Mad Men Season 6 Episode 7, “Man with a Plan”

well you know what the flick madmen
season six episodes seven men with the plan usually brett uh… brett i want to
open what happens here is that uh… alonso
tells us what that so it was about without fucking unbelievable really yes
reverend symbol of the classes are not so i i i i i’m not to spoil it for a lot
of i think i might and might have it adding i’m anxious to
someone in the mentioned that work okay all right let’s get with it uh… i think this episode could even
called who’s in charge here because it’s all about um… bosses and
employees it’s all about dominance and submission uh… it’s it’s about who’s running the
show who is who was running estes uh… sepia or
um… who is uh… it don be you know who’s
undergone so many more right i mean you know uh… not just the employees to then
obviously sylvia exaggerate juvenile his first of all i’d like you know with
dispute still matter it’s all about figuring out the the new
pecking order you know and either so what’s the word i my word was four of the studios george’s certain
older village dot but it’s not good with that but that is
the degree doing within incharge and sort of being submissive so
it is actually not that far off is done with the with the airplane yes sort of lee that moment for all of
us and on this passively marginalized in the plane but then tries to certain dominance of
sylvia but i think it’s taken away within pete with his mom men ted with
the drinking and then joan within disturbing mystery illness which i prankster something more right yeah aren’t yet what they had done in
the plane the you wonder how where done is in his
boulder abilities right anne felt like in that scene when he admits
like i don’t have to say a prayer before the plane you said it doesn’t matter
what i think that you’re the guy who showed up in his own plan i think johnny’s being in trying to
figure out in that scene in in this scene with the weird sex domination just
how how much it works and how where they are
evolving of their own power well i think one dong made the merger happened i
think he saw it is a situation that he could still be in control of yet another
there in the middle of it and and then all the stuff that week you know it’s becoming pract on there in
the offices in peggy is back in carrie hamilton the meetings now then
yet so it’s not as much aware it’s don show and he gets to say all the time
what’s gonna happen and and who’s going to jump in and very interestingly would
still be a you know um… we’ve never seen don go this far in
asserting his for his don this or what does my husband ed calls dom draper set on you know he went out
and it would be down here and you know listen up no i’m starting to wear those moments
when he said the main issue is in fears on the floor cleaning like all
you want to sell bad wasn’t even on the info on them yeah so this is the second added nearly
a decade is that there’s a restaurant it was so they were a talk with you like to
hire recurrence off in the low them yes the risking crowd that was hot and yeah you know gina was like when
you know it’s like of maat but the crawling on the grounds that it
is now i think they’re going to vote even yahoo that’s different you know this is it’s getting in the
story of o_j_ retorted but what’s interesting though i mean i’m not
an expert arrived drama to mister relationships but you know the dominant eye doesn’t have a
safe work so really well there there though it
seems to be in charge of all the time it’s the summer gets the pull the plug
and that’s what sylvia does which is like you know what that this is not hot
it’s just embarrassing i’m leaving now and so
she’s really well with the power and she’s a return until he is like you know and peggy to going in there and
be in like do you do nothing else in the way she
talks to life him and he can’t rent you know that
bronco liberal art that i think that’s going to
happen what is growing up is drying up for don
draper kind of accepting the way everyone is or is a ta and and and adapting within your own
environment or a visit when he always does which is fly lately voorhees literally put off by the
younger creative so many different were in the point where it’s like there’s that generation gap and he’s on
the wrong side of it is now of a sudden he looks you know where is thy we we
talked earlier in the season about healthier peeps kept the sideburns
children that crazy outfit down the problem so it’s back like the style is moved in nineteen
sixty-eight for some nineteen fifty-nine you hasn’t changed
at all nothing wherein you can see the looks great but it’s the same and uh…
uh… but now weekly goes in that meeting late which by the way i don’t
think he necessarily went in to assert its power that’s just jail how we roll doesn’t think about
brett but it is interesting and now he’s gotta worry about these people were is
everyone else’s things start to meeting until now dot there so that is in the
first but he got one in that meeting and sat there and looked like old guy who’s not in touch with what’s
happened like everybody else’s dress different he seemed he seemed out of it he just how he also seem not to care
which is puzzling it’s weird because i was here from with
ted the scene indicated the internet what kind of allentown generally nancy many cares about being
out of place behest interesting as any has said he
just kind of shows up in the it’s not like he’s looking around seeing
people totaling move on without him he’s used he just no no even said you know there
are many happening lack of and he’s still happy that he’s asserted that he
has a woman in a room waiting for many doesn’t care and and and there’s this
phantom power if he feels he has that throughout the episode toward the end i
think i’m tellin all-america raids and that’s the thing is i guess of you
are watching those scenes with the dominant act for me i was like i don’t
know if if it’s intentionally not supposed to work if the actress is not
