Mad Men Season 6 Episode 10, “A Tale of Two Cities”

overweight welcome to what the flick
madmen alonzo and then came out that answered
and intelligent cities producers for new york and los angeles
no doubt that so uh… once all of that or was it was the deal i thought you
know i think the the bills the line the sort of sums up this episode is where
the guy from a bond says i don’t know whether to be groovy or nostalgia all right i think it’s a lot of people
reported two directions specifically about their their personal beliefs in their
professional uh… duties whether it’s you know ginsburg uh… you know the remote access the remote siding with
the protesters of the democratic convention for the same time as harry hamlin point out happily cashing
checks from dow chemical um… into to joan do you know trying to
sort of step-up curtain on silent partnership uh… but at the same time you know having to do so against the
current arriving all you know that saddam literally being to people uh… morris who want to
himself drowning in a pool uh… you know i think there’s there’s
the the duality theme is is is enhanced and civilians p completely unlike in a moment in time
for major industry main business have been decided he wanted and other
riders room is actually in very handy ultra let maybe i should try this one we
have never seen pecan tree campbell say fuck it like we did in the last five-second so much more stylized every
it’s like it’s becoming catid twenty qty yeah m ironic weimeyer on what i had to
do a lot of drivers all we have you know don near invisible but what you know
what twenty two year like the first thirty dollars nobody
everything specialities drug episodes in seeing things it is really skewed
visions in these these weird things there in that matt and he is simply
taking it turned out way i’ll give you know we have run the
sermons as a true purpose so that we have in this is an ongoing consciousness of you will of the show
where you know between gab sure somewhere there’s a website with some of
the logging like don draper drunken don draper high
you know ’cause it seems to be happening will bring review driving this is not to let the
shows were sort of drug tripping was a military now that sentence it’s nineteen sixty eight hundred uh… about the democratic convention
stuff was was really excellent because you can you
really learned a tremendous amount about each character based on how they react to it absolutely and
whether they give a shit about it serve but some people were like whatever this
is not part of not for me harry hamlin is defensive if incense was very noble like
there was actually nothing wrong with it he engines really gannett argument there both rights of interestingly enough
ananda what what’s what’s cool weather shows that it sword of nobody’d comes out of this clean you
know the the the the let these are all still part of the advertising world for god’s sake
which is the company workers here are vastly
against and they’ve got the conservatives like
the guys a carnation who also seen creepy and very shortsighted in in it
for their own agenda so nobody nobody political kind
of walks away clean uh… at least in this up with some of the carnation
senile and happened is that guy and justin i signed a great show indiana state how you how effectively
create all corners men they created to such credible
awkward moments first there when the guy says he knows is we create
a first oblong yelling is partner saying it is a business meeting
right here to talk about politics and then he takes his walk behind that is an
automatically slams disabling then they’re all like that laid totally ad and then uh… and upgrade eight that we seem to need nicely juxtaposed with deal with joni trying to get the email account and
she’s at that breakfast with peggy in you see roger saved that meeting and you see the value of the accounts
guy and roger polling that all back in with the guys like tell us what you got
it here with a straight line i’m sorry last
role for her to you’re not alone for our here now that we have to have a think
about my god i was so so i tried using juniors yeah that and then jodi tries to breezy i doubt it and then she tried to do it intends
anything which is like dash eight her fred promoting his loyal to love the short and commentator find any
evidence that i had no idea who is you know who who on the one hand is being
all new head then the issue d_n_ peace sign a lease dropping makings of
studio execs around town right it with yahoo so and i think you sell at the practice
anybody that’s the problem like has put up with so much he smiles all the stuff that constantly
making it out back set her back how she became a partner in just what
was so much for someone to finally tragedies in the first hour anything
because it was like t_v_ out of that’s like what is it your
photograph one of these element is that you’re rooting for i’ll care that she
froze p_l_o_ i don’t know that i don’t know how many civil would care that she
froze p_r_ but she’s doesn’t have the experience to
doing it so it didn’t work and then there’s that nice girl powers
they fight mad at each other and then but in the end peggy’s they are in a
minute watch and i really knew their leaders example recall hydrabad on the
one hand you think you like it was two women in this industry in this in error they would do they would be brought to
their side of the budget and i think more combative with each other than support of each of
the rivers are often the kind of remember all were sort of we need to be on the same team here
because no one else as are battling i can’t book
their situations how they got some where they’ve gotten to it’s been very
isolating x i don’t think you’d be they really look at each other’s sisters i think i i’ve had to fight and
