we’re going to react and we’re going to review Mad Men’s debut finally this video
came out so many months ago but after Hurricane Maria evidently cannot do this
I could not do this and I totally forgot about it so I’m watching with Xiomarie, if
you guys don’t remember Xiomarie which, I’m offended if you don’t remember her, you should, she cut her hair she dyed it she looks swag let’s watch this I hope it’s
good I’m excited I’m excited for this. I like boy bands. Hopefully it’s good Aye, those sunglasses Wait, I can’t with the neighbor’s generator (noise) I moved the camera a bit closer I don’t know what that
friggin noise is but we’re just gonna have to deal with it because I don’t live in
a cave his jaw is very sharp oh that’s the song (take off noise) I thought it was a jet (because there was a plane flying above us) It’s really…out of all the stuff I’ve seen from Kazakhstan, it’s the one that (for me) resembles the most a KPOP video -Maybe the styling -The clothes it looks really good And how this guy raps, also (it’s really good) we’re gonna watch it again, we gotta watch it a couple of times dude, but I like, I like the rhythm my style of song he’s kinda cute dude, he reminds me… of who? a little bit, the guy from… he looks a little bit like the guy from the video…Ziruza Ziruza’s video we’re gonna talk about this (I don’t think we did lmao) doesn’t he remind you a little bit? he does, he does, I think it has to do with the hair but the guy from Ziruza’s video was super handsome I like that cars he is also cute, in my opinion it’s that hairstyle I like it some DNA action there that shot is the thumbnail, them walking, it looks really cool I like the outfits I know, right? I would totally even wear them Me too *long a$$ silence while we analyze* I’ve seen those jackets before We’re going to watch it again but this time we’re gonna comment through it whatever comes up in our minds and then we’ll give our final review I like this, I like the intro. They’re walking It’s great, visually it’s really great When he’s looking from the side like that, he reminds me of someone but I don’t know who He is like a mini AZ, the guy that starts singing That jaw though They’re really synchronized for the most part. There’s a little a couple of times
where like not perfect synchronization but for the most part in the dancing? yeah, they’re very synchronized for the most part The song sounds better now (with earbuds) They have really nice vocals Ok, now it’s better when you hear with the headphones. Okay I like this song He’s cute too He is cute and he is a really good rapper there’s like a some effect on his voice
but it sounds cool He also sings really nice I want to dance too I said that I could see some kpop
influence in the video per se I’m here I definitely see it at the video per se
also but not I’m saying I’m not saying that it looks like a specific video even
though it does remind of all those videos that, I think, Monsta X have made videoson the roof got7 you know don’t take this wrong way because in kpop they
influence each other they do things that each other have done, has done? Have done. Have done. LMAO XIOMARIE’S FACE iT’S not bad to say that they are doing it here also but it looks very very great like quality-wise the choreography had a couple of elements
that seemed really familiar like the whole thing that you
like BTS and also the EXO I think it’s great Asian artist, I don’t know if they are taking influence from each other but I
think that they should because I think performance wise Asian pop is where it’s
at the best performances are in Asian pop you know, unless we’re talking about Beyoncé but that’s another thing Yeah because they dance… Asian pop in general I really like that they all share a lot of elements because I think that’s that’s a characteristic of
Asian pop per se Obviously (each country) has its each you know kpop j-pop V pop
Thai pop mandopop all that other stuff but I think it’s important to
influence each other so that Asian pop as a general gets more global
I guess because there’s so many great videos or so many great songs over
there in general that people Westerners sometimes they’re not open to checking
it out because it’s Asian and they are like “I won’t understand so whats the point?” I like everything, I like the whole style of the video and the song I could listen to it the dancing wasn’t like completely
synchronized but that’s okay that we’re all human and everything but I
definitely think that they could be like super amazing group choreography wise If they continue with songs like this, too know practicing a lot a lot a lot they
could be amazing the problem is that I can’t find that on Apple Music I like the song so I want to
listen to it again but then I have to all the time on you on YouTube yeah, I want to download it Something needs to happen we need this music on streaming services we need the albums on platforms that we can buy them on Amazon, eBay I don’t know, but Amazon at least please please please I mean this specifically for Ninety One that they released albums you know I don’t know about
other groups yet I don’t think they have that person told me that next year a lot
of artists will release mini albums please get that on streaming services
get it on Amazon, it will help it expand it will help more people become
interested in q-pop and you know VPOP in General THAI pop in general but
specifically in the case of Kazakhstan is really really hard for me to find the
songs I don’t find any of them on Spotify I only found Ninety One’s EP If you also wanna know the lyrics or the meaning it’s also hard it’s also very hard to fire romanized
versions English translations- very hard to find so I think that this needs to be
a collective effort of fans and people who may have contacts in the industry over there in Kazakhstan It deserves, I think everything deserves to be known by other people globalization, cultural exchange, for that
to happen for people to be able to appreciate and learn about different
cultures specifically Kazakhstan in this case and their pop culture right now, it
needs to be accessible not just here on YouTube because for example if I want to
have a party, right? and I’m using Spotify as the DJ and you want to play I want to
put something like 91 I want to put moonlight and I want to put madmen, Ziruza,
definitely Ziruza I want to put them at the party, no I gotta put that on YouTube
and if there’s no internet you can’t really I can’t download it on my iTunes Apple music I can’t you know it’s hard If you just want to listen to it on the phone if you want to buy the album you can’t
we need to change that we need change that this needs to be a collective effort
I’m all for this growth I’m all for good music being exposed and being learned by other people We need to get this shit done, if you’re a foreigner that’s also into q-pop like I am and Xiomarie slightly is *trying to convince her more*, check out
the Instagram I’ll link it below You know, like if it was more accessible I’d be more (into it) For example, KPOP I just download it to my phone and I just listen to it join the discussion if you’d be down to buy the albums also so we can try to
make this a thing you know I’m all for this, music is the shit, I love it so yeah
let’s make it happen

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