100 thoughts on “Little Red Hood – unlicensed NES – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 83

  1. James we are the same age. You're exactly 30 days older than me. Could you ever use anyone in your productions? I just ask, because I'd love to be a part, and I'll do it for free, unless it was another movie. 😂

  2. 4:38 Lol, you should've seen New York. There's a deli grocery store on every street corner, and that's not an exaggeration. ;3

  3. 13:42
    Can't wait for some to recreate this in Mario Maker 2 with a level with some randomness in it but not to the extent Little Red Hood has

  4. I think this is one of the best AVGN episodes. The writing and acting is top tier. And the escalation towards the end makes it really fun to watch.

  5. I have a there what if the jackasses who made lil red hood coun't spell the word ridding so the just called it lil red hood not lil red ridding hood 😑

  6. I remember the unlicensed game with the naked woman , it was a cartridge with several games on it ,i think…..ha :p

  7. Hahaha every time I come back to this video I always crack up when she throws the slingshot. It's like this game was made by aliens, so funny.

  8. Am I the only one who doesn't understand why he went through all of Little Red Hood but not all of Milon's Secret Castle? I mean both are very cryptic and though one could argue Little Red Hood was easier to figure out (and vice versa) with Milon's Secret Castle,he had the help of Nintendo Power AND the internet instead of just the internet (which we should all know by now that the internet isn't always truthful)

  9. (martin) I probably would have never thought to play it based on so many facts just by looking at how terrible the cart is, cover art, and title. Don't worry I don't think anyone would play Little Red Hood.

  10. 13:42 Oh, I have no Idea what other shithole of a game is like that…(cough…cough) Mega man 7 (cough). I feel your pain Nerd, I'm with you.

    (Note: I played that game recently and that's what I thought, so that's why I'm writing this.)

  11. The part where the Nerd predicts what the ending will be like is so damn funny!

    Thank you, AVGN / James Rolfe. This video was published during a terrible time in my life, and helped me endure all the shit that was going on. Your humor gave me something to look forward to.

  12. God, those colors and music would make me crazy with a long sitting…I'd rather read Tokyo Red Hood in a one sitting than play Little Red Hood.

  13. Was thinking another game I don't own – then go on eBay – and it goes for more than a new gaming console. I own over 400 titles and rarely even find common titles. Never give up hitting the garage sales and flea markets.

    I have seen worse on NES – seems more like an Atari 2600 type game.

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