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  1. Several years ago we were cat fishing using very large hooks and heavy line and heavy sinkers. My husband got his hook caught in rocks and started backing up to pull it loose. It suddenly came loose from the rocks straight at him, he bent his head to save his face and eyes. The hook hit the top of his head and the heavy sinkers set it good and deep. I wasn't strong enough to cut the eye off and push the hook on though to pull it out, but I did at lease cut the line and get all the work off the hook for him.
    We loaded up 3 little kids and all our gear and he was more upset about having to quit fishing. We had over an hour's drive back home and he drove. I wanted him to stop at the hospital on the way and he wouldn't. He took me and the kids home, unloaded everything, put his gear away and got me to try one more time, but no luck. He had been going around for almost 3 hours by now but finally went to the ER by himself. The nurse asked what was wrong and he bent his head a little and "I just need this hook out"
    He said that little nurse grabbed his arm like was going to pass out and he grabbed her afraid she would pass out. Dr finally got it out and cleaned up and asked him if he needed pain pills and when he said no the Dr asked "Well doesn't it hurt?" He said yes, but he had worse working the oil field without pills.
    I sure wish I had taken a picture 😂😂😂

  2. Paramedics can dose shots of medication by injection, start IV's, but they can administer lidocaine? That's ridiculous.

  3. Imagine passing out throwing up and taking an ambulance to the hospital because a fish hook got stuck in your finger.

  4. I had this happen to me got a hook stuck in my wrist missed a vein by a few centimetres, now after that I am always paranoid whenever somebody casts out a fishing line whenever I go fishing so I make sure I am standing a good distance from whoever is casting the line out, Better to be safe than sorry lmfao

  5. this junkie put a fish hook in his thumb and called the ambulance to get doped up first thing buddie said was numb the pain or put me to sleep like dude u ever been kicked in the nuts? way worse

  6. Just push the hook all the way through, snip the end with the barb, then remove the shank… The least painful way or removing a hook

  7. Why don't EMS carry any anesthetics or pain killers? Like if I chop off a toe by accident I thought that EMS would arrive and hit me with that morphine… but apparently I would have to wait until the hospital…

  8. I’m a vet tech and can poke my animal patients all the time but lord help me if I’m the one being poked I literally passed out a couple weeks ago bc one of my coworkers pricked me with an insulin syringe, wish I was different but that’s just how it is

  9. My buddy got a Muskie hook though the palm of his hand during a storm. Just drove the boat back and didn’t even see a doctor

  10. Chick at the end laughing at the dude lol …I did that when I was like 7 rode my bike back home about a mile and my mom brought me in they pushed it the rest of the way through my finger cut the barb off and then pulled it out .

  11. when i was younger on my dads boat we hooked into a huge bluefish my dad went to net it and the fish spit the hook out and it went right in the middle of his nose. my dad drove the boat into shore and his friend drove him to the hospital.. while on the way there he was beeping and showing people my dad had a hook in his nose

  12. If this happens to you don’t “Yank it out”. There is a technique you could do involving braided fishing line. You push the eye of the hook down, tied the line around where the hook entered in the skin and give it a pop and it comes right out. No need for “yanking” 😂

  13. This hurt just watching! Dam I experience extreme pain before so with that all I need is something to grasp onto and alot of screaming and I will be good

  14. This happened to my uncle and he downed a some wild turkey pulled it out himself then used part of a sock to cover the blood

  15. push forward & down, then pull out. It releases the barb from your flesh and allows the fish hook to exit without ripping anything.

  16. You're supposed to push the hook the rest of the way it hurts then cut the barbed off then the hook slides right out depending on where the hook was

  17. Prob wasn’t the pain as much as the hook being in a nerve or something , I got bit at the base of my thumb nail when I was young and it made me throw up on the spot

  18. I've had this happen a few time but only once did I need an EMT. The hook got deep enough to hook around the tendon.

  19. I stuck 3 hooks in my arm to shoe the 3 vest ways to remove hooks! On my channel lippinbasstv y’all go check it out just in case this ever happens to you! No need to go to the doctors and pay a big bill! Appreciate it y’all lippinbasstv

  20. Next time just push the hook all the way through(yes it’ll hurt a lot but not as much as just ripping it out) then snip the barn off and pull it back out

  21. The real way to do it is push it through. Then cut the barb off. Then it slides right back out. Too bad I wasn’t there to save him 5 grand.

  22. When this happened to me I just pushed the hook in and out the other side. Then I just cut the barb off and pulled the hook out.

  23. I had one stuck in my eye and that hurt a bunch and im 14 that happened when I was 12 so 2 years ago…luckly I was not blind but I still have to wear my glasses or contacks. bc I do not see the best sence 8. love this show

  24. Happened to me in September in MN a few years ago. Went to the clinic. First thing a nurse said was "you don't count". She then explained that they keep a betting pool going every year from Memorial Day to Labor Day guessing total number of hooks cases. As I remember, the total that summer was about 150. Small town but many lakes nearby. Doc jerked it out using dental floss–told me offshore fisherman invented that procedure. No meat yanked out, not much pain. Did have local anesthesia.

  25. I tore my MCL and ACL playing football with my friends.. I had a warrant so I couldn't go to the hospital.. I couldn't walk for 1 month and limped for 6👀👀

  26. I had the same thing happen you just have to push it back though the skin and crush the barb and then it will come out easy

  27. I would of rather taken the pain and let them rip it out than go to the hospital and leave with a $3k bill.

  28. My dad would’ve told me to “man up” and take it out without medical profession 😂(old school parents)

  29. Two years ago my little brother accidentally stepped on the dorsal fin of a baby catfish. Their fins are sort of like stingray barbs but after surgery he was fine. He kept telling the doctor “stupid little fish, I wanna catch the big fat fish!!”. He still has a tiny piece in his toe but still loves to fish . He is 6 years old now and loves catching catfish still, he can cut his own bait, put it on the hook, cast, hookset and unhook a fish all by his little self. I’ve taught him well is all I can day

  30. I remember getting hooked my first time when I was 8. All I was told was to not be a wuss and pull it out haha.

  31. Oh he passed out. Now I know why they called for help. He has an anxiety disorder. It's not the hook it's his anxiety.

  32. This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in my life you could even see the emt laughing at him while putting him in the ambulance😂

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