Mac OS 7.6 Installation Frustration (Macintosh TV) –  Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures

– [Krazy Ken] I don’t
feel good about that. This is gonna be a long day. We’re just gonna pretend
that this is all correct and it’s gonna work. You (beeping) kidding me dude? This makes everything a lot easier. (electronic music) Hey guys how you all doin’? Really? That’s just great. We’re back today with the good black. Macintosh TV or as one commenter called it the Blackintosh, which
honestly, I really like. However the system software
is a little subpar for me. I know you’re gonna be like Ken, the thing came out like
in 1993 give it a break. Yes, I know. However. In the Apple CD tech video log, I stumbled upon this disc which was left in the caddy from the
drive I bought on eBay. Was it left in there on purpose? I have no idea. But I have it now. Yes, it is a system software
disc for the Performa, but I’m willing to bet that
the Mac OS 7.6 Essentials will still install on this Mac TV. If not, well then I’ll
have to go to plan B which I don’t have yet but I will make a plan B if we need one. So we’re gonna try this out first. 7.6 is way newer and it will
have a lot more features that will make the computer more usable. So in to the caddy you go. Oh yeah that’s right. The computer probably needs
to be on for that to work. Haha I’m an idiot, boot it up. There’s the start up sound. Kind of quiet. Again I think there is
a problem with the board that is making the speakers really, like not muted but just
really hard to hear. Anyway in you go. And here we are at the desktop. Running 7.1. Again this is a Performa
CD so it may not work but we’re gonna try it. Restore all software, I
wanna see what this is. Oh restore all software. Oh, data file, okay. I wonder what software
came with the Performa. We’re gonna find out because that’s another benefit of doing this. If it works we can get some
more software on this computer because there really isn’t much. Desk images, let’s see what’s in here. Oh disc copy, disc tools. Okay sweet. Let’s just putz around in here for a sec. Boop, some of the volumes you
selected can’t be repaired. You cannot repair the start up disc. Yes, that makes sense. Let’s verify it at least. I mean how much drive
space is even on here? But yeah we can at least
run disc first aid. Let’s just see what it finds. Oh that looks familiar doesn’t it? Disc utility spat out the
same information for actually it might still spit out the
same kind of information. That hasn’t changed but
it doesn’t really need to. Okay it looks okay. Do we have enough space. To install. We have 7.5 megabytes available. All right I don’t feel good about that. We might have a problem. But let’s find out. Resources from software. Restore system software. Expecting some kind of error. In order to run this program you must have started from the oh,
oh, well we can do that. Let’s just see if we can set it to the CD. Looks like we can. All right so we got that. Let’s reboot. And it ejected the CD, well you, you, you asshole. That’s not gonna help. Oh my gosh guys. This is gonna be a long day. Yeah set the startup disc to the CD. Reboot, oh, I’m just gonna eject the CD before I reboot ha ha ha. Yeah, not very, Oh. ‘Kay so it detected the CD but we got this lovely error screen. Good yes. Good. I don’t really know what to do. Okay hang on let’s just restart. Yeah that thing must only
work with the Performa. Okay well I might need to get a different stand alone installer that’s
not specific to the Performa. I also may need to repartition the disc and actually make one usable volume because otherwise the hard drive space is just rigidly chopped up. I also do have the original
system software for the Mac TV. I’m just gonna experiment with that quick before I got putz around eBay
and try to find an actual CD that I can use for 7.6
so let’s reboot this. This is why it’s nice to have two caddies. Just throw that in there. Oh it might still default
to the CD-ROM drive. Hmm, I thought it might
default to the hard drive now that nothing was inserted. Sounds like it’s going off the CD. I don’t know if you can hear that but it’s just like a
little (chattering) sound. It’s a really quiet drive. Like quieter than like
the current super drive. It sounds even quieter than that. I don’t know maybe that’s
the magic of a caddy. Your clock is not set to
the right date and time yes. Oh hello. Here’s out little folder