really getting into this as much as she should every time he says something
because you have those moments where it uh… what’s the what’s the care of the
rooms of its affiliates so sylvia is looking at him and she does that weird what normal person would do in that
situation as opposes someone is really into this submissive role and so i was just wondering do that hold
that has that was playing out our house you have a little stage on this issue
and and and are all of them fighting in the mountains in front of the used thrones awareness on the federal so so
you know uh… this is really sort of like give it a shot because she’s
looking for some sort of island of safety but even she realizes this is not well thing that i can comeback italy would want to do it in
for this thing and i don’t like to have a book like that would actually that is what i
might call the ground for you the lighter gone i’d like to read my book c_n_n_ it up
but it like yet or the entity in the room i’m
assuming at least road so here i have a completely even less prompted that aldo this whole season has been about
don losing touch you know don not having begin to you once did i mean like you know when you think back to the
member that the the the the season premiere of the the the hawaii add that
he makes it that everyone really does not look like it’s is
committing suicide note that is clearly this these these these losing his
touches losing his grip and using his his literal grip on the people round selected for what i
mean is that you see in that meeting in your like that guy is not going to have a great idea anymore yen that crap but you’re right i’d like
a main character product in care of people think about it yet and
i think it’s more that he doesn’t care that he’s just wildly but he has no idea it will be in fact that he has on people
who was really she when she leaves and so he leaves it’s just calling the carpet out from under him and it’s all that bad when he understood
his two nd it as true about the world was not that
whole time snapped blocked by the river quickly before we get the bob woodward
on the and sylvia are just gonna regret lying directly on that hotel comfort yeah you bet it’s block blood exists at the tide pass the ongoing bob and since i don’t use
the wild card was selected for an hour and then i will talk about everybody’s
talking about i can generate here they’re like here we say brian e hat adhesive jail you happen to
the ghetto does he say june because it was a good she can do with the same for
him it but that there’s a guy who’s tweeting
as him in the spring letters and whether this morning he said uh… not every good did not have a good deal
is part of the plan me not everybody is part of people and her you don’t know
how easy is that guy who wants to do well picture and he’s trying to be a
climber but in we don’t know if he is usually
reserved around those errors the lady macbeth of sleep apnea question but i
mean i think your john’s mona’s right i think that it might not like you know i mean like that he is a degree of humanity moving almost nobody else in the office
stratosphere yet they’re playing with that they know
you know the writers everyone on staff knows that they have this display slate
it looks really pretty totally and and and and maybe he can and uh… and maybe
he does have some machiavelli implant but hasn’t changed that there was still
a writing the bill gets a little of looking into mostly in the bones are
twenty out here lots of concern about your motivations
are you know in this case about them i don’t care what as don’t want a modicum
so scary don’t care whether he really believes that it had a good idea so he
did the right thing anything decent guy and and the failing
to get joni and to see the nurse to see the doctor put those bills that
would work there’s more gap our surprise it should be ok after drinking furniture
polish professors doesn’t seem like he would be ok created different background
tel zero in canada and harry hamlin switch to firing resort great ravi neier yeah i didn’t uh…
illnesses and got some of the nazi’s walking
around the violence interested just larry directly observe roger and dad and alonso i were talking before we went
on here that uh… previously previously they reminds you of the guy who got
fired and then went to work for dad and verges regular fire again does such a great thing to do about it
that way because i i remember before too much well that’s right he got fired carried
is blocks out in a and a half durum forgetting his name but he always
plays a kind of characters that you would want fired a few newman relied
solely with perfect casting alan roger love the embellished loving i thought i
thought well i know you have a lot of no yeah okay we have to work with the
kennedy assassination which this year old made us believe after didn’t have the double digit is as asian
and martin luther king that it was going to be another focal point and it is parts all flight deducted on this so for into his own misery and powerlessness that he barely the
registers that has happened right so it’s interesting they take this
monumental event of a show that has treated monumental events like
monumental events and just like made an afterthought i’d be curious to see where
we picked up in absurd eight when he said soon after her people still talking
about is that still work our way stuff already a month later two months later
and they just moved on i have i thought maybe my dad would show up in
this absolutely have announced by the kennedy stepped and there’s you know
than you can see it on youtube around uh… and so i ended up being
idly disappointed olives started uh… bhutada bolt-on everything everything is just a
reminder that the grandson donated a bike is about the police now
important record shows that there were no i’m on the contract upon here you not
yeah it’ll be great an autonomous and you’re still under
yours ref to enjoy their yes all of my personal missus maybe this
