everybody will get a special issue of
what the flick will be looking at last night’s madman and uh… comeback role season really doing recaps
of every episode is that there’s as season six cakes often alonso derail the joining me today gina grant brighter like amicus period and uh… the doorway thoughts here chip i have to say that i was
incredibly confused right internet eight o’clock to see sam i’ve really confusing c don and made in these two people and no
idea what’s going on and it seemed really dramatic i didn’t know why then
the credits rolled because it started at eight awaits the ac talent that i could tell us that i think
you might have acted as a las vegas i thought it seems like there’s so much
backstory i gotta get sick now at that they were the credit that is
so terrible if not all of you don’t think that i would like to hear that
it’s a two hour named an episode arguably excited extra minutes you need to do we need to program reading the art of
first-run yeah west coast is showing again discussed and had no idea just
airlifted into haiti prison where anything but even still
people watching this episode had a similar feeling because that was
that starts with a dozen very strange scene yes there where you don’t know what’s
happened over the official of the cpr yeah that and you hear megan’s law as
you like all my guy i’ve done is dying yaoo tony soprano on as if he’s going to
be the flight downtrodden salesman fair and i have not
identified a little bit of activity in later there’s that weird thing where they’d just come back from florida but
then they cut back to the the heart of active you have to look at what they’re wearing
the realize how this is a different day yeah this is a flat rate is they don’t
have it in any way the latino the were jumping back and forth and i’m so ike’s
please don’t like bobby ewing us i was like a salad touring and i didn’t know
it really didn’t know i had to ask the person sitting next do you think this is
a dream no so i i i had to do back a couple times
on t_v_ await no one’s code and he’s not the pope well you know if this is this they can after the guy they because i’ve become a true why they
say hi to the doorman and then suddenly the door and have a heart attack and her
dress differently right why well you know that was very wierd numbers greater
than it is the kind of in the shoulders of uh… yahoo keeps exciting and you’re curious what’s
gonna happen later in the episode is are they can explain animated explaining to
takes a while to figure out what happening outside right about that and
and it’s really a fitting kind of will start things off of this is the deaf ears dot the sold at the it’s seal
of so deftly all but really great i mean you have the sermons mother dies you have the the uh… the heart attack
and and and dawns friendship with the new character doctor rosen is a uh… cordell redoing cardiology
barracuda again it’s a lovely day started out something sort you know that
was not in the building um… alrighty issue shack betty exotic
forty nine thousand sterling was really concerned about right well that was that
was a stronger yelling at her for him yet though but we should talk about that so surlis mother dies uh… you know he has several assertions
of that was was that i i i don’t feel anything it’s not affecting me and he has this this big bureau where he ones of sort of blowing his top over
the fact is first wife is up with her new husband uh… and yet the very
telling one week it’s everybody out this is my funeral right uh… from within son phillipines others
blow the building the the the building shoeshine man is dead that that’s what
finally sort of sentiment into actual bean of grief and and convulsions
that he’s going to rely on just went through a divorce right his mom that
dies issues and guide dot is and it seems like he’s really good at you know uh… suppressing any type of a motion in our
feeling then i think i know a icici doing exactly i want to his secretary
was more emotional but his mother died and then you know i don’t think we have
to consult practices found out about this pretty
tragic news about his mother has also i think it’s the state how he
defines his relationships because he socio didn’t feel that close to his
mother and and his ex-wife is where you know you
could spend more time to daughter is that particularly heavy imagine with his
daughter where he gives her that water from the river jordan the irish
was baptize me and it’s all about something else any leads that token of family relationship behind and that one thing that was supposed to
mean anything and i think that’s that’s paralleling his relationship where’s
with his mother where she dies andy it’s all about it dot this issue is
on the table do you go bingo is really comes as well
money should be a money out of them for this business venture of her husband’s finishes expression exactly it kisses dot pledge on the table about
apartheid human readable some of the careers of called summer hours this great french film about on businesses family where the the mud the
matriarch has assembled this house before amazing art and and all the you know
uh… sculptural these great culture pieces and the subsequent generations totally
division and she dies in a sort of like their words in the house in the money in
their own sort of petty concerned so yeah that sort of idea of generational
things and and stuff getting lost along the way obviously i think the sixties themselves you can
tell were coming to an end as the show starts we’re watching it uh… davidson was our are this is when people start looking like
ships it is like mine guarantee and asked what did he lose their hair on his
head and their kids there is no he just has
the biggest bailout plan would salute dot headliner dad and i don’t think you know
i will press on everyone is getting better approach yet premise sizes making
up for this guy and i’ll tell you that buchanan hisaab earnings don’t has help this is a true but i think i
