Little Donny’s 3rd Year | The Daily Show

(happy music) – Three years ago today, Donald
Trump was sworn into office. – President Trump, he rarely
sleeps and as a consequence, his aides don’t get much rest either. – You hear of aides sort of gaming, they’re gonna come in and
they’re doing a policy briefing and they have charts and pictures and ways to engage the President. – [News Reporter 1] The officials
describe futile attempts to keep his attention by
confining some briefing points to two or three sentences and
repeating his name and title as frequently as possible. – There’s a quote from a US Official, “It’s like feeding a baby his medicine “in yogurt or applesauce.” – Sources tell CNN that Mr.
Trump routinely complains about these high profile gatherings and questions why he has to go. – [News Reporter 2] Complaining
that during past summits, too much time has been
spent discussing the oceans and the environment and not
enough time has been devoted to letting him brag
about his achievements. – [News Reporter 3] Senior
officials cancel plans and race to the White House
to prevent the President from enacting his latest
“wacky or destructive idea.” – [News Reporter 4] During
on hurricane briefing at the White House, Trump said, “I got it, I got it,
why don’t we nuke them?” – [News Reporter 5] He also talked about fortifying a border wall with a water filled trench stocked with snakes or alligators, and he wanted the wall electrified with spikes on top that
could pierce human flesh. – President Trump has
reportedly on multiple occasions expressed interest in buying Greenland from the Danish government. – Trump remarked, “Why is Seoul so close “to the North Korean border? Referring to the inhabitants of Seoul, Trump said, “They have to move.” The officials in the
Oval Office weren’t sure if Trump was joking. Trump repeated, “They have to move.” – [News Reporter 5] Once on the grounds of Washington’s home, Trump
told the people around him if he was smart, he
would’ve put his name on it. You’ve got to put your name on stuff or no one remembers you. – [News Reporter 7] Mattis
found the president to be of limited cognitive ability. – [News Reporters 8] He
stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated and has trouble synthesizing information. – Trump wanted tanks for his July fourth Salute
to America celebration and he will get tanks. – [News Reporter 9] White
House officials are worried there won’t be a big enough crowd to keep the President happy. – [News Reporter 10]
Several senior officials say televised briefings stopped because of worry President
Trump would get angry if he saw something he didn’t like. – The President lashed
out at the military brass saying quote, “You’re a
bunch of dopes and babies.” – [News Reporter 11] The
President even made fun of the Directors looks, calling him Dumbo because of his ears. – [News Reporter 12]
President Trump refers to him as Mr. Rogers. – [News Reporter 13] Trump also made fun of US allies South Korea,
Japan and the European Union, mimicking Japanese and Korean accents. – [News Reporter 14] Democrats
accuse President Trump of having a temper tantrum, prompting a line up of his
top aides to vouch for him. – Kelly Ann, what was my
temperament yesterday? – Very calm, no temper tantrum. – One senior national security
official told Jake Tapper, “Everyone at this point
ignores what the president says “and just does their job.” – A republican source who was in the room, “He is not in control of himself, “it is all yelling and screaming.”

100 thoughts on “Little Donny’s 3rd Year | The Daily Show

  1. Wow, hes fucking hilarious, God blessed us with the best clown, "kellyane what was my temper yesterday and you better say the right thing or I'll feed you to your husband"

  2. If I lived in the US I would smoke so much weed. (Instead I live in eastern europe and drink vodka mixed with my own tears.)

  3. Trevor I have been watching your videos from this channel for a while now . I haven't heard about any give aways from this channel.  So please have a give away once in a while Trevor.

    For me 😂 I wouldn't mind receiving a PC strong enough to run software's like blender and movie editing software.

    Do wish you'd respond

  4. Compilation of the liberal media's greatest hits..Lol. They portray Trump as completely inept and incompetent. What they dont tell you however is, how much better the country is performing (by all key indicators) than the last government. So if this "Fool" is actually performing, what does that say about their very own "messiah"?? Sad losers😁😁😁

  5. This is Sickening. We have a buffoon in the White House, and it's a joke to everybody….Since only comedians are openly, (telling the truth,) talkin' smack about him, TREVOR,…You need to make the message clear. (I get it, sarcasm is your tool.)…but find a way to use it more productively, PLEASE,…( or ELSE!…lol.)

  6. Seoul is suddenly so close to North Korea! It was so far away, last time I checked and then BAM, you wake up and it moved closer to the border.

  7. The Democratic's have more than enough to defeat this Moron but if they continue to attack and turn on each other we will get four more years of this BS.

  8. Trump voice;) I got a big star on my BAdBOY chart today! I get a star for everything I dooo! Its the biggest star it's a beautiful star brighter than any star!

  9. “Dumbo” 😂😂😂😂 and “Mr.Rodgers” trump is a clown 😂😂😂😂😂🤣 oh I’m crying he has literally come after everybody asians whites blacks Hispanics everyone no one can miss the Trump train

  10. I used to like this channel, but now its just 24/7 anti-trump, where all the viewers are 100% anti-trump and just believe everything and start jerking each other off in the comments about how bad trump is.

  11. TBH if he manages to rule a country and making no dumb decisions he is right now by far at the moment the best President in U.S history according to his achievement

  12. When Democrats aren't discussing real issues and treat debates like high school lunches. They're literally going to let this man win again 😂😂

  13. When is Trevor Noah going to address the racist killings in South Africa and the resurgent slave trade in black Africa? That should be fun

  14. Germany Arrests Afghan Migrant in Iran espionage case, a military man who who was leaking intelligent information to the Iran Government.
    Ukraine President Zelenskiy refused and don't involve us in U.S Politics. ,
    and Vadim Prystalko, Ukrainian Foreign Minister refused he doesn't know Parnas in the CNN interview and never see him
    . I am very happy , Mr Trump understand spiritual world, and have Jesus-like dominion . All These witches /fortune tellers socialists and their agendas are exposed.

  15. Totally random but I was watching documentary and saw Pope Francis meeting Trump and his wife. I kept wondering what was going through pope’s head.

  16. Trump doesn't like spending time in a meeting where everyone is talking about the environment and no one is talking about his "accomplishments." Now a reasonable man who really wants the meetings to focus on his accomplishments puts them in the environment that everyone is focusing on.

  17. well, not that it was there to begin with, but we can just throw any objectivity out of the window.
    i guess it doesn't matter from the extremely high horses these leftist shills sit on. Its a good thing most americans view such propaganda grounded at eye level

  18. Man hes doing a great job having to go against deep state Demonrats all 3 years. Best president ever despite having little to no help

  19. I forgot about nuking a hurricane 😂 Forget a wall. Why don’t we just nuke everyone and America will be the only thing left. America first 😂😂😂😂

  20. ….. and Republicans will STILL …. SOMEHOW …. still excuse ALLLLLLL that dumb ass shit lmfaooooo 😆😅😅😅😆

  21. Another vile little progressive puppet! President has accomplished more in three years than your mohamed obama did in eight! You progressives are the lowest your beliefs and your constant whining, get over it American will never be a socialist country! Trump2020!

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