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hello friends, I am dr avishek, today I will
talk about leucorrhoea, commonly known as white discharge. or in Ayurveda its known as SWETA PRADAR. In this video I will give you permanent cure
for leucorrhoea, and few important things about leucorrhoea that all ladies should know. so watch this video till end to know everything. what is leucorrhoea? secretions or discharges
from vagina are called leucorrhoea. so what is important to know is ? all secretions
are not leucorrhoea , It is very normal to have these secretions, like before and after menstruation
, or during ovulation. But when secretions are strong, happening since long, and associated
with vaginal itching, redness, secretions are very thick, in large amount, then you
need to consult a doctor . you are getting very weak , back pain, lost kilos, brownish
spots on face, dull face, wrinkles on face and iron is down, then treatment is needed.
how to cure it? first to what are the causes? main cause is infection .fungus infection
, candida , may become yeast infection or bacterial infection. will cause itching , thick
secretions with or without smell. other causes for white vaginal discharge are low iron or
anemia and hormonal imbalances. theses hormonal imbalances when get better automatically symptoms
get subsides, but when these hormones are imbalance all the time then these secretions
remains all the time. but mainly it happens due to infections. so very effective remedy
for leucorrhoea is Alum, dissolve this alum in comfortable hot water. a small piece of
alum dissolve in one or two glasses of hot water and do vaginal wash. if problem is severe,
you may wash two to three times daily. it will help you to cure all symptoms like itching
and redness. alum has a property to cure fungus ,bacteria etc. Second remedy is apple cider vinegar, very affective, dissolve one or two spoon in one or two glasses of hot water and
do vaginal wash two to three times daily. these remedies will cure all your symptoms.
when your problem is very chronic ,severe and not getting cure, then in Ayurveda we have
very affective medicine for it , called ASHOKARIST. 10 to 15 ml after food with equal amount ofwater for few months. This will cure tiredness and other symptoms. One more Ayurveda medicine
is called PRADRANTAK LAUH , one tablet mix with honey after food two times
daily. these both medicines will cure all your symptoms like freckles or brownish spots
on face , will bring back your kilos and ,will cure all related symptoms of leucorrhoea.
Alum wash is recommended even you don’t have any symptoms, this will protect you from getting
vaginal infections. Nothing to worry ! thank you so much! hope you like this video, keep

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