really felt like with this new era coming and in this new
style in this new everything it’s losing magically got fifties magic but does not
necessarily in every one of these room everyone who’s trying to sincerely and with that killer class
indeed on is the only person that is an original naturally still darker i guess i’ll ever strawberry plants that
are happening well she’s getting older she’s been a
probably you know kitna bobble john helyar and on but you know if you’re
right that the older characters that are there obviously more come for themselves
and and more established in a look are egoistic with outlook but then
you’ve got like erica rain with the note of the glasses in the uh… the the hips
or you know like that the global body five rule hundred out
that’s going on ontario dorothy noses or the other for u relieves roger
though what the other intervene if i’m reading this episode was use use of the time of the words and
going through the words in liberia a succession of that he’s the only main character on the show
who was dropped out of it one of the sort of key texts for l_s_d_
users has been well the stocks is the doors of
perception i was with the band the doors got their name actually so i i just love
that was interesting kind of call back to where he is and and and and to use a
and members of the metaphor that establishes to the whole show i mean
there are tons of doorways in this episode that
that count whether it’s been a betty terrier coat in the village or you know details of the ones case village uh… they’re really through an enlightened
course gliders wear the sixties we quote stranger in a strange land but
i’m not saying if you can’t road it was actually a contribution to
the himalayas we’d like to do that you’re doing to do that and it’s a little bit as matt
site for removal to remain very is a stranger to stroll in the nasty also on
let’s talk about what will the busy that kind of left a lot of questions in
my head was when at that he was talking to her husband about or joking around with her husband about
raping that you know sp prodigy that you know
that you’re ready and caroline i don’t know if that was for shadowing
something or if she’s just straight out crazy what that’s also a joke around
about wildwood perfect actors in january jumps and that
actress was the childlike dull whose data is very simple and
deliver simple ones very simply and now there is a little more demand on
their character there and it just felt so weird i didn’t
believe that scene yeah has indicted a icy better after they got
the like that i i see better acting happening
elsewhere in the show absolute effectively deal with the commencement
of january job but i usually i thought she was pretty good in this episode and that is accurate i think that’s a good neighbor is
uncomfortable to watch for the same time i think it approaches away that’s couples will sometimes go to the darkest places of humor with
each other and knowing that no one else around the no one else can hear at and i
think it also sort of is that way of deflecting an actual tension in the
marriage and sort of trying to do disguise it as humor dashiell realizes
she’s getting older you know she’s still grappling with their way she knows that her husband is probably
you know i did it but there is will billiard under sexier malls are turning his audience
only got her way of addressing that haha kind of way but it falls flat and
it’s supposed to fall late-night dot actually makes perfect sense i don’t here’s a person and as the characters
match-up they cut that is what i call for the benefit but and but i think you’re right and and
she was he quintessential model you know she was
the coca-cola girl she was you know she was a beautiful one and
she’s not right now and in the mix it all the work that she loves them and
when she still booked awesome aunt helen and she does and what is that it is all
that ritz crackers in jelly she herself defective in our next visit who will one is marriage meaning more yet the ritz cracker delhi seems kind of
malaria cm i i feel like cracking wasn’t as good in maxine because they’re trying to resolve our
dear the interaction she had with the violent benefiting about when there was
not believable in my opinion uh… so outta and like ali interaction with
betty he felt a little fake to me right will be a great yet abandoned the
senior talking about when they say when we were part of that with uh… the
raven sitting in bed like that we get with it but the writers are doing and i think
that’s a well-written scene of the directions that is the execution of it
was ambiguous lied to me like i think i could have gotten more
out of the if i think i think that i talk with her
husband is well maybe a kind of a house in a little more lighthearted i got a
problem with the averages the pictures do is an interesting stuff atop the
scene with the the the the girl with the joys that i thought ever for trek to the village was interesting and i made a big in the the the the
state of the village is part of the shows from ongoing cycle
of death if you recall the first season when don does the village in houses you know affair without the hot tub of
union played by uh… rosemarie dewitt here was vibrant reminding happening
that we are now it is the source wall of the video people have been in the city for the
suburbs and it’s just you know rents wretched that i can appreciate how cool and calm and collected she was in
that environment and that’s a alternate fish out of water and i thought they were gonna say you
know like looks scared like that to happen she was
just like well okay you know i i did that so i was
young i can do it again she’s got sally at home the things here are some of the
morales salgado out same bad working now it’s valley it was to be doing i feel
little dot firm dot in special and that she gets all sassy with their mother but
acai i’d love it because i think that’s one of the realistic aspects and sell