is a apart you with us some of what’s up olivia election uh… i mean don totally
inouye marginalized in a way with the we’ve never scene in march a latino when
he got out discourteous alley he was still in charge of that i’d be
like what i like that they’re keeping the ambiguity about whether don is fully lhasa later thing
when they were pitching chevy dons idea was better and more ground breaking the idea of
having a teaser where you don’t see the product like that is nearly eight times
i think it was just that’s all in the car one really i i do love they really
bringing a full focus i’ve just spoken on the show before like the actual
casting of chong have ted job which is someone who looks
kind of like don draper but does not have any of the don draper qualities
include you know in the fact that that now peggy is you know saying to don appealing to them now
they’re both in the same room these two guys that felton mike you know they were mortal enemies now
they’re in the same offices for those for each other and seem like who’s gonna have a
victories and and then the discussion about you know what don punch himself
out enough in the early rounds and you’ll
get tired and just me but also merely that scene with john doe sit with a
friend who was dying of cancer in the hospital not problem well that we did go to sleep anyway she
had her problem but what was he saying what he’s saying get through it we’re here for you know
he was like forget it ramu bontrager so it just
shows you the two differences that i’ve done does care but usually in a way that date nears his own experience what’s
interesting is that it’s over to the phantom of the show is about phantom of don draper in a power
positions so at it for the rest of this season and for the final season of the
church is the people can’t stand the fact that he’s he’s
going to be less and less that god that they immediately you know go on the on to win this or
watch the show tied with a soprano you now can made him a hand over him becoming
less powerful losing his empire losing his fortune all
that stuff you know and then let’s remember to include
people that because it’s just a culture soul massively marginalized poorly
stealing marginalized would be feels marginalized even if he isn’t dresses he’s got a lot of our children
anywhere and the demand that’s actually coming true it so and and nothing about him evert making
all these opportunities to to served displace inhumanity are always almost always pastel in looking after
his mother that you tried to ponder off again he hasn’t done anything for
yelling at her because she’s got a bad memory you know and uh… you know about the
winds are because like it’s june and there is a package they parade is not
happening feel like the residents of sporting her or her recommends or whatever somali you
know keeper and and to control the yet another look at the same time underneath
the bed another control relationship the impact on the ground uh… he is a dismantlement healing
character an ambitious but you can’t really a lot of nevada cuz i
like p the most is when he’s the biggest cheese dick like he’s just is the person who has no control it he’s he’s complaining and he’s also doing the
lindy mike all these weird cheesy things that i when he added his father in law firm
firm firm mislead with a black prizes or solicit
harini didn’t any new warning him that he was going to do it with the guys like
it when his father in law said you know you’ll do the right thing and
he needed to say no but i don’t know how to do the right
let me know if that’s what i got it i gotta go through probably your
assumption the remainder of the good hate would do the right thing kamal
adham review to see you fall out of that in his personal relationship in other
news w_w_l_ t_v_ we didn’t talk about
elastically came out of that uh… the whore house like the legality
in the history of the world come out of a whore house like you know just blow your head down yak cylia it’s
like i’d would that but uh… but he went back to the right back to
being repulsive i i i i i feel like um… we don’t uh… i’m miss and this january jones and and this sort of anything interesting happening
weather but i see why likewise even relevant to see ur all and
that it’s a connection about skins incendiary it seems like january jones exists in in relation too the relationship with megan to show what
these two parallels now you have megan and sylvia that’s what they’ve done indian maybe
it’s too complicated to get three levels of dons terrible relationships but i do
like i mean it’s very clear to me that you know the vulnerabilities and uh…
don in relationship with megan arwood striving in this sylvia not just
that because megan uh… is completely self
sufficient megan is going on for doing the opposite
of sitting at the end the bedroom in the hotel while awaiting she’s going on financial aid relief she
wants to show consists of likable celeste when she does seem to want to work on
the marriage she wants to do all things that right well she she’s clearly can
tell it he’s checked out into the large way that you want safe then there are
some alone time to review the below a certain leslie less episode now work
outside money with this response on the the an
altar i don’t get analog images twenty came back to me and so we have what did you do we know which day don’t
belong together was profoundly overwhelming usual tornado he well yes ian sylvia
many indian bank rio that just instinct c_n_b_c_’s kind of
mood and went on track salads and when he checks out it’s hard for me
check back in um… alasdair would make one that i
wanna make one great protection but i can’t remember what was great prediction don draper we’ll finally uh… get an awesome haircut big goofy
hairstyle we like roger ebert has that rodney let let me let alone that
double-breasted blazers the end of a dandy and excellence mixing with the i like that i was at that showed a seven
the cn actually government