working to crazy shit for everything i have so your guide on your own cuz i’m not
getting this out aka haven’t been doing this conversation
is we do on on mondays after game with roseanne after this incredibly duplicitous game of their own tab so i know sort of i don’t know how to view
ted you know when he says defeat a pete you know and color a company business is your business yet
her words to that effect and if you know we’re all the same
teenage kala harry hamlin stop a leading these people and takes involved used to take the next
leg are we supposed to think what evil moved this it’s bad enough
gives us let’s look and feel it is not a kiddo aka me by joni ads i think that
uh… if you have let’s and and and that brings me to i had the same exact question about it bob grant’s then that we got a little more falcons blog dances well you know that there’s been a lot of very interesting
internet chatter over the last night about robinson about is he the guy
plummeting during the credits izzy issued on draper zero mirror images and
as yet i’m traveling bobby braver than i i i i i readily concede doctor a person you know he certainly seems to be on a
don trajectory in terms of you’ll remember that dont get in this
business by sucking up to mark your and and baba certainly doing that same
kind of smooth glad-handing in to listen to the self-help record as weak seems
like they had anything to do and have done on the way outside union point this
out to stick his dick is is busy accepted the is that as we move
in season seven and three f so flat this year as we move into season seven isn’t set
up for in the touchy-feely seventies don already showing signs of being ill equipped doing his will he looks exactly the same
he’s not progressing really at all uh… is this is is business bob mentioned time the
comments and serve succeed on the stand is john shadegg completely marginalized
by bob and some people like bob bennett was if this is the summer another where parry amma deposit u_s_ daring it normal humanity to rhea light because in rather then where someone could have screamed about
bentsen for blowing mention edition of inside he was like knology do we could he stepped up he stepped up for me i’d
united and roger also with that nice reaction on that issue haven’t lather
comfort is a deficiency don’t you think it is because this is not good port bolivar job it was interesting
about her to ending the avon account is that she’s having this lunch with this guy or
dinner whatever and thinks it’s a date and then realizes that it is in a day and the fact that here’s a guy who doesn’t want to fuck
her down right this is now so that you can do business
with the awareness is irrelevant that sort of the antithesis of the house u
dot br reporters are from the first place it’s like a rare moment of a girl
she’s thrilled that he’s not interested in fact right now is there somewhere
else on this comes as you know mainly business i think things are the only
thing better and then the eighty s on taking care of her is her getting the
opportunity to take care yourself services pretty excited about that
because uh… can only talk about the anything at all had reasonable free and this is an
contact details of the fact that they don’t have to do with the stock market still they they were doing what issues
not happen and what is that anticipated opiates when she comes from
the poppy plants tom daschle is that north korea and the cocaine down there
more than a decade carolyn arabia family more that we can take palliative the
kritika solid throughout the first time i’ve installed
outside amanda for a better way to go way out of the f_b_i_ decided and that
obviously has a listening to make uh… qualities that which you know for a for
again we have a whole thing with with donna and love the idea that his fantasy is all about the of of pregnant megan is organized person
more yet uh… ahead israel at albania
locations i hate actors is the beginning of like wow that was not a joke
witnesses and his anyone watching think that the sort of now to stray episodes of post sylvia of nice don megane interactions and clearly he’s
not that interested in in what they mean he’s don draper reacting to a hollywood
parties so yeah dvd and idea he was initially was only
have been really wasn’t looking for that he wasn’t a good but does anyone think for half a second
but there’s an like all worked on megan are going to be happy together and uh…
cell within this practice at a man is only a staple as as options and dot as plenty of options i think uh… always
make and i’m seattle silly as it really know what he thinks this is what he
wants it can’t possibly we can to make it the others in the about the the the don
don and substance abuse uh… there’s outline early on when they
talk about uh… was on the plane was roger roger talks about that pic voice
you put on when you are a few drinks alibi ka threatened equipment comes out
and are and interestingly the end of the
episode donna’s totally fine with getting draper out of the name of the
agency and so that i just because it’s really
going to talk earlier this season of at the possibility of him abandoned on
sorry for the way he abandoned equipment it clearly and i think did i think everything himself from the
letterhead as it is a sort of may be the first up in a race himself and ireland
which is fascinating other other hand i can’t see hamlet fighting for something like that ’cause
they think instead would make him look we can be seen a bowling like if p
camels like seems to be on there like i think dot
wouldn’t he would take its battle like that we are one of my energy i’d really
wasn’t very liberal totally interesting for today willing as a dog that is named racetrack
