Mad Men Season 6, Episode 3 – Beans vs Ketchup?

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11 thoughts on “Mad Men Season 6, Episode 3 – Beans vs Ketchup?

  1. Hmmm depends. Its full of drama and it shows pretty good insight of the 60's and how business was done. Lots of mindless drama though. If you like this kind of stuff, it will be worth your time, but if you like tv series like game of thrones with lots of action and shit going down, this show probably isn't for you. There are many episodes where shit does not go anywhere.

  2. it depends on your taste. All my friends swear its the best show on TV, but I've just started and I'm 6 episodes in, but it can not hold my attention.

  3. It's pretty much the best show on television, although the new season (6) has been awfully depressing so far. No question though, highly recommended.

  4. I watch it everyday, and I don't know this set. And that's the feminist from yesterday where she secretly approved cutting a dick from a man if he did verbal abuse. Verbal.

  5. wht doesnt someone post WHOLE episodes? is it that much of a crime there are other shows and even past epd of MM on line I can sit around all day long exchanging opiones w other people this doesnt tell me anything about the ep just what THEY thought about we like ourselfs dont we?

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