lady therapist hypnotized girl with hypnosis

so Nicole right ok Nicole Wyatt why are
you coming to see me today for some hypnotherapy well I just I have terrible
stage fright dance it’s really difficult for me to be up in front of people in my
job requires a lot so I really need to fix it ok that’s the freezing up getting
nervous hard to breathe things like that exactly ok so you think some
hypnotherapy is really going to be her good stuff about ok well I have a lot of
experience I’m very educated in the hypnosis and helping people with weight
loss and getting or smoking relationship advice and health and
overcoming a lot of self health problems and suits right is definitely something
I think I can help you with so I will begin with hypnosis yeah this off of my
pendulum so go ahead and sit and sit right in the center and get nice and
relaxed okay so take big breaths in through your nose out through your mouth
and just get nice and relaxed the sound of my voice makes you feel more and more
relaxed with every breath you can feel every part of your body relaxing more
keep breathing deeply follow my pendulum back and forth ok and as the pendulum
swings you’ll feel yourself getting more and more sleepy and your eyes will get
heavier heavier that’s right deep breaths deep breaths heavier and
heavier you feel light and you feel so happy it’s not a care in the world
you’re in the happiest places ever been nice and relaxed you feel like you’re
floating on clouds okay Nicole when I say I’m the count of three you’ll wake
up and you’ll follow my every command not exactly sure why you’re smelling
this awful smell but what matters is that you’re going to be the most
confident girl in the whole office and you’re going to go in have your speeches
it’s going to get you a promotion because you are the greatest worker
there is and you deserve it so in the town of three you’ll wake up and you’ll
not remember what happened that you’ll have the scent is my food on your face
ready 1 2 3 wake up Wow feel really refreshed refresh well
you did a very good job and I’ll see you in one week for your checkout great
looking all right we’ll talk to some technical thank you

10 thoughts on “lady therapist hypnotized girl with hypnosis

  1. next one is going to be lady therapist hypnotized girl with redundant titles.
    "Hypnotized girl with Hypnosis," I mean really, how are you going to hypnotize anyone with anything other than hypnosis?

  2. Hi I meant to talk to you I love you do better and would you verify want to talk to the nurses person on YouTube how do I do that what do I need to do to be able to talk to you on YouTube as questions let me know what I can do zoom in Molly Murphy I’m very interested in hypnosis take care Molly

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