48 thoughts on “Mad Men Season 6 Episode 7, “Man with a Plan”

  1. No one talked about the disappearance of Dawn. Was she fired or scared to come in to work during the big merger move-in?

  2. Don keeps doing this over and over again. He briefly stopped when he married Meghan. He just wants to find some girl that he can control and eventually run away with her. But I guess her figured out that he can't actually run away so now he just wants to try and live a second life in the same city.

  3. She was not fired, Peggy mentioned talking to her. She was just not screened. I agree it's weird, but since Peggy's secretary is also black and didn't show up either, maybe the writers are trying to convey something.

  4. I think it would just waste time on stuff that is not as important as the main characters in power.

  5. please upload this earlier!! i always get excited when you guys put up the game of thrones video because hopefully the mad men will be put up soon after, but it wasn't. 🙁

  6. remember 'the collaborators' and 'to have and to hold'. he identified that she likes this kind of s**ttiness, and that she's falling in love with him. she would have caused problems for him if he hadn't found a way to force her to break it off. he realized he had to, simply to save his own skin. and it really did crush him. he had a plan: to challenge her masochistic tendencies and see how far he could push them before she cracked. it worked, but he was devastated by having to let that go.

  7. I think the meaning of Dawn's absence is that she's the one person who is being paid mainly to serve Don, but Don doesn't even have absolute power over her because she can decide not to come to work.

  8. These need to be longer. There's much more to analyze in Mad Men whereas game of thrones is more of a point out the obvious type of situation. Not that there's nothing hidden in GoT, but it's just more straightforward than Mad Men. Plus keep Brett on the show please.

  9. Regardless of whether Ben finds something hot, it could still reflect Don feeling out of control, rather than him just being sexy.

    S&M themes have been on the show for a long time. I'm almost certain Matt Weiner himself said in a commentary that Don's relationship with Bobbie Barrett was "a sadomasochistic relationship." This is the woman he left in a room tied to a bed and tried to humiliate in a restaurant with her husband in the next room.

  10. Who gives a flying fuck about last night's TV shows? Is this because people wanted the summer off from seeing movies (like seeing movies is so much work)? Or did they stop sending you guys screening passes? Was curious to see your reviews of Gatsby and Star Trek. Anyway, please bring back the movie reviews!

  11. Is it me or does Vincent Kartheiser need an Emmy already? He's always been great but in this season, he's been brilliant. He outshines Jon Hamm a lot of the time (and that's no small praise, considering that I think Jon Hamm is basically the equal of Bryan Cranston)

  12. I don't know, Pete's character is confusing in an un-relatable way. I like Kartheiser's acting and look (he does the old money, NY, grown kid well).

  13. Anyone catch The Prisoner moment with Patrick McGoohan, seen for a millesecond as the Draper kids watch TV? Weiner's comment on his characters? "I'm not a number, I'm a free man?" You think so, Number 6?

  14. Ben, remember Bobby, the woman he told to stop talking,then tied to the headboard, then left. That seemed a tad dominating. Pete did the Charleston.

  15. Ben, Don tells Midge that he is threatened– by Pete. Oh, Thanks, Ben, for your comments…especially re. PLANeT-APES.

  16. WATCH The Transporter Refueled ( 2015 ) 1080p online

  17. Nothing else will do. Wow. NO one will even mentioned this, however, the neighbor's wife that Don is banging, she is really a not go good person. It's bad enough her husband loses his job, then, she calls Don to come to her beck-n-call. When she says I need you and nothing else will do, I feel like slapping her across the face. And, Don running over there, well, the whole thing was disgusting. It's pretty low when a man bangs his neighbor, especially, when they're also friends with each other and their spouses. I think that is pretty low. Don gives her money. Then the little games he has her playing. I don't get it. The woman Don is banging IS NOT all that good looking. She certainly not as good looking as Meagan, nor Betty. Sounds shallow, I know. When Don finds Gold, he turns into shit. Still, it seems we all still root for Don. Just like Peggy says. I don't blame her for banging her head on the door after the company she works for now, merges. To see Don sitting there with his arrogance, telling Peggy she more less with be working for him, yet, once again. Peggy, finally found her self worth and moved on from Don–now, she has to deal with him again. Not that she doesn't care for Don. Peggy enjoyed her new position, without Don. Even though Don helped her get where she is. When Don threw that money in Peggy's face and told her to go to Paris, that was insulting, rude, disrespectful. Don, just like many men: treats their wives like shit & their mistress' like a queen. Just like with this neighbor he's banging. The neighbor isn't all that nice looking. She's attractive, I suppose, but, she's no beauty. Meagan and Betty both beautiful women. Only Meagan is a good soul. Betty is somewhat like an ice queen. However, Meagan goes after Don. These women fall for Don, not realizing the consequences they have to pay, loving a man like Don. He can't be faithful. Oh, he might try in the beginning, that's only short lived.

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