looking interface. I’ve honestly never seen this before. I’ve never booted off of an
old system disc like this. This is new to me. Install system, the hard drive’s set up. Disc first aid. Go to finder. Oh that’s nice. Mac Check. Oh and then you can actually get individual disc images here. Well that is pretty cool. Sweet. At Ease 1.1. That must be the name
of this thing I guess? So yeah 7.1 well that’s
what we currently have on here so that’s not really a problem. Let’s see what else, is there
any other software on here? Extras, install, install two tidbits, reinstall first. What’s under extras? Disc copy 4.2. And floppy disc, oh
floppy disc duplicator. I remember this stuff. Huh, yeah I guess that’s
all that’s on here. Well we don’t need that. We can abort mission. Let’s get outta here. The funny thing is we do
have Mac OS 7.6 installed on the Mystic hard drive. (computer beeping) Oh that was a sound. So yup, we’ll have to go to plan B. I will need to get a 7.6 CD. I guess I could get an
image just of the inter webs but I would feel better
actually getting a CD. So I may have to hop around eBay. That is plan B, we’ll do that next. Dun dun duh. Hey about one month later here we are. I now have a Mac OS 7.6 CD. It didn’t take me very long to get it. There was just a lot of
other things that came up. But now we can have some
fun and install this. So. Hopefully this works. I have not installed 7.6 before. So this will be my first time. I am a Mac OS 7.6 virgin. If that’s even a thing. Caddy is loaded, let’s boot up the Mac TV. Power up. Oops (laughing) why do I always do this? I forget to turn the power on. Here we go, power up. In goes the caddy. Install Mac OS. That’s what we’re lookin’ for. So hopefully this works
better than the last CD. All right let’s take a look. Installing Mac OS 7.6. Hey Cyberdog. I wonder if this has
Cyberdog on it on the CD. I think it does. I’ve never used that before
but I know of its existence. I don’t really wanna read this. So we’re just gonna pretend that this is all correct and it’s gonna work. I’m actually curious what’s in CD? Oh man America Online. Man I’m just getting like distracted by so many shiny objects. Oh Eric’s solitaire sampler,
pointer mode control. Lotta good stuff on here. Well let’s install it. See if this works. I just want it to please. Mac OS, playing hopscotch. All right. Perform all steps below. Read important information. Well I think that’s what
we were just looking at but let’s see what else this is. So an interesting thing is I believe there is a VHS tape that talked
about all the new features in OS 7.6 and the demoer
said that this document was, this was my favorite line. A consolidation of much information. I’m just like, it’s like
so poetic with the frickin’ syllables and the rhymes
like, but who says that? Who says consolidation
of much information. (laughing) I don’t know it’s the small
things in life that amuse me. – [Man] This document
represents a consolidation of much information. – [Ken] Late breaking information yeah, from the nineties right? Okay well that’s done. Update the hard disc driver. Let’s take a look at that. We don’t have an Apple
hard drive in here though so I don’t think that’s necessary. You may skip this step if
any of the following is true. You don’t have an Apple computer. Oh yeah, clones right? You don’t have any Apple disc drives attached from a computer. You have an Apple disc drive but it has been updated already. Oh with a non-Apple driver. Huh, I don’t think there is
an Apple hard drive in here but let’s just see what it
does when I hit continue? Drive selection failed. There we go. Then I think yeah I, is that counting the SCSI port. So external? Not internal? Is this only for updating external? Choose a disc for installation. Okay so this is the weird thing. Shit there’s not enough free
oh my gosh that’s right. Shit. Yeah this disc is all partitioned weird. Yeah we need to get a, we need to open up like the
disc utility thing or whatever. But we would need to be
on an external system to make that work ’cause we can’t reformat this partition table if
we’re booted off of it. Shoo all right I’m gonna
be guessing a few things. If we can boot off the CD like
a live CD mode sort of thing, we can use the Drive Setup utility, whatever it’s called. From there. And redo the partition scheme. Well whatever I did I think it’s working because I can hear the CD moving. Oh it just ejected it you asshole. That’s so weird it let me select the CD from the startup drive option
