Law & Order: SVU – Barba Calls a Hostile Witness (Episode Highlight)

– I told you, I don’t want to do this. – Permission to treat
the witness as hostile, Your Honor? – Permission granted.
Proceed. You must answer the questions,
Ms. Harper. – The night of your daughter’s
rape and murder, you heard the defendant’s
voice in your house. He was talking to Ashley
around midnight. He was talking to Ashley
around midnight– I can show you
the police report to help refresh your memory. – Okay, okay, yes. I… I heard Sean’s voice. I…well, I thought
I did, anyway. I’m–I’m not sure now. – You were sure then–
sure enough to tell the police. – I don’t think that Sean would kill Ashley. He cared about her. He had his whole future
ahead of him. – And yet you said
you heard his voice in your house the night
of the murder. – Well, yes, I said that, but– – But you didn’t hear him leave, and you didn’t hear
anyone else come in. – No, but that’s what
I thought last time, and I was wrong. What I did to Sean
was unforgivable. I told the jury he did it. I pointed at him,
and I said, “That’s the man who raped me.” And I was wrong. – That’s why you’re hesitant
to identify him now– because if you were wrong then, you might be wrong again now. – If Sean was there,
then that would mean– – That means he killed her. Is that what you
were about to say? – Objection!
– Let me rephrase. Ms. Harper, you blame yourself for your daughter’s death,
don’t you? – Excuse me? – You caused Ashley’s death. [tense music] You sent him to prison, where he was victimized
and abused for 16 years. Thanks to you, he learned how
to become a killer and a rapist. – Objection–is there
a question anywhere here? – Get to the point, Mr. Barba. – The point is, if you had not made that false identification 16 years ago, he never would’ve
gone to prison, which means he never
would’ve killed Ashley. – That’s not true. – That’s not true, or you don’t
want it to be true? Because, in your mind, if he killed Ashley, you killed her. And that’s too
painful to accept. ♪ That’s why you don’t
want to testify. ♪ – [crying] I-I sent him there. ♪ Every time he was beaten or raped, it was my fault. I turned him into a rapist– a monster. And it was my fault. I’m the–
I’m the guilty one here. ♪ – To feel this guilty, you obviously believe
he killed your daughter. Which means you are certain you heard Sean’s voice
in your house the night of the murder,
around midnight. Correct? ♪ – Yes. ♪

100 thoughts on “Law & Order: SVU – Barba Calls a Hostile Witness (Episode Highlight)

  1. He is my favorite character with Amaro.
    I imagine after this scene the others are like: Dude, that was harsh.
    P.S. I didn't get to see this episode yet.

  2. I've seen this episode countless times, and I've wondered what would've happened had she refused to answer Rafael Barba's questions after he had declared her as "hostile".

  3. when you're watching something about criminals and rape and the ad you get is about BTS being on Vlive 😂😂😂 like what the hell 😂😂😂😂

  4. Look, I see all this love for Barba. I'm not saying I disagree, I'm just saying I think Novak was better.

  5. What is a hostile witness, I’m like confused because the first time I heard that term was in the Dark Knight , and right as Dent said that the witness pulled a gun on him being a literal hostile

  6. tbh if i was falsely accused or falsely convicted i would never ever forgive or become friends with the person/persons that put me through such hell. not even if i was eventually cleared & freed.

  7. Alex, Barba and Stone are all very good prosecutors! They filled their roles very well! I miss Alex and Barba, but Stone is doing a good job! I applaud all of them!

  8. I do not like SVU because it's a very partial show when it comes to victims. Here Sean was a victim too, but he was execrated. Some time later there was another episode with a similar theme, but this time the killer was a woman. What happened? She was treated as a victim! Why two weights and two measures ?? Anyway, I just watched the show because of ADA Barba, now that he's not there anymore, it's goodbye forever (unless he does a turnout from time to time).

  9. What?! Okay I haven't seen Law& Order yet. Bur wtf was this? The witness first said She isn't sure it was the guy she had heard in midnight and in the end when Barba asks that she is certain that it was the guy (which she had said he wasn) she says Yes. Mindfuck

  10. I say this a lot but if barba was the prosecuter for rape cases in real life, we'd have a lot less people who just assume victims are lying 🤷‍♀️

  11. Would've been nice to see barba come back as a judge or something similar. It'd make it possible for him to come and go whenever .

  12. doesn't that speak way louder of our prison system than what the women did. for god sake we know if your not an animal going in your gonna be one coming out.

  13. That women has been on a episode of criminal minds. Where she goes on a rampage killing cops and other lawn enforcers on the anniversary of her sons death cause they didn’t help their child but helped her.

  14. O MELHOR ADA da série. É uma pena que tenha saído, ainda tinha muito o que mostrar, muito o que brilhar, do lado da Benson e de toda a equipe. Pra mim, ele foi e ainda é, o melhor.

  15. The girl actor was also in criminal minds, in cm she was a grieving mother who lost her young child in a car crash and went a murder spree cuz of it

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