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So many battles waged over the years, and yet, none of them like this. Are we destined to destroy ourselves or can we change who we really are? We must go back in time to stop a man
hell-bent on the worst kind of destruction, self-destruction. What people call mutation was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons. He will want to drink. We want to protect you! Is that what you want or what people expect of you? This trick of yours is a gimmick. If you really want respect go out and get it
for yourself. Get out! He will want to seduce women. Mystique, I can’t stop thinking about you. Your blue skin, your strong legs… your… He will want to be little people. So, I present to you, The Toaster of the Town. Peggy, it’s not about an appliance. When a man walks into his kitchen in the morning he doesn’t see a toaster, he sees an opportunity. A chance to
escape the monotony of his life. He knows that
when he puts a piece a bread in that magical aluminum box it will
come out transformed, better. He becomes the master of his own
destiny. That is what everyman wants. Not this
drivel. Stop wasting my time until you
understand what we do here. I’m tying. Try harder! Fantastic work. Great job! Thank
you? Mutants, there is talk of him moving to
California and wearing short sleeve shirts. He will self-destruct. Don’t let him. Toasted subs
are the wave of the future Don. Say something clever. My mother was a prostitute. No!!!! Do you have any idea what it’s like to
have two lives, two identities? To be split between two
worlds and not have any control over either of them? Umm, hello? Please, blue is in fashion.

78 thoughts on “Mad X-Men #XMen #ToastyTV @Quiznos #XMenDaysOfFuturePast

  1. Great idea, and Don's voice is dead on. Still, the Don-o-Mite one was better. But I love these parodies.

  2. Wow. That monologue at "Peggy" was pure Draper!! Well done sir. Well done indeed.
    Amd I got way too many references in this video to both X-Men and Mad Men. I need a life…
    So when's the next video!?

  3. The song from the first minute and a half is from The video game Mass Effect 3. It is called 'The Fleets Arrive' by Sam Huluck'.

  4. I've NEVER liked a commercial on YouTube before. This video changed that. It's AWESOME! Haha Thumbs up if you were the same?

    Watch my YouTube videos… please? 🙂

  5. My two favorite things together!  Mad Men and X-Men!  Very awesome!  Please check out my X-Men Spoof if you get 12 and a half minutes 🙂  Dr.Gregs Uncanny Interventions Wolverine ( X-Men Fan Film )

  6. This has nothing to do with anything on the vid.  But where can I find a Quiznos the one I use to go to went out of business and the next close did too.  I thought Quizno out of business or something. I mean a website or something btw.

  7. Who plays Don Draper? Was he on The Walking Dead? Why is he so familiar? I just can't put a name on that face, can someone help me out? thanks.

  8. This was their best one yet.  Not because of the X-Men stuff.  But the Mad Men portion of the parody was spot on.

  9. If you read or even look at the first issue of X-Men from 1963, you will notice that Warren Worthington (Angel) looks like Ken Cosgrove and Hank McCoy (Beast) looks like Harry Crane. And I suppose Jean Grey and Joan Harris could be similar since they’re both redheads. The X-boys even sexually harass Jean upon her arrival at the mansion, much like how the Mad Men guys harass Joan at the office.

    I don’t know if Matthew Weiner was a fan of the comic book, but judging from the similarities, it’s definitely possible.

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