, but you’re
gonna do great. – Can y’all go in and
tie her tubes while got her
under? – What does that have to
do with anything? – I know from the
belly up. – The next time there’s
a surgery, it’s gonna be on
you, bruh. Oh my god. ♪♪♪♪♪

45 thoughts on “Married To Medicine: Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Decides To Undergo A Double Mastectomy (S6, E5) | Bravo

  1. Bring back Lisa Nicole who never to make up a storyline. Not once she shared this w/ Dr. Jackie. Fake it till she make it permanent spot. Last season her Nanny told on her fake storyline.

  2. Contessa is such a brave strong black woman, I love her relationship with her husband that looks very genuine… Prayers for you and your family

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I have breast cancer a. About to have a,vasectomy . Tgearing this gas helped ne com to yerms with my own situation,! God bless Dr. Contessa and all women eho are going through!💖💜🙏

  4. Even if it was for a storyline, I'm glad Dr Contessa is highlighting the effects of being a Brac gene carrier. I'm a Brac 1 carrier and lost a lot of family members to cancer and preventative surgery is the best option.
    I can relate to her, yearly MRI scans and mammograms can be quite daunting and increases anxiety.
    As a mother to young children, of course you have to do everything in your power to stay healthy.

    Therefore, I'd like to say Thank you Dr Contessa for highlighting the fact that if you are high risk cancer gene carrier there are options available that can increase your survival rate.

  5. I Never want to be so successful and have no faith in God and not stand on his word. Its powerful to understand and apply the tools that God's promises concerning every area of onces LIFE especially to those who believe. So grateful to GOD I am successfully, health in every area of my life and wise.

  6. Wait so having the breasts removed still doesn't guarantee no breast cancer?
    I'm debating having a lump they said isn't cancer removed bcuz of 1- the every 6 months thing & 2- I don't want it to turn into breast cancer. Though, to best of my knowledge, it's not in my family's history it makes me nervous. But if surgical removals of whole breast DOESN'T guarantee anything then I definitely have to rethink things bcuz I'm not having a procedure for nothing.

  7. Girl just go raw, plant based and do a lot of green organic juicing and detox…organic key limes and lemons! PLEASE DON'T REMOVE YOUR BREASTS CONTESSSA! GOD BLESS YOU!

  8. Praying for you, Contessa. You are amazing! This is why you don’t have time or space for Toya’s bull crap. Stay strong

  9. Very glad that this show is bringing awareness about cancerous diseases in general, but especially amongst ppl of color.

  10. Yes Ladies…. Let's take care of ourselves because if WE don't nobody will. WE CAN DO IT. I just had my very first mammogram in August. Test results came back normal. All praises to the most high and prayers to anyone suffering from this HORRIBLE disease. Amen.

  11. SHE HAS DENSE BREAST… your mammo will always be abnormal. BUT just like angelina Jolie wanted to be a leader now she's suffering… angelina jolie didnt need to remove her breast and ovaries. i understand being scared but diet helps tremendously along with exercise… a simple healthy lifestyle. in my opinion …. ppl just be doing the most.

  12. First things first. It is so good for a black people to look at healthier options with their lives, and it is so good that her husband was right there by her side. Noooooowww. The way that Dr. Pettiford greeted Dr. Contessa , illustrated that they have known each other for some time. Please take note that Dr. Pettiford is a Surgical Breast Oncologist, Dr. Contessa is in Occupational and Preventive medicine and Dr. Scott is in Family Medicine but THEY KNOW EACH OTHER or know of each other outside of M2M. In other words for Jackie Pressley to say that her and Dr. Gregory Lunceford are two black people in the same field in the same city and state and not know each other or not know of each other is straight up __________________________________!!!!

  13. It’s really sad that nobody will trust Jesus for their health. He died for more than our sins. Facts are facts but the Truth is by his stripes you were healed and if you were you are. I trust him and he will never fail me. I wish her the best. 🙏

  14. Girl IDKnooooow!!! Angelina Jolie lost Brad when she had double mastectomy… IJS, your hubby is a doctor and he seems squeamish about it… Make sure y'all have several heart to heart before you go through a surgery of convenience… After all you are being monitored twice a year to detect cancer… Something about a men, they just can't handle certain shit, no matter their lot in life!!! WORD!!!

  15. Man she is bringing sickness toward herself by thinking about it happening.

    Doctors don't want to try using natural methods or something as easy as positive thinking.

    If your mind is in dis- ease your body will follow suit.

  16. Praying for you Dr. Contessa. I'm hoping you have a speedy recovery. You are one caragious women. This had to be a tough decision.❤

  17. I understand ppl who actually needs this, but I don’t believe in living in fear. Worrying about the coulda, woulda and shoulda’s…. She’s getting beside herself in my opinion🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. My mom had breast cancer when I was born. I’m now 24. She survived. Should I look into this. I wonder how high my chances are of getting it. I appreciate her for highlighting this. I’m going to suggest me and my two sisters get checked out

  19. So getting your breast removed guarantees you wont get cancer in another place in your body? It doesn't, there's lung cancer, skin cancer etc

  20. Lord do pple realllyyyy not have faith in U anymore. Contessa u should have believed God. Unnecessary surgery

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