Mad Men – S05E10 – Christmas Waltz (2012): 16:00 – 18:45

You know, I was scared
when Bea was born, but she’s such a joy. I actually saw her face float
by while I was chanting. Really?
You had a vision? I guess. And you kind of think you’re
tied to this person forever. Not my little girl, you know.
Jennifer. And now with another one
on the way… I want a family with Lakshmi. And a farm,
maybe outside ’Frisco. You’re gonna have to do
a little less recruiting and a little more working. About that… I don’t have a job for you, Paul.
I’ve thought about that. It’s the whole reason
I didn’t wanna see you. But you can help me
because I have been working. You’ve been writing? I think this is the most meaningful
work I’ve ever done in my life. It’s a speculative episode
of the hit television show Star Trek. – Are you kidding me? – I think it should
be their season opener next year. If there is one. It’s a tough time slot…
“My Three Sons,” “Bewitched.” – That thing’s a juggernaut.
– It’ll be there. Where the hell do you watch it? Through the window of a
Pizza Parlor on MacDougal. – What, do you lip-read?
– I’ve seen the show, and I think I’ve made a good effort
at matching the moral complexities tinged with adventure
that draw people to it. Just read the first 15 pages. If you don’t think it’s good
enough for network television, then you don’t have to pass it
along to the executives at NBC or even think about trying
to get it to Mr. Roddenberry. That’s kind of a line
you don’t cross, Paul. Who do you think
you’re talking to? How much do you buy at NBC?
You don’t have any leverage? Okay. – Is it about Hare Krishna?
– No. Well, not literally, but they
don’t tell literal stories. Look, you had a vision
your first time. Not that I wasn’t in a state of
bliss for the first few months, but something happened. I try to clear my head,
but I can’t. It’s too busy in there. Everybody else looks so happy. You know, I got there and I
started trying to figure out who Prabhupad likes best.It’s the same
as everywhere I go.
He doesn’t like me.
No one likes me. Sometimes I think Krishna
doesn’t even like me. No one but Lakshmi. Will you read the script?

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