Mad Men – S05E10 – Christmas Waltz (2012): 28:45 – 30:50

Hello? There’s a Lakshmi here to see you. She’s got a whole story. Bring her back. Scarlett, please hold all my calls. A pleasure to see you.
I hope you understand, Jennifer wants to be very thorough
in our search for a nanny. Thank you, Meredith. If this is some kind of shakedown,
let me stop you right now. I know you’re trying to recruit me. Can I have a drink? Isn’t that verboten? Listen to me. I don’t know what it is, but when you were
chanting, I felt this… Intensity, you know? Everywhere on my body… Especially one place. Really? I was in such a state. Stop it. I thought
you were with Paul. Nobody’s with anybody. Paramatma does what
he wants and so do I. It doesn’t mean that
we don’t love each other. So there’s no reason
for you to say no. What about the
fact that I’m married? I’m burning for you. Does your wife burn for you? So this is completely allowed? Take me like this.

5 thoughts on “Mad Men – S05E10 – Christmas Waltz (2012): 28:45 – 30:50

  1. Lakshmi looks like she doesn’t bath and stinks. Harry Crane lost some weight except for his big douchebag ego head of is. Meredith is dense.

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