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– Do me a favor– put your hands out the window. Both hands. How many people
you got in the car? What’s that? You got– you got
a gun in the car? – I do.
– You do? – I do.
– OK. Do me a favor. Hop out of the car, bud. – What’s the problem? – Hop out of the car.
– What’s the problem? – Hop out of the car. – What’s the problem?
– Walk this way. You got the gun on you? – No, it’s in my center console. – Walk over there
to Deputy Graham. – Put your hands
behind your back. – 3 Ocean 2, we got him. We got one detained. It’s only going to
be one occupant. Can you have the complainant
meet us over here? – What we responded to
was a road rage incident. I guess this guy got upset with
the way somebody was driving, who possibly cut him
off, and ended up, I guess, exchanging words,
cutting each other off. And he took a firearm,
waved it outside the window and started– I don’t know if he
pointed it at her, but he was definitely
displaying it. – He just cut me off, slammed
on his brakes for no reason. And I was like, what the heck? So I slowed down, got
into the left lane, tried to go around him. That’s when he
pointed the gun at me. And then I got– I slowed down so that
he would get further up. And he pulled over, so I
ended up calling the cops to give them his plate number. – OK, can you kind of tell
me what’s going on, Bud? – –I’m coming down– – You’re an Uber driver?
– I am. – OK. – I’m driving down South 19,
and I was passing that woman over there in that Kia Soul. And she’s sitting on her
phone, and she’s weaving. So I got in front of her, and
I just tapped my brake lights. And then she flashed her high
beams and then zipped around me and– – Was there are a lot
of traffic around there? – No. – And so you got
in front of her, you tapped on the brakes
a little bit to kind of– I get it– to kind of,
like, wake her up say, hey, get off the damn phone. – And I actually stuck
my phone out the window and I said, like,
get off the phone. – OK. – That’s all I did. – What kind of
phone do you have? – It’s a Samsung. – Samsung.
What color is it? – It’s blue. – Blue and black. – How would she know that
you had a handgun in the car? – I have absolutely no idea. Maybe just to get
me into trouble. – Get ya in trouble, OK. So that– I mean– she would– – I did not brandish anything. – So she knew–
she would know that you had a firearm in the
car to get you in trouble. That doesn’t make any sense. – Listen. I did not brandish my weapon. I swear to god on a hundred
thousand things in the world. – OK, and that’s why you’re
detained at this point, OK? – I would never in
my life do that. – So I found this
pistol right there. It’s going to be a Glock 19. It’s a little too
smooth to sit there. I’ll set it right here. On top of that,
it looks like he’s got maybe 100
rounds of ammunition and three full magazines. So he’s telling me he’s been
on the road for 10 or 12 hours today. He’s an Uber driver. He’s telling me he had this and
was holding it out the window. I mean, maybe from a distance
you could think this is a gun. But that’s a big difference
between that and this. Right now it’s looking
like this guy’s going to spend the night in jail. Does this look familiar?
– Yes. – OK.
You think so? – Yeah. – OK. Thank you. So on top of that sticker
you’ve got the Superman law enforcement sticker. I don’t know if this guy just
wanted to be a cop all his life and decided to take the law
into his hands this one time, but you know, I
appreciate the support, but just because you
support us doesn’t mean you are above the law.

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  1. The cop should of asked her what type of gun, what collor, etc,

    Cause if He didn’t m, that’s not fare, he should get a camera, to protect himself sext time

    And No one shoul break check anyone!
    Just go around, and stay ahead of them

  2. … another total bullsh*t arrest where they have zero proof either way, but automatically believe her side… I would force the state and her to take this all the way to trial…

  3. "I swear to God on a hundred thousand things in the world on my life" is probably the best defense I've ever heard

  4. Every since I put those support cops stickers on my car I have never been stopped 😂 several times a cop has gone behind me ran my plate to make sure I’m good and bam they drive around me

  5. As a truck driver I believe the girl story because crazy people do this on the road. The Uber driver should be fired because who would go to that extreme just because someone texting? That driver needs to be evaluated by a psychologist. I have had drivers brake checking me and getting out with a bat because they didn’t like that I was driving the speed limit when all they had to go was pass me but instead they wasted more time looking for a fight because of their personality disorder. These type of drivers are not normal. It’s the same concept as passing someone in a construction zone or a delivery truck blocking the lane to deliver packages. The Uber driver should know better because he is on the road 8 hours a day. That girl does seem like someone that would text but who cares you just have to pass her. I have passed so many people texting and I say to myself it’s the same concept going through a construction zone or passing a delivery truck that is blocking the lane delivering packages.

