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Alright, I closed the door So my dogs are probably gonna start whining soon So let’s just get this show on the road! Hello! Welcome, or welcome back! My name is Kelela, and I have a friend named Chris Chris Boutté Dat Boutté, doe – am I right?! Stupid jokes aside, Um, I’m here to talk to you about a …a Chris that my friend Book wrote. Oh my gosh, I haven’t sat down to record a video in a while – can you tell? I’m here to talk to you about a book that my friend Chris wrote, called “Rewire Your Anger” Here’s the cover Yeah. So, Chris has a YouTube channel called “The Rewired Soul” He has recently exploded in the last, like, handful of months And basically, his channel is about mental health and, um, and why it’s important. And he talks about stuff that he sees online, and in pulp– PULP culture? What’s wrong with me?! In pop culture. And he talks about what may be unhealthy about certain behaviours, And successes that some people have had, failures that some people have had It just really helps his audience to get a firmer grasp on our own mental health if that makes sense. So, just before Christmas, Chris gifted me his new book, “The Rew– The Rewired Anger..? Rewire Your Anger. And It is so good! It is SO GOOD. Right in the beginning of this book – I can’t remember if it was, like, in the intro or in one of the earlier chapters – But, like, right off the bat He points out that anger isn’t really necessary “necessary” to our existence anymore. Um, like, back in the day – before language, and cars, and… Drake We had to rely on our emotions and our instincts, in order to survive So, that kinda makes sense, but I’d like to think that we’ve evolved at least a tiny bit since then He talks about different ways to manage your anger, in a healthy way Because feeling anger itself isn’t a “flaw” It’s not a bad thing, it’s a natural emotion that we’re programmed to feel, from millions of years ago, to feel angry if somebody comes for our sh*t But learning how to manage that anger so it doesn’t take over your life, and just create a big mess is something that everybody should learn how to do Because we’ve all felt angry It’s a thing. But managing it is something that we can learn how to control In the moment when you’re pissed off, it feels like throwing something, or honking and giving a very “special” finger to somebody while you’re driving It feels like a pretty good reaction, but that’s just passing your anger off to somebody else if that makes sense. Um, so yeah, in this book *laughs* It’s an e-book, so I can’t show it to you, but I’ll hold up my notes on it! In this book, he teaches you um, different methods of coping with anger, and where to put it that isn’t in somebody else’s face or in the back of your mind, because if you squish it down not gonna be a good time. If you throw it as hard as you can, also not gonna be a very good time. If you don’t think that this book is for you, If you think, “I don’t have anger issues” I thought the same thing when I read the book But, honestly, every single person feels anger. No one is immune. Even if you don’t think you experience anger, if you’re generally a very calm, cool and collected, zen type of person, it couldn’t hurt to put those tools in your mental health toolbox to pull out at a later date if you do experience anger An example of somebody who may not think that they need to read this book or learn how to manage their anger is an abuser from my past. They had court ordered anger management lessons I guess? Classes? Court ordered anger management sessions that they had to attend for, I think it was either 8 or 12 weeks and this person complained to me about having to take these courses Like, “oh, it’s such a waste of time.” Like, “oh yeah, gotta go all the way down there, and” “be a little bit early, and uh” “get in that class and learn how to not “beat people up” *laughs* Weird, right? So, even if you don’t think that you need to learn how to manage your anger, it is something that literally, there’s nothing to lose The only thing to lose is the weight that your anger puts down on your mind and your body that… spills out into different areas of your life, even if you aren’t realizing it. So, this has been a whole, big, “READ THIS BOOK” But you don’t have to READ it. If you’re not a “reading” person, um Chris is actually putting out an audiobook I’m trying to line up the release of this video with the release of his audiobook. Um, I think he’s recording it on the day that I’m recording this. So, I have a lot less work to do with this video than he has for the audiobook So. If you’ve made it this far into this video and you’re interested in reading a self-help book that doesn’t read like a self-help book, it’s more like… If you’ve watched any of his videos, it basically feels like you’re sitting there watching one of his videos in print. … On your laptop. And watching one of his videos feels like you’re sitting down with a friend, gossiping about mental health. Like, it’s.. He does NOT have a drama channel. That’s something that some people have been complaining about on his channel recently, like, “Oh my God, you’re a drama channel!” He’s just pulling from the YouTube community, and the world at large to use examples of how we’re literally all just human beings. Everybody feels things, everybody experiences things. Trauma’s a thing for everybody, at some point in their life. Everybody feels anger. Except for you, Perfect Person, watching, in the back. But, uh, still get this book! I don’t, um, know how much it is *laughs* off the top of my head But I will leave a link to it in the description down below And something that I’m just gonna highly recommend, that I’m absolutely going to be doing is, um, if you have trouble sleeping, something that I do is I listen to podcasts. Um, If I just wanna shut off and go to sleep, and if I’m tired enough but my mind is still kinda going, I listen to a podcast on Spotify, I think, called “Sleep With Me” – I’ll have a link to that in the description as well. Chris’s voice. If you have ever watched his channel, you know that this man has the most soothing voice – he was MADE to do audiobooks *laughs* So, I’m when it comes out, I’m going to be downloading the heck out of that audiobook and listening to it before bed so that maybe I can, you know, learn by osmosis Put the science book on your head while you sleep, and you’ll pass the science test tomorrow. *whispers* that’s just how science works. If the fact that this is an E-book turns you off, um, just know that I don’t have a Kindle or anything, I don’t have any kind of, like, those little e-readers, or um, an iPad or anything But I’ve read it on my laptop and my phone and it’s just a PDF file I think is literally what it is. So, it’s… It’s worth it! It’s an easy read, it’s helpful *laughs* Go check out Chris’s channel if you haven’t already. Make sure you go check out Rewire Your Anger, and if you have already, let me know in the comments. Because I love it when people are interested in the same thing as me *laughs* So, with that, I am going to leave you. Thank you so much for watching, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself and others today even if you feel a little bit angry. Bye!

6 thoughts on “Learn How To Manage Your Anger 🤬🙃

  1. great video! I decided to start boxing to use that anger that comes from various injustice and aggressions I experienced in my past.

  2. When I am on the road if someone makes me wanna flip them; when I pass them I do the Forrest Gump wave.

  3. The thing I don't like is the idea that anger is bad, should be eliminated, or is a sign that something is wrong with a person. I can't tell if that's the direction this book heads in or not but the topic of anger brought this thought to the front of my mind. it took me a long time to accept I was not a bad person for being angry about things or having angry thoughts, and that not allowing myself to express or admit to having anger was harmful. I'd really like to give this book a chance if it doesn't vilify anger.

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