but it ejected the disc when I rebooted the computer. (sighing) ‘Kay. And the other weird thing is. Yes this hard drive is split up into like four different partitions. But when you add them all together it’s only like 40 megabytes of space. Which is really weird because
I know this isn’t the disc that came with the computer
but the computer shipped with 160 megabyte hard
drive so I don’t know why whoever tinkered with this
put a smaller disc in here. Maybe that’s all they had I don’t know. But it needs to be changed. Hang on. Okay I’m trying to reboot again while inserting the CD. Please do something. There we go. Now we know it’s working
because we have the, the smiley face. We didn’t have that version
of the smiley face earlier because system 7.1
didn’t have that screen. I think this screen was
introduced somewhere in the 7.5 releases and this is 7.6 so, which was the last major
dot update released this system seven because
then they went to OS 8. Hey check out that CD wallpaper, yeah. I got a mouse cursor movin’. Menu bar blank. Wallpaper. Nothing else is happening. Also what is this stuff on my screen? I’ve noticed it there before and every time I try scraping at it, it will not come off. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know how it got there. Frankly I don’t even know
how to get rid of it. I’ve scrubbed at it and I
don’t want to damage the glass or whatever material this is. Your clock is not set to the correct. Oh it hit okay before I
even clicked anything. Okay. I wonder if we need to change that before we run the install. It’s probably because the battery, the clock battery is all
funky after you know, many years in storage or whatever. This computer is older than me. At least pretty sure it is. Okay so we’re almost done. Yeah it’s taken a little longer to load ’cause it’s going off a CD. But it’s gettin’ there. Okay. I want to see what’s in
the disc images folder. It’s probably all the installers. Oops don’t need all these windows. Oh boy it’s reopening my old windows. Don’t do that, no. No how dare you make a mess of my desktop. Get outta here boys. Go away. Hey Cyberdog and there’s MacLinkPlus. That’s the translators for
opening up different programs. Or different files made
with different programs and yeah here’s Mac OS 7.6. Yeah these are all the
installers I would imagine. Yup dot image. Look at that floppy disc icon. Look at that has a nice icon. Utilities… duh I’m an idiot. There we go. Drive setup. You (beeping) kiddin’ me dude? What? What do you mean drive setup cannot be launched on this computer? You asshole. Okay well that makes that a lot harder. All right what’s this? Yeah okay. Well this makes everything a lot easier. Said no one ever. That’s really bizarre. Okay shoo. Well I happen to know
for a fact I was able to boot into that other Mac OS 7.6 CD now I don’t think that CD
will actually install properly on this hardware but it
at least let me open up the drive set up if I’m not mistaken. So we’re gonna boot into that. Actually I don’t know if I
can actually boot off of it. I just realized shit, I don’t think it will boot. Oh I’m really yup, that’s right. I didn’t boot off of this. I booted off of something else. Okay well I have an external SCSI drive which has a Macintosh system on it which I could possibly use to
repartition this hard drive. Might have to plug that sucker in. So a small change of plans. We’re gonna have to plug
in this external system. And hopefully it boots up. The old ClubMac drive is
gonna save the day once again. So I have DB-25 and CN-50
on the SCSI cable here. CN-50 on the back. There is a terminator installed. I do appreciate all of
you guys making sure I have a terminator installed. Yes I always have a terminator installed. And then DV-25 on the back of the TV. I have never plugged a SCSI
device in to this Mac TV. So don’t know if it’s gonna work but, I’m assuming it will ’cause the board seems to be very healthy. ‘Kay there’s that. And then, our power. So let’s flip on the disc
and then boot up the TV. Disc here we go, power on. Here it goes, TV. Well I was a little worried for a second. It said welcome to Macintosh
for about two minutes. And nothing else but now it’s moving. I can hear the disk crankin’ away so, hey I didn’t even have
to press any buttons. It just knew to boot externally. Pretty sweet, very smart old Macintosh. Well met fair Macintosh. Hopefully I can just open
up the utility I need to reformat the disc. Okay it’s gonna rebuild