is telling we can’t ignore that and i do you think about that but did to your point he does say that
they had relocate with this like that zero g zero there are also would like my
grandma couldn’t fight but if you’re okay with me i’m fighting for it we can
only say that i’m not a big move right netanyahu for may serve your not buying
it now i can get a handle on it does
generally not seem to care to speed is like you know what this means and on-site
antennas it’s a uh… won’t settlements antarctic
tapas yeah exactly herrick rains west coast outfits oliver someone boiling add alcohol by and i’d like to live and what the
sailing this week in roger mudd prestigious sales kaay kela donations do you have more
inappropriately dressed me up onto the deck by a private limited africa but leading up to the defense is also great
again because i uh… and lotus love that all yellow resident notice comes
back at him and they were using a loaded semi-automatic so i guess so i mean
again it seemed like a lot of things that weren’t weren’t just sort of like this was not a this is not an
action packed this was not and they didn’t want fried pork in the north that
they want to stay away from here with a lot of what’s interesting though also is
that you know the the way that show users then current events as a backdrop for it it’s kind of interesting women we now we
think about the sixty eight democratic mention the riots not the
real sort of turning point in history and for the firm folks who were there when i was
actually happening it was just a thing happening on t_v_ and you watch that you were upset by a
reward and then you want to work right by you
know you were you when you you may read all your life in here dot but you see
that how dramatic that must have been for people who don’t seed rights in turkey at every day who
don’t and all of a sudden here on television was american policemen and we’ve seen
throughout the sixties to sunset we buy those were black it’s than it was
very easy i suspect for white americans to be horrified at that but also to
think well you know uh… or just a differentiate concedes existed
it was expected right here this was not and you saw i felt really good reactions
both from jonny dot and from and from magnetic and we’re
sort of and don i think also and deliberately it
seem to me deciding that it was nothing but that
was his role to decide that it was uh… there was
nothing but i i think clearly having a different very telling different on and
then abroad for what that kind of video mac because we just have you heard the
announcer say the done t_v_ we we didn’t have the capacity to show it live but here it is it’s like unedited they let it go that was unique it’s interesting that
uh… you know as i usually rode on sort of deliberately stepping back from it uh… you know we we talked about dawn
becoming less relevant as the sixties proceed it’s interesting that at the beginning
of the show and on the previously on madmen he’s looking at the the whole whyy act
from the beginning of the season the one that live in everybody would him pages a
suicide you know than walking in that doesn’t come up in the episode are also
they’ve been included that it’s uh… something we needed to know without
knowing that you may have an issue that relates that you would uh…
willingness to take draper admit um… they were they had briefly there’s
the is that uh… as the speaking at the democratic convention talking about the rules of income of the
place in nineteen seventy-two convention which
changed politics in america which all of sudden
really essentially voting and much more much more direct
process of electing the people who each party sense uh… to be nominated ali i will go into that again this sort
of signifi lead changing times the idea week sixty eight was the last time you
can make any argument for backroom you what we talk about every
conventional can happen there’s no smoke filled room we’re picking a nominee in that one away
in seventy two and stage was shut for it in sixty eight because of those protests uh… and and more sort of direct
accountability and direct access of delegates to two-vote will again and
sisters speaker a little bit more site within what you
said about the backdrop of you know this hydrated ily does show everybody’s true
colors any remember how upset me worried you know when to when
uh… it was the between peak amyloid hairy talking about the assassination of martin luther king any we wouldn’t have really understood that level of carrying pete had that not
been the backdrop and so every time where these big things haven’t liked in usa dominic
anchor randhir they’ll try to go down so
companies all right about that character he reminds me though that joan like in
that mary joan fight which i mean i would rather use a
no contest to student who’s not afraid of you know uh… displayed here is
frustration but one of the reasons why he refers never gets to be partners with
no idea added visiting all talk and he doesn’t get
that part out of of being an executive but he uh… uh… bridge own still like
despite what he redid from a business point of view joan like to the was selling area to be a lined up right you know i don’t know skill is no
bitterness there whatsoever absolutely which speaks highly of him because it at
the end of the day it’s still you know what’s good butts good for the group is
going to be good for jones says she’s smarter than that uh… himself three episodes last tom not in the and there are no that’s going to on i
guess pretty bad at some of august fit for the government premiered at
southernmissalumni day end of june in the malware and that we get our security blankets
all the way things are happening already think at whatever the hell we’d have an
interest but i think that that that is

