91 in 1 hit, he had 9 H.P. DIES, DIES I get knifed in the morning Not twice, twice in 2 rounds Are you kidding me? *** What’s the f*** What is this game? I get knifed twice, I get one tapped You have to be solid in the morning I’m bad, but what is he doing on firebox? I don’t understand what he is saying *** But why? Who is doing that? Look at him! The truth! He was here, waiting Jungle Oh there is a terro. I got a sniper Wait! Coming! Coming brother We are not going to do an other overtime? (x3) Is it stream hacking or what? He is not helping his mate Are you happy? I’m dead I’m dead! You waited well and you said “Oh it’s the last let’s go” He rekted us! They let me alone! In counter eco. What are they doing? Don’t play with me Xantares WTF. I have to kill him No, no ryry, not like this I’m disappointed (x2) I do not hear anything With all the fires brother Get out! *** We gonna try this position It didn’t look bad if I had not missed like a noob Oh no I trolled, I trolled

17 thoughts on “LA DEPRESSION 😥 – BEST OF SHOX #12

  1. Ce genre de game horrible, où tous les ennemis sont des bots contre t’es mates, mais par contre contre toi c’est des dieux tu prends only HS

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