the comments on a ninth ogre by poops I did it again Thomas we are here another day playing with Kenji Raptor and and I and me RSU slowness tells me $10 the this del autobús espacio job job job where we go okay I want to be in the winter land okay they died bro okay yes yes we will dirt and the in the rain I thought yes your red light okay take an actress oh my god oh my god oh my god ah okay your father yeah okay oh my go to Serge oh my god oh my gosh it I found what I found it snowboarder it snowboarder I find me an immature enemy serious one yes you’re half mini enemies oh okay really I love this fight it’s full of snow oh I want to be when you can you wait for me yeah yeah yes but and where the enemies oh I hear an aircraft it is yummy yes but but I can brought it here then die bro they care there the sounds of the aircraft driving it’s driving me crazy I’m a little bit nervous can you see you in the earth plane do you see yeah I can shoot you now come come come to me come to me ah ah you don’t get it I need to be a little bit low okay okay okay I go again but but be careful ah Oh No yeah you you got it you got it oh my god oh my god oh my god I got where is my bike Oh patootie but Jodi but someone is shooting up a hole you used a good one Kenji what the fuck first we drive it oh wait a second wow what the fuck what the fuck why is if it should be quieter the truth in the appearance maker choose tell me what one wait wait a second 10 days well I’m with you Lee you shoot the me we can see a shit behind the fury then they I’m with you I’m with I wasn’t with changing this to animate sell me a Bronco what the fuck oh my god I need help and you support I need support oh my god someone’s killed me Oh oh my god another we love Italy another match yes yeah another much oh my god what the fuck I doing there Maurice I told you I thought I thought I was with candy but I was with then died and then I was a little bit crazy in the sky a little bit a little bit I left

11 thoughts on “MAD MAN IN THE AIRCRAFT! | Fortnite

  1. Todo un Spiderman sobre ese biplano GG. WTF! No vi de donde vino el tiro de gracia pero mínimo Chuck Norris andaba por ahí jugando con bolitas de nieve Ja ja!
    Vaya ese ZZuKKulento paisaje en la montaña esta soñado, un poco Dalí pero muy impresionista Ja ja!
    Buena campaña compañeros para entrar en calor en esa atmósfera frozénica GG!

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