  6. Who waves their phone out the window? Right. Even if they can't make it stick he'll go through the hassle of going to jail. If he did it he'll think twice about it the next time. Probably not, actually. If he's stupid enough to do it once he's done it before and will do it again.

  7. Does this look familiar is not the right question, shoul have asked for a descriptiom before showing her the firearm🤷‍♂️

  8. Aggravated assault are you serious? There is literally no evidence of that whatsoever. Plenty of people carry weapons in their cars. This'll get thrown out.

  9. that girl said he had a gun because she thought, in her pea-brained head of hers, that him motioning her to get off her gd phone while driving with is phone was a gun.. this happens way more than youd think. you know what makes it better, just use your hand and gesture like you are hanging up a phone. i bet she would have called it in as a gun anyway though.

  10. You can’t just arrest someone for having a firearm you have no evidence the best thing you could do is take the gun away and let them be .american cops need to spend more time investigating than making up assumptions

  11. So they believed the girl when she said he pulled a gun on her because he had a gun in his car, so they arrested him. But they didn't believe the man when he said she had been texting and driving even though she had a phone in her possession, so they didn't even give her a ticket.
    Makes sense.

  12. This was just awful police work. Didn't even attempt to question her side of the story and just showed her a pistol like she's gonna be like "nah it was a Sig, I ain't no Glock fanboy". She can identify what a handgun looks like, enough evidence to put a man in jail. There's probably attorney's foaming at the mouth to take this guy's case

    Edit: I am aware that the guy seemed to be scrambling for a story, and he probably did this, but there's not enough evidence other than hearsay

  13. It makes no sense for the cop to show her the gun instead of showing the phone
    Like she doesn’t know what a pistol looks like
    That’s a true representation of pig type of cop.

  14. US Cops: mAYbE fRoM a dIsTanCe YoU CaN tHiNk tHiS iS a GuN ( his phone ) BuT iTs a BiG diFfeReNce

    Aslo US Cops: Sacramento police officers shot and killed a black man in his grandmother's backyard because they believed he was pointing a gun at them, police said. But investigators say they did not find a weapon at the scene, only a cellphone near the man's body.

  15. If you're an uber driver. I highly recommend cameras inside your car. Even if it's a cheap one to record for the night. They're like $40 on Amazon. I have one, for self protection.

  16. Technically anyone could say you flashed a weapon and if your a CCW they will automatically arrest you without any proof?

  17. The guy may have pointed or waved a gun at her, but she is actually the REAL SCUMBAG; just look at her arms, nails, etc. Total Leftist pos. She and people like her that support anything left of liberal, is my sworn enemy. Any "progressive" (actually regressives), socialists, communists and anarchists are my sworn enemies. They want to turn this country into a socialist state, and then, communist!

  18. You dirty Devil motherfukin cops always think a cell phone is a gun. Police kill people for cell phones, but I guess since they're shooting black people then a cell phone is a gun unless there's a driver in road rage then a phone is a phone.

  19. I don’t get this it was his word vs hers and her word goes! If there is no proof of the action then it is here say! I’m lost!

  20. Horrible police work, pathetic. Anyone can road rage and call the other person for having a gun. This is USA. Most people have guns in their cars. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!

  21. "Just because you support us doesn't mean you're above the law" Naaw dog.. you have to BECOME a police officer.. then you're above the law -.-

  22. Sucks donkey balls when they arrest an innocent person & that happens a lot. Anyone can call the cops n make up a lie & boom, cops are looking for you

  23. The cops didn’t even ask her to describe the gun before they showed it to her. Any half decent attorney should be able to get this case dropped.

  24. Could have been a weird coincidence also cops shoot people who have phones all the time and say that they reacted fast and they didnt know at first it wasn't a gun this cop clearly said it's a big difference so any cop who shot a guy with a phone and said they thought it was a gonna should be in jail now but noooooo and I see cops driving with their phone at the wheel all the time how are they above the law every uber driver should carry this dude is innocent until proven guilty and they came him look like the criminal 100% I feel bad for the guy also it sounds like she's making up.her story as she goes cause it looks like it.took awhile to explain some basic stuff or shes she's high asf

  25. Does anyone else think he was overstocked on ammunition? Also dont like the idea of having that gun in an uber in the centre console.

  26. I dont think he pulled out the gun ….his story saying he took out his phone and waived it at her to say get off makes sense

  27. search her car she sounds like shes slurring her speech probably has heroin, crack, meth, needles, ketamine, oxy, etc. This dude seems like a straight arrow this lady is a crack head in a kia soul

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