Living with depression should not be confused with sadness

Today 20th March 2017 it’s officially the first day of spring. It’s tipping it down! The cherry blossom represents impermanence Because when it gets to it’s, you know when the flowers bloom and are perfectly out and blooming. They all fall off Okay This is a cherry blossom tree and this is for doing the laundry tree don’t get them mixed up Things are constantly changing just as the cherry blossom reaches its ultimate perfection in flowering. The flowers fall off all the flowers fall off. And it’s kind of em’ It’s good to consider these things you know. Nothing last forever Including cherry blossoms or happiness and sadness It’s international happiness day today it shows that thing’s must be pretty dire as some lag somewhere decided let’s have an international happiness day because it so sucks out there at the moment and em so that’s what we’ve got We’ve got international happiness day today? what does is mean I’ve no clue apparently all you’re supposed to do for international happiness day is get up from your desk or get from your job or whatever it is you do and go out and walk around for 20 minutes that’s gonna be kind of difficult if you’re a surgeon? But there you go. international happiness day What a crock? Am I saying that because I’m depressed or is just a crock? You tell me Let me tell you about happiness is the flipside of unhappiness obviously now happiness if you were permanently happy walking around with a smile smacked across your face. You’d be locked up because it’s not normal. It’s not normal to be happy all the time sometimes you have to be unhappy and in order to understand true happiness you have to have been really really sad at some stage. So you know everyone wants to be happy the curious thing about it is When you’re happy and you know it clap your home haha When you’re happy You don’t really question it You just go I’m having a You just go I’m having a really great day blah blah blah When you are sad you sit around going. Why am I so sad? why blah blah blah and I’m not talking about depression here I’m talking about sadness right. Sadness and depression are two completely different things depression is a mental illness. Sadness is your fed up or something like that you know? Your horse didn’t win or your cats got diarrhea or something like that. Depression is a medical condition sadness is just sadness you know. Get over it You know you can say that to people like that Get over it. You’re cat’s got diarrhea give it a pill But you know, happiness and sadness our normal. Happiness and sadness are normal emotions you should just accept them. And you shouldn’t want one more than the other. You should feel those things. I see a lot of people who are on anti depressants and they’re okay but they neither feel great joy or sadness. They are in some kind of middle section. If it’s helping them. That’s great but it’s a kind of half life… if you will It’s a kind of half existence Being on antidepressant. It’s helpful, it can be helpful but it should not be for long term If you can get a course of treatment and be on it for six months and get off again. That’s great. Some people are on it for years. I actually know people that have been on antidepressants for over 10 years and they are? They’re scared to come off the antidepressants because they don’t want to go back to the depression I understand that. I understand they’re scared But I don’t want to take those antidepressants because to me it’s like almost a zombie existence and I want to feel the pain. You know I’m alive you should feel pain the same as you should feel happiness. That’s normal And people that don’t want to feel those things. I think they’re missing out I think they are missing out somewhere along the line. But you know. if you are on antidepressants and you know You want to get off them Go through the proper procedures. Go and see your doctor. Get proper help and you know come off them property. You can’t just stop taking antidepressants. You need to come off them correctly. On this day of international happiness. Think about it Be happy Or be sad either way is fine It’s life You’re living you’re supposed to feel things okay

3 thoughts on “Living with depression should not be confused with sadness

  1. National Happiness Day… Sounds very Orwellian. ☺ The trees in the video are sooooo beautiful especially against a stormy sky. I never knew the lore about cherry blossoms. It makes sense. They need their beauty sleep after working so hard to get all dolled up.

    This is a raw vid, Mike. A difficult subject far too many of us are acutely familiar with. You seriously did an awesome job sharing your thoughts on such a delicate yet volatile subject.

    I know we are of different persuasions in some areas, but I'm compelled to be in prayer for you as you weather this season of depression. `To everything there is a season… '

    Meanwhile, I have the flu. I'm also happy. It's the perfect reason to be indulging in a steady bit of Ginger Ale sipping.

    Just under Kona Coffee on my fav beverages list is Canada Dry. 💖

  2. +Molometer, Well, another great philosophical video. I think I agree with you, as I seem to feel great happiness or sadness at times. Some of my happiest times are always when I'm out in my little garden. Some of the saddest times are when I know I'm not going to meet my self-imposed blog deadline. Angelia will vouch for that!
    I can tell you I do understand the difference between depression and sadness. This makes me happy to be able to reassure you that those depression clouds do lift when the time is right. I'm very happy that your gorgeous son Luke seems to be around a lot. He's welcome to come and help me with videos any time!
    You've got some other great things in your life, Michael, commonsense and humor being two biggies. Add to that talent, and yep, you're a good candidate for Happiness Day! (who was that idiot who thought that one up, by the way?) what if I don't WANT to be happy that day? That's another thing, you can't just be happy on command. It's special. You can't be happy if you've never known happiness, but I'm sure you have, unlike some children who never have.
    Thank you Michael. My good thoughts are with you.

  3. Good food for thought, Michael. Coincidental that my desk post focuses on the 'happiness' side of the spectrum today.

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