42 thoughts on “Man charged with murder, sex assault of UIC student Ruth George denied bail

  1. On New York City he'll be released without bail with Knicks or Mets tickets and a metro card to continue his crimes and rapes.

  2. It's really sad that some men feel so entitled to a woman's time/conversation that they will literally kill a woman for ignoring their unwanted advances.

  3. You hear about machine learning and STEM initiatives and yet these university's cannot install cameras and monitor a few dinghy parking lots. Create an app that employs students to monitor their own schools and get some good PR instead of this idea of blaming the time she was out or what kind of dress she was wearing. UIC can do better and Chicago can too!

  4. It would be wrong to bring up race in this crime. It is only acceptable to discuss race and crime when it is advantageous to blacks. Any other mention of race is not appropriate bc it would be racist towards blacks.

  5. What a terrible but typical act of hate. Kim Foxx has allowed violent criminal parasites to go free with little punishment.

  6. The evil forces that is causing one to kill another in America is beyond explanation, today one is rap and murder, tomorrow husband shot wife to death, day after tomorrow police shot unarmed man…………. All this shit ain't you guy's tired of it???????

  7. Truthfulness is the foundation of human civilization and truthfulness 101 should be the first course in any law school. Western justice system is not based on truthfulness. The impact of crimes on the victims of crimes and their loved ones are ignored. The justice system has stupid terminologies such as “won the case”, “lost the case”. Justice system is not a tennis match. Defense lawyer bragged letting criminals go free and prosecutors set the innocent people up to get votes and publicity. The problem is not the type of punishment. It is the system that is based on lies. When a murder is executed he/she would never kill again.

  8. She probably could of been saved had her friend tried to contact her to see if she made it home safely some friend you are

  9. The problem with a reactive society is we wait for tragedy to strike in order to be reactive… I stay proactive and keep the heat for the dirty poor and angry whites. I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  10. With as much money as UIC has they only had cameras outside the parking lot??? Like WTF? Thank goodness they found out who the killer was. Is there a video of the confession?

  11. University and city of Chicago police should be provide protection to students and to staff of UIC who they're coming from far. Have to taking care all parking lots with surveillance and also with on duty police officers has to watch and patrol at a each parking lot.
    God RIP to young Lady. And give patience to victims family.

  12. Just in the past year… how many young women have been killed by a member of the 13/50's ? Utah, Chicago, Alabama, Kentucky.. on and on and on… but yet read the comments… Oh misogyny, she ignored his catcalls, what is she doing in a parking garage at 1:30…. not a single comment focusing on the violent tendencies of one particular group…

  13. At the end, “hey, if you like that video, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.” Real insensitive to Ruth George and her family.

  14. It takes a tragedy to happen before change comes and that’s messed up. The question shouldn’t be why she was out late or why her friends didn’t walk her to her car but why they don’t have adequate security in the garage with everything that’s been happening in the past few years on UIC grounds. Can y’all say future lawsuits against the school for breach of security and safety

  15. you need to charge DEMONcrat politicians as murder accomplices. These demons freed that deranged nut after only a couple years , where it should have been at least 6. People need to wake up ! many of these DEMONcrat politicians are dirty and evil. they unleash violence upon law abiding citizens and then escape all liability for their actions claiming that "my union protects me and they think i acted in good faith, i'm immune"..

  16. Such A Beautiful Young Lady, OMG Man….I'm so sick and tired of seeing this shit in the news every week. Why was he even released from Prison????? He should be given the Death Penalty NOW!!!. I also blame the university for not having Security on campus especially patrolling the parking garage.

  17. I'm so Over Protective of the women around me, both friends, family and even strangers. Theres no way I could have let her walk alone 1:00am to a Parking Garage knowing the world we live in today. So women please be more careful, carry Pepper Spray and Try to stay on your phone with someone if your walking alone until you get to your car.

  18. I hope that he will suffer and die, people like him don’t deserve any extra chances.

    Please join me in prayer and pray for her family and friends and that he will suffer and get what he deserves.

    RIP Ruth George ❤️ I hope you can see your family and friends from heaven!

  19. The sad part is that he followed and killed a woman that wasn't even really that beautiful/attractive. Couldn't he have found someone else far more better than this one?

  20. Men are disgusting his ego was hurt so bad that he felt the need to murder this innocent girl. ladies protect yourselves get pepper spray have some sort of weapon you can use to defend yourselves in any type of situation where you feel uncomfortable. REST IN POWER RUTH GEORGE.

  21. They need to work out some way not to have the promo at the end of that, it’s such a tragic video, and then suddenly HeY iF yOu LiKeD tHaT… it just isn’t respectful :/

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