No. Not again. Why does this always have to come out of nowhere. It’s really hot in here. I can’t catch my breath. Why can’t I catch my breath? My hands are shaking. My heart’s definitely going too fast. My pulse is definitely too high. I wish someone was here… No, they’ll think I’m crazy. Yeah, probably. It’s cold. Why do I feel so heavy on the chest. What were the symptoms of a heart attack again? Chest pain. Numb arms. Yeah that’s it. Definitely having a heart attack. Why are my muscles so tight? Where did my legs go? I can’t feel my legs. This is so weird. Just feels like I’m on the other side of the room, looking at myself. Unreal. Completely unreal. I really don’t feel well. I think I’m gonna be sick. I wonder if these will help. This will calm me down. This is not a good idea. Shouldn’t be smoking. I’ll take some more. Just in case. Did I overdose? Probably overdosed. Why is everything so loud? My heads going to explode. Am I going crazy. Probably going crazy. What if I lose control and do something stupid? I don’t want to lose control. I hope no one sees me like this. I really don’t feel well. I think I’m dying. Am I dying? Breathe. Wait. I know this. This is a panic attack. My brain just messed things up and triggered fight-or-flight at the wrong place and the wrong time. ok-ok-ok. I’m just going to lie on the couch, clinching my fists and it’ll pass. Always does. Nothing bad ever happens. Just breath. Relax. Calm down. I really wish someone was here. Do I? No. They wouldn’t understand. How would I even explain this. This has no particular reason. This is stupid. I’m so tired. I don’t want anybody to see me like this. What if I get a panic attack in public. Everybody will be looking. No no no… Yeah I’ll stay. It’s safe now. It’s safe.


  1. i don't wanna do some self diagnosis but damn… this is exactly how i feel every single day… one reason why i'm not fond of going outside ;(

  2. i had a panic attack at work yesterday. i don’t ever want to go back there. i felt so alone. coming back this video helps realize there are other humans who do understand, and it will be okay❤️

  3. Am I the only one that does not only have panic attacks but is constantly tired and exhausted, gets random anxiety attacks and stuff like that?

  4. I rlly hate when this happens to me and it’s even hard to breathe when I’m in bed and I worry about everything also… and then sometimes I think something bad is going to happen…

  5. Love and prosperity too everyone of you that “ suffers / or as suffered “ from these totally , totally terrifying ordeals ! . I personally suffered from them both …… until a great friend taught me how to breath and too also focus , on simple things , to divert my mindset . None of you are ever alone …………… “ Breath in and out through your nose nice and slowly to a rhythm at you own choice , and focus on a object ……… such as an incense burner , etc etc “ …………… wishing you all better ASAP …… (X) ……

  6. When i have panic attack, i feel like i want to cry and i want to run. I feel stupid and ashamed if someone saw me, but i couldn't do anything about it. Why something like this happen to me.

  7. Dude, i hate it when i get an anxiety attack. The only thing i don't relate to is the whole " the room is spinning." In my case, i start feeling like there is some thing inside of my that wants to get out and i suddenly want to rip off my skin and break my bones or rip my hair out. It sucks.

  8. I have a panic attack!
    It’s happening to me sometimes!
    I feel that I’m choking!
    I can't breathe!
    My heart will explode at any second!
    I guess I’ll die but I’m not!

  9. I don't even bother about pannick attacks anymore. I had a few on public and they were so bad I ended up crying on the floor almost passing out. People always help me. The issue is when you get scared of having the next one or feel ashamed of it

  10. I have generalized anxiety disorder,agoraphobia and panic disorder

    I'm happy people actaully are finally giving us anxiety friends some recognition and not just saying it's all in our heads and its our fault etcetera
    Thank you for showing othere how anxiety/panic attacks feel

  11. I can see my self in this video. A while ago, I lived with anxiety every day. I distinctly remember panic attacks. I felt I was going to die

  12. This girl has anxiety, panic attacks, depression and ocd, seriously are you ok girl? , keep strong baby ❤️🌌


  14. This. Is. EXACTLY. What I feel. Especially the « no no no » part that I keep repeating and shouting until I have to hurt myself to get my into my body.