the desktop file first it looks like to get those
other partitions mounted. Which ideally should be gone soon. They’re not really necessary. It’s just, it’s actually
making everything harder. I’m sure the original owner did something with them at one time
but I don’t like them. I want them gone. All right here’s our Launcher. Yeah. And there it goes rebuild for number two, number three, number four. All right. Let’s pop our CD in. Performa CD. So this obviously isn’t a Performa, it’s a Macintosh TV. But hopefully I can just open
up this drive setup utility ’cause that’s all I need from this CD. Then we can go back to the other CD which looked like it was workin’. You, you, oh I’m gonna punch somebody. I’m swear I had it open earlier. Oh man I really don’t
remember what I did earlier. I should check the tapes. What did I do earlier? I got something to open. Why don’t I remember? I gotta find a way to
format this disc somehow. I mean that’s a useless error message. I wish it would tell me
why it can’t be launched. Is there a compatibility issue? Am I stupid? I dunno, it’s just so generic. Useless error message. Well I checked the earlier
part of the tech video log and what I was looking for
was the At Ease interface to see if I can maybe
do anything with that. And it dawned on me. Duh. I have another CD that I could use. But then came the sad realization. It got (beeping) cracked. The guards were down here
recently reorganizing some shit. I bet they cracked that. ‘Cause that was not cracked earlier. You are all witnesses. The CD worked just fine. Son of a bitch. Okay I just wanted to get
this Mac TV updated to 7.6. But this is becoming a
really cumbersome process. Just because whoever had this disc, this hard drive earlier,
like just partitioned it up. And there’s not even
anything on the partition so like now I can’t do the installation ’cause I have no space. Oh, this is really frustrating. Oh my gosh guys. Oh scotch. Scotch, scotch, scotch. The shit? Why are you doing this now? Oh. Shoot I know why. It’s trying to connect to that SCSI disc ’cause I have it turned off but it’s still plugged in. I don’t know, I don’t
know of any other like dignified way to shut it down
except to do a hard shut down. With the switch on the back ’cause I don’t think
you can use the button. Yeah I don’t think there’s any way to invoke like a soft
shut down at this point. So power switch it is. Yoink, all right. SCSI. The external SCSI disc has been unplugged. Reboot. (clicking) (sighing) And now it won’t turn on. I’m having a bad day. Let’s try a good old
fashioned power cycle. Sounds like a fitness program or some shit but tell you what no it’s not. No it is not. Huh that’s interesting I’m
not hearing the same buzz I usually hear when I turn this thing on. Oh you freaking kidding me dude? Crazy ass mother trucker. Oh I’m gonna cry. Yeah oh shit I know
sometimes these old boards have capacitor issues but shit, this one was working just fine. Why is every video log a
rabbit hole of bullshit? Oh you think this would’ve
been so (beeping) simple. This won’t load on that. This won’t load on that. This won’t load on that. Now that CD is cracked. Can’t use that. Can’t even turn on the
(beeping) computer now. (gradual, psychotic laughing) Oh man. I’m gonna lose it. I’m gonna lose it. And I’ve already lost so much
I’m gonna lose even more. Well I officially don’t
know what to do now. Maybe I just let it sit
plugged in for a little bit just like the issue I was
having with the Color Classic, it wouldn’t turn on right
away but if you leave it plugged in for a while it then turns on. So maybe I just gotta do that. Oh really not looking to that one. I do have a Mystic board. But I would rather use the original board that came with this computer ’cause it has all the TV functionality. The Mystic board does not. It won’t even turn on now. Oh boy guys, I think this one’s really (beeping) up right now. I may have to come back to this. This was my favorite Mac. This is my favorite Mac that I have and it’s kinda rare and
now it won’t even turn on. All I wanted to do was update
the operating system huh? Yeah, yeah see, don’t
like software updates. Even back then they caused
nothin’ but problems. Well this one’s gonna be
written down as a loss in the book for now but all right, we’ll have to come back to this one later. I’m sorry guys. I mean if you have any
suggestions let me know. I’m totally open to your help. Catch the crazy and pass it on. (electronic music)