your fourteen you’re going through all these chain gangs you know what model in everything you
just you know you did your mom arts i don’t think that uh… i think it’s
realistic in the way that he wondered why betty has been completely ruined by this
but i think parents develop a thicker skin because it develops over time when
the until you have the by the way i mean a haircut always
hobbies i think fifteen times yeah i do not have and they like you little
nammude new bug bit i think it squirrels eileen and she’s just gotten like the
short end of the sick i think for ever suffer her have a little regional alike piss and vinegar i think she’s she’s
well within her rights litigation separately child of the war civil rights
issue which is really believing a trail for for for sense miles to come constantly we have that never really talked about
the scene at the beginning uh… where team runs into of vietnam’s soldier
right and for me i felt like i was waiting to see that scene a flashback but all we get is this token of that
night that went over and uh… and and so what i wanted you
guys think what do you think happened in that nineteen think we’ll see you i think that the senate up some larger issues regarding don and his
identity you know the lighter is very key the dom
draper lighter is one of the few souvenirs he has from the real don
draper you know from the war and so that he either so walked it with this guy or
just wound up with the sky is lighter i think it’s this kind of it’s a program of fake like that having and the fact that
he tries to throw it out victims vast general election ha nl thorough adopted
father asap and you had a good except it’s a perfect parallel for his outline if you had to take a leave really is now
at that show and i think that this at the start of the season premiere was very symbolic in the way they dont
really feels about love freight he’s very skeptical about love remember that
ad he was looking out with the happy couple hundred dollars luminaire exactly
viewing he just seems very skeptical of like this romanticize notion of love and i’m wondering if he’s truly skeptical or if it’s a way
and justifying in rationalizing some of the behavior that you see later on in
the episode where he’s he’s not as though it was don’s great capabilities is to understand the
universal experience of something right but now his experience this his personal is infringing isn’t anyone and what other people he thought would
really true he in that one and that he presents
where the guys throwing is closed down and write and running away and he thinks
he did well this is an octave had anaheim only has he gone so far that we
can’t get back that bad definitely seems to be
screaming something about what’s going on in his head misguided totally says
suicide i think anybody who looks at it and the fact that the first time we see
in the episode he’s readings aunties and perhaps you know while in paradise but i would
rather call the paradise several times a wife let me just now got a shadow of a
doubt there is no situation in which doctor a prick and relax cynically istook likes have our fall let’s start there he can help themselves on draper have
you seen the poster for this season yes work is with the
reality is that in itself would only when we take from that in tuesday did
that present in this episode we thought in mind disease walking away from himself
there’s a dark and light colors walking this way ended on a dark colors going
that way i think that that’s i’ve just been treating them like a foreshadow for
what’s going on travel i don’t really get a sense is that miss at the same so
i think admired might perception and just thought about this
these are in this episode we go through so much
seeing one done and it might do you know there’s some there’s
elements that have depressed and sad is that he in megan’s relationship seems to
be fine shocking i waited last season where
we’re watching you know they do fight but they talk through it maybe they have
they have sex through it with a cliffhanger you know was like is he
going to cheat on her not to worry about it so that i may be over and then we
have seen this whole episode layout where at the end of that we find out there was
a nother don draper happening this whole time ya yep and that’s the dark one
walking away also don’t know their relationship to the break i don’t think
they relationship is fine and all i think it looks good on on its face but when you really like delve into it
you can see meg in kind of turning into her own person which is something that she desperately
wanted like her career is finally starting to become somewhat successful
you know they’re out the vacationing she kinda wants to be photos and fancy free
and she’s like pulling out the joints and shes like ants get my honey and he’s
like you know as you mentioned very like up tightly i don’t know if i want to do
this com tightly it out i know so i feel like she’s kind of coming to appoint where she wants to be
free she wants to let lou little did she know that she and her
husband already been doing that aaaaaa any you know with the end of last
season the expresses his superior to uh… to pay the you know that that the universe or
someone they get day they come along in life and in the lead you down you know
so i think he’s already preparing for that as to the two dawns on that and on
the poster maybe it’s that this is the season where
he ditches don draper the way he did speak
with minimum maybe this is the year where he goes on to the next argument world help after watching that meant that but
pass the seasons and especially the one yesterday i couldn’t help fighting parallels between don draper and dexter i think about this more than a shed because they both in order to survive
need to put on of ad they need to choose a battle battles they need to put on a
very stiff very society hill will appreciate this matter and i feel so sorry for them any like one you know slaves the when once they have them but like they