  15. My way to express my panic attacks is dissociate, I suffer from dissociative personality trastorn because of my anxiety and depression.
    Whenever I feel stressed (actually is not that often, but a year ago maebe It wasn't me for a week) I just become another person, another personality, and when my brain feels relaxed again I come back. I don't remember anything when I dissociate, so it's kinnda like when you get drunk and you Don remember the next morning what happened.
    I'm feeling better now
    Sorry, my English is terrible because I'm from spain
    Tysm for reading

  16. Used to suffer really bad panic attacks for years. Then went on keto/low carb diet and took taylor made supplements. Within. A few weeks it was o-v-e-r…!!! And it never started again. That was a year and a half ago. Just wish I had known sooner about that diet!

  17. Great video! I had panic attacks two months ago and by watching this video I remembered how it feels like. My eyes get watery, my heart beats faster, and my body is shaking. I was aware whenever my panic attack comes but I still won't calm down. Panic attack is like you're panicking over something that never really happens and it's all just in your head. Keep yourself busy but don't stress out and surround yourself with positivity. Don't read posts about depression, anxiety and other mental disorders because it will worsen more. Don't spend too much time on your phones because I read in some articles that this is one of the cause of a mental disorder. I hope this will help you. Love ya XOXO 💌

  18. Okay i don't know if i have any anxiety disorder but i overthink stuff A LOT and sometimes I think I'm going insane but i don't have panic attacks with difficulty in breathing so idk… 🌚😐

  19. I don’t know why but for the past couple months I’ve been having panic attacks frequently. I have them everyday to two days. I get it for no reason when I’m sitting in class or something. What it feels like for me is that I feel: dizzy/lightheaded, can feel my heart beating very fast, my body shaking especially my hands, I feel like crying, and sometimes I hyperventilate.

  20. Yup… those thoughts can really mess you up… all by yourself… I hate it. Makes you do stupid things to yourself. I hate anxiety and depression I cant take it. But I have to for my parents and my doog!♡

  21. I kinda Controlled my panic attacks allot the past few years but there is one place and one place ONLY that it always t riggers, it's mild trigger but I legit want to run from that place. And that is any food places that I need to sit and eat. It's like my throat automatically shutdown and I can't swallow anything. And when I try to swallow a tiny bit of food it feels like I'm going to choke on it.

  22. Always feels like I'm thinking of everything and nothing at the same time. Like I need to just run out of the room but I can't move.

  23. You probably won't understand this but
    دعييو معايا انا ان شاء الله باك 2020

  24. i hate it when people’s heart starts racing a tiny bit and they’re like omG iM HavInG a PanIc AtTacK and i’m like judges in actual anxiety and panic attacks

  25. This is really how a panic attack feels. I have panic disorder and when I’m having a panic attack I always just want someone there. Then I realize I can’t have someone with me because they would never understand.

  26. i have anxiety attacks when i get angry, and i don’t understand why?

    i have to lock my things up to ensure i don’t hurt myself or others. my pillows have been taking a beating (the walls, rather) and i can’t help it.

  27. The first time I had a panic attack, I was 9 year old and the last time I had a panic attack was this morning at 6:34am as I drove to work.

  28. I had a panic attack for the first time the other day actually on Christmas Day I was so scared my chest hurt I couldn’t breathe o could barely even tell my Husband what was going On and then it passed but it was horrible it felt like someone was sitting on my chest😫😖

  29. My brain when it's overloaded with ideas or possibilities.

    I am a programer and I can write a complex program in my brain and test it, then writes it to the computer.

    How else can I Explain to non programers

  30. Look Youtub i Hare the comments that you make and i need you to stop talking about me I might have PTSD and that i am working on and the more i hare my name the more i get scared. senarcly Thomas G Mann Jr Like Eminem

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