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    P.S. enjoy Krazy Ken breaking everything.

  2. My experiences with installing older Mac OS is that there's a lot of system specific releases that will only function on specific hardware. This seems to be an example of that. 🙁

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  4. Hey Ken! Thanks for the fun videos. The Apple software to format drives (Apple HD SC Setup for older SCSI disks and Drive Setup for IDE disks) only work on apple drives. I think that changed eventually but I don't recall when Drive Setup could be used on non-Apple disks. Since you have a 3rd party drive you will need something like La Cie Silver Lining or FWB's HD Toolkit. Or there were patched versions of Drive Setup that worked on any disk, but again you need the SCSI tool. Good luck getting it running again!

  5. My Power Mac g3 did something similar. I had to do a hard shut down and it wouldn’t boot back on, however, after about 30-45 minutes the g3 booted right back up again.

  6. "not hearing the same buzz…" ??? Oh that sounds like it's a capacitor or PSU issue. I'd say open it up and see if anything blew up before something starts to corrode.

  7. I too have a MacTV, however I have never powered it on in the 20 years or so that I have had it… its been gathering dust in the garage all this time. I am in the process of getting caps for both the motherboard and the analog board, I can give you lists for both to buy at Digi-Key if your willing to. Also why did you not make a backup image of your MacTV install disc? if you want check out Macintosh Garden, they do have a multi mac image that supports the MacTV for 7.1, you could at least use that to boot from and should be able to repartition it. And you can check out my ongoing thread at

  8. I want to say it was in the Mac OS 8.0-era Drive Setup supported non-Apple drives, probably won't do much good with the 030! Likely going to have to hunt a 3rd party format tool once the 'ol MacTV board is back to life.

  9. You should look up the classic Macintosh key combinations. You could boot to CD by pressing C on boot, and you can soft reset by pressing Cmd+Ctrl+Power.

  10. Time for a Re-Cap? Absofragginlutely. 
    If you can't find someone local to recap, send me a message and I will do it for you.

  11. The "stuff" at the upper-right of the screen is probably where the anti-glare coating has worn off. It's not "stuff", it's the lack of stuff.

  12. everything falling apart:
    1: partition table is stupid
    2: the drive probably have enough space for 7.6 even if there was only one partition
    3: third party drive so apple says no.
    4: 7.6 for apple tv disk cracked
    5: computer dead

  13. As for "Drive Setup" and "Apple HD SC Setup" – by default, they only work on Apple-firmware hard drives. You can download hacked versions that will work on all hard drives.

    And "Apple HD SC Setup" is for SCSI hard drives (internal or external) while Drive Setup is for IDE hard drives. (Although in later OS versions, Drive Setup was used for all hard drives.)

  14. In order to intialize a non-Apple SCSI disk with HD SC Setup 7.3.5 you need a patched version of this program.
    This is if you want to wipe the drive and create a proper single boot partition.
    If you want to manually partition the drive I'd advise you to use the "driver d2" utility. It is third-party but also produces bootable partitions, from my experience.

    Also: If you experience sound issues, soft power issues, issues with keyboard and mouse getting no power, floppy drive anomalies, etc. Recap the mainboard. It is the only solution. Just do it.

  15. Mac OS 7.6 requires 32-bit addressing. When you first tried to boot from the CD it restarted after showing the happy Mac icon, which was an automatic switch to 32-bit addressing mode (which requires a reboot.) Annoyingly some of these old systems were set up to always eject all disks upon a restart. You might be better off running 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 (if you can get the thing working again.) A Mac OS 8 version of drive setup could maybe work, too.

  16. Your audio is weak because the capacitors on your logic board are leaking. You've GOT to get them replaced ASAP. Capacitor goo conducts electricity and is corrosive. The more you use this machine, the more damage you're doing to the logic board.