both they both need to have that mask or they can survive right and i’d feel so
sorry for john because of that with his nose so the is bad behavior it dawns bad behavior is far more widely
sanctioned by america not for sure so basically everyones a
serial killer in mad mad cow labs emerging on and they have different
codes that they live by absolutely well theater telling the weather most
upset will to see a non-story cinematographer olson be yourself right yet for sure
definitively and who is that an odd shut the door for you get your because i’ve
heard enough to guide your away lately u_n_ from my my voice by the way very
nice little and i will return to seal in the car we
need adult enough that is as dons latest conquest we have a look the adulterous is on the
show now are all its stores of my favorite shows a vegetarian who just
which is that we have a little more leisure at what is whether or not we’ve
got the rarity presumably they remember the
finances so obvious at the end of that but that was not the first time and help
clearly uh… and when dan what segment when she said you know what
you want for any reason to stop doing this right i’ve thought as a one minute i
wasn’t the one asking in that sense that i would i would first into tears which is like yeah valencia kelsey’s doing is rising
downs married to that cardiologists like that is easier than ever received tristan this is not fair share of the
receive actress right now doing kind of like that part that may
have happened what a million times i think to myself you know what maybe they’re going to do
more with this and maybe she has just said at dark taxes he does baby she’s on her third go-around and
they they they’re gonna find something in each other as the details of the
services of mister personally bacteria willing to sign up for the c_n_n_
minutes in itself it’s not something really quick so i’m not very good in that marriage is
like we like your husband the answer a few hours today someone by k_u_s_c_ it
becomes ao leave messages with a deadly she fell asleep when he wasn’t there but you still relies like own i have my
husband and gone for quite awhile style this is not what happened during that
time period makes you and i especially when you’re married to don
draper it’s a bit very much just like an
acceptance like uh… well full with the acceptance of disbelief he has lied
about it does yeah i was actually kind of dating
someone who’s like in the n_b_a_ where you just like you know anything about
reflected possibly cover points out is going to happen it’s ninety-nine they realize that captain here’s the
united states and i mean i thought you know i’ll have a little well-designed
house not here yet actually that’s why i say that the
cardiologists and donna megan live in the same building right next to wanted
one hallway looks so shitty and the other one looks so beautiful the trying to figure out where they shot
like what’s going on i i wanted to have a feeling i wasn’t sure music kitchen
entrance will dominate you do live uh… as a few
floors above the courthouse life so maybe that’s why i don’t see any of
peggy uh… lazar since you would please leave me with her
with the ears issue are which b_n_l_ it’s interesting because uh… i
i will look for some of the boyfriend has gone full on you know truman would analog rooms i
landed in the other roles in hollywood lately disconnect committed dot com cases where but i love the within the
middle more sort of slowly produce showed jones husband and you’ll want to
bring these but now we’re really getting into the the
the the the quagmire you know we’re getting into the sort of pop culture you know that’s the war the
people’s on television uh… and obviously that’s a bit but
that’s not a bleed into the advertising world you know so to have a bit and apparently that that
was a real thing of the dancing on the web this morning was done in no payment was on uh… the tonight show in december of
sixty seven and told a joke about the years almost but you know that’s
interesting you know that actually really love that nec mistake he had find
a little boring but i’d say it’s deep peggy love and light this whole
shows peggy’s arc rally more than it is done situations
after and generation of of don draper length or in the future with in the
advertising agency we’re seeing likey hoskins in real life when the last episode last season and
you know certainly in the season for me right feel like you know she’s the one who is in the
east involved in any kind of trauma like sexual drama it’s more about her career
her career and like as a woman who lots to look up to of their women that
are all about their career as should love it but i find myself a
little bored by relapse rates right well when you want a promise idly date
has released a miserable of the contract natalie lab horrified until i just like
that maybe something terrible happened over soon and then you get all of it and
that’s why i think that they had maybe and i do love that they’re finally
bringing in the vietnam war more because you know that the historical elements of
the show really make a great and as soon as they
make all references of things that i did know the backside joke was a real one
that’s just fascinating and speaking of that they are areas hit in the uh… don’t smoke as hard as they used to do
with their you know smoking and everything and now it’s like don’t smoke
but that away dot smoked a lot of then there are really driving at home yet
about for that i could also sort of part of the death of the sixties enough uh… and i think it’ll be interesting
to see how they pursue the idea of peggy has a powerful woman in nineteen
sixty eight uh… because that’s on the divine amich
that they have a lot of four so there is a lot a lot of ways to go
this season and uh… it in unfolds minutes in ways and i hope every will
come back as we ah… beheaded every monday and talk about
what’s going on because we don’t thank you

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