50 thoughts on “Mad Men Season 6 Episode 10, “A Tale of Two Cities”

  1. Did Gina just say that everybody's happy when walking dead comes on? No thank you, I'll be happy when Breaking Bad revolutionizes TV AGAIN with it's conclusion, which even the creator says should impress people. And Vince Gilligan is a humble guy.

  2. I thought that Don "falling" in the pool was the part related to his Hawaii add. We didn't see what happened in reality, and I personally think he may have walked right in intentionally, or as intentionally as you can while high on hashish and hallucinating.

  3. Can we talk about hashish for a second? It's a cannabis extract. Comes from the fucking poppy, honestly…

  4. The reference to the Hawaii ad during the "Previously on Mad Men" reel lines up with him almost drowning in the pool, or so I thought

  5. I know there's been differing opinions in the comments, but I really hope you guys continue to talk about TV. I would love to see your analysis of House of Cards season two.

  6. I'm going to be a little bit sad when these reviews end… I'm even willing to put up with you guys reviewing TeenWolf…

  7. Speaking of Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer's father was on this season as an executive from a chemical company. The internet says he has also been on a few times as Ken Cosgrove's father-in-law.

    Betty also had a drug trip scene when she gave birth, related to her anaesthesia, and that was a few seasons ago. But I do think when they do drug episodes it always contrasts the straightforward quality and stillness of the rest of the show.

  8. It's amazing how much these folks miss: 1) the Hawaii ad shown in the previous clips related to Don almost drowning in the pool. Remember the footsteps in the illustration pointed to drowning in water 2) Jim reassuring Bob about losing the account and putting him Chevy was a smooth way of sending him away to Detroit with Ken, as he stated.

  9. Those are some great predictions, especially about Megan's soap character being killed, which is a great way from the show to fulfill all this Sharon Tate stuff. Don running away to Cali makes sense as well. Perhaps Megan runs with him, she is an actress.

  10. They should of talked about Don seeing Dinkens in his hallucination, what was that? Is Dinkens die? Did Don die for a moment?

  11. At the start of the show, Peggy and Joan would have their moments where they would be combative at times, but also helpful to each other. We saw that again in this episode.

  12. I really hope Dick lets go of Draper and turns into a new version of himself that can be happy through the 70s and beyond.

  13. Missing two pints that you picked up on isn't a massive amount – they only have so much time, and the first one was a connection one wouldn't immediately make, while the second was pretty unimportant. They do a good job of their commentary in a limited time frame, I think it's unfair to say otherwise.
    I liked what you said in your 2nd comment about the show covering the Sharon Tate issue – I hope they do, it would make for some fascinating correlations! It's be a missed opportunity otherwise.

  14. It's not about how many point they miss, it's about how obvious the points were to have missed. And the 2nd IS important. It is a clue about Ted & Jim's true intentions. Moving a SCDP person far away instead of firing them shows Jim is buying into Ted's more discrete strategy of power. It's not a small point. It sets up revealing their motivation for the name change. The commentary is decent. I watch it because I like them. For better view visit the falettiman channel

  15. Hashish is a concentrated form of marijuana. It is NOT an opiate. You would not generally hallucinate from smoking it. But you will get really really high.

  16. The relationship between Joan and Peggy is pretty interesting considering this was a sort of pre-feminist era. There was no sense of "sisterhood", it was more a Queen Bee mentality for women who were successful in business–they didn't help each other out.

  17. Hash doesnt make you hallucinate at all. Its like shooting a bullet with a wooden stick. Technically, who give a sh1t, but still very inaccurate.

  18. Hash is concentrated cannabis, you rubes. It can put you in a dream state, but not really a full blown hallucinatory state.

  19. I think the "Hawaii" ad was in the previews because in that episode we see that don considers death an escape(where everyone saw suicide, he saw freedom and calmness) and in his drowning hallucination he realized it wasn't what he thought it was (like when he tells the soldier he thought he'd get his arm back when he died)

  20. I like the new banner of "what the flick show" with the little photos. Christie scared and cute. the fat beardos eating and drinking of course and Ben probably thinking: why did I not not watch this horrilbe movie like so many times in the past? 😉

  21. No. Search on youtube "bucket hash." It is made by mixing marijuana clippings/leaves into a bucket of ice water and doing a certain screening process. Basically it knocks THC crystals off the plant and what you're left with is a concentrated THC powder that is usually pressed into thin discs, or used to make an oil. It's basically just like really strong cannabis, which could cause slight hallucination in some infrequent users, I suppose.

  22. I love hoe Harry is still considered a dick, he wasn't the one who voted to pimp Joan out. The guy tries to act like a professional most of the time (like with MLK) yet he's considered a bad guy, when really it's just because he doesn't try to kiss ass to get ahead.

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