Life Time Yoga Classes On Demand – Guided Meditation

Welcome, Life Time members. Today, we’re going to go through
a quick 10-minute meditation that will help ground you,
become more present in whatever reality life has to hand
you, and even a few breathing techniques that can help you
overcome stressful moments during your day. To begin, let’s find
a comfortable seat. And that could be on
a couch, in a chair, at your dining room table. Anywhere. But instead of
lounging back in it, letting the spine get
a little disconformed, sit up nice and tall. Create length in your spine. Hands can be on your legs or
wherever they’re comfortable. Take a deep breath in. And on the exhale, allow
your eyes to close. And just watch your
breath for a few moments. Focus on the muscles
around your eyes. On each exhale, just notice. Notice the muscles
relaxing and growing heavy. Even the muscles around the
eyelids and back behind the eye soften. And over the next few
breaths, your focus shifts from the
eyes, to the temples, down to your jaw, those muscles
that sometimes we tend to grip when we’re feeling tense. Start to just notice where
they naturally reside. And then on the exhale, watch
them start to soften, just with your breath. The muscles of
the jaw get loose. With each exhale, just a
little more weight as you bring your awareness
to your shoulders. Deep breath in, and exhale. Just let them melt as if your
arms were weighted, pulling out of your shoulder girdle. With each breath, allow
your body to get heavier, the muscles softening
down around your elbows, your forearms relaxing,
and your wrists. And one breath at a time, just
work one digit of each finger. Each exhale, let it get soft,
each exhale of each breath, allowing the muscles
to release and relax, finally making it
through the last finger. Allow the focus to slide back
up the arms, right to the nape of your neck, and slowly
exhale and allow the rib cage to soften, all the tension
in your belly to unwind. And then, as you make your
way into the hips, take time. Really watch your
breath as each exhale allows the hips to ground down. Start with the right hip, just
letting the breath do its work, then move to the left hip. And over the next few breaths,
just feel the legs grow heavy, and really root down
through your sit bones, feeling what is real. The Earth that is
underneath you, the chair. Whatever it is, this is real. And that’s really what a
meditation practice is. It’s reality training. So much of our life we
spend in a dreamlike state, our mind wondering about
what’s going to happen next or worrying about
what just did happen. And we miss life as
it is occurring, real. That’s right here, right now. So now that you’re grounded,
you can feel what is real. Bring your awareness to
the natural breath as it moves in through your nose
and out through your nose. And just watch it. It’s fine. It’s OK if a thought wanders in. Don’t try to push it away. Simply find your breath
again when you’re able to. If you ever find that your mind
is too turbulent to just focus on the natural breath, come
back to that grounding technique of just moving one body part
at a time, releasing, relaxing. But allow it to
connect to your breath. Exhale all your air. Allow your left hand
to come right up onto your heart, the right
hand on top of the left. And give yourself
a few moments just to feel the rhythm
of your heartbeat. And we like to finish
meditations with something that’s called metta. This is something
that you can do during any moment
of your day when you might be dealing
with something stressful and just losing
sight of gratitude. And it starts with
your own heart, and just giving
yourself a moment or two to notice what you are
grateful for about you, filling your own cup. And it’s when our own cups
are full that we can truly share metta, which is
compassion, gratitude, with the community around us. So take a moment
and see if there’s somebody in your family, or
in your community, that you can share some metta,
some love with today. And when we are connected
to our communities, that’s when we do link
arms and really support this world for healing. So see if there is a
place in the world, or a community
outside of your own, that you can send some extra
gratitude and love to today. And just put them in your heart. Put them in your thoughts. Thank you for taking some time
today to breathe and to fill your own cup. So much love and gratitude. Namaste. My name is [? Tori. ?] And
really taking time to breathe, whether that is a short
two minutes out of your day or sitting for 10, 20
minutes, can really shift how you do show up in life. And that’s needed today. Thank you again for
taking the time. Be well.

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