  17. Dude, you're still the guy I'd want facing the aliens in the city-sized mothership with nothing but wit, a virus, and an old PowerBook. Awesome video, and in my own way, I've been there! This don't work, now that other thing doesn't work. Now the cables decided to stop working…… GRRRR!

  18. 5:10 That is the “At Ease” interface. My elementary school used it because it doesn’t allow you full access or the Finder and only specific apps that is assigned by the Admin. I do believe the software is still available on Apple’s FTP server.

  19. The main reason the Powerbook 5300 CD didn't work is because its System Folder is based on a system specific install, as well as being a PPC-Only version, so they could save room on the CD for the extra stuff that came with that model. They didn't start offering DVD drives with the powerbooks until the G3 Series (the ones after the original "Kanga" Powerbook G3), so they only had about 700MB of space to work with.

    Looking up the error code shown doesn't really point to any specific failure, sadly. The F indicates that an "Exception" (programmer speak for an abnormal operating condition, or in layman's terms, an error) occurred during the start up process. The D on the second line refers to a Non-Maskable Interrupt triggering the exception, but where that interrupt came from is not indicated.

  20. Ken, i really love this videos. Probably because i love tech.
    And You serve tech in very funny way.
    Your film montage is very good.
    You don't planning this; you making these with us!

    Thank you!
    PS. Sorry for mistakes in text.

  21. Maybe it's not a great idea on the "Blackintosh", but why not try to recap a board (or an ac adapter)? There are many videos on the subject (like and, to name a few on old Mac). I think that knowing how to weld is an important think for a collector of old electronics, with electrolitics and other component getting old and compromise functionality of the machine, even just for becoming independent in small repairs!

  22. 5:30 Wow, look at those installers, disk images… That was the Windows 3.1 era. Not an Apple fan, but Win 3.1 looks like a bit a toy beside system 7 really.

  23. Please stop doing retro Mac stuff because it's becoming boring now. Try something new like try to build a PC or fixing a modern mac

  24. I bought a Performa 600 Cd in 1992 and it was horrible because it took a special version of the System software. These computers were intended to be sold at electronic stores and department stores like Sears. It had the horrible “At Ease” interface that was intended for people who didn’t know how to use a computer… this was after all 1992. That computer quickly got replaced by a Power Computing “Power Tower210 CD’.

  25. The SCSI partition tool was intentionally programmed to skip non-Apple drives. But whether or not it skips is a setting stored in a resource in the app which can be changed with ResEdit— so you can partition non-Apple drives.
    CharisMac is also good…support for IDE. Of course you'll have to be able to turn the machine on to do any of this XD

  26. he had issues with installing system 7.6 then it had to die on him. maybe a recap will fix it. desolder the caps, clean the capacitor goo off the board, then solder new ones on.

  27. OS 7.6 didn’t work on quite a few Macs ( I had a PowerBook 1400 that couldn’t use it and my 5500/225 couldn’t either) What is the Processor in this Macintosh TV. If you look at the Read Me File it says it doesn’t support 6030 and 6040 processors.

  28. Plan B as simple as: (or a quick google search). But he has to buy an actual CD rofl

  29. This is a really handy disk to have, it contains Just about all Apple software and utilities from OS 6 – 8.1 including installers for each!

    Windows will not let you burn it with the builtin CD Burner tool you will need to use something like imgburn to write it to a CD.

    Good luck!

  30. Any updates… waiting with baited breath on the resurrection of this… as my MacTV did the same thing, just ordered a bunch of caps for the analog board and going to see if that helps any. I already re-capped the mainboard.

  31. Just install Mac OS System 7.5.5 and call it a day. 7.6 was just a fancy software bundle that Apple made money off of, nothing more.

  32. Update for me was easy on a Coloraturas Classic. Went from 7.1 to 7.6.1. Then I added the Appearance extensions from System 8.

  33. OS 7 is ironically supposedly more stable than OS 8, and OS 8 is infamous for being a buggy, crash-happy piece of crap.

  34. I have talked to you before on a live stream do you remember me? Please put a like or heart if you remember me

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