KSI Mocks Joe Weller’s Depression (KSI Joe Weller Fight)

How can you tattoo knowledge strength and integrity on your body When you fly a hundred miles when somebody body checks you Hello everyone, imallexx, and welcome back to another video. Today we’ll be talking about ksi This video will probably make you hate him or dislike him, or you’ll feel some type of way about him I don’t know which trigger term I’ve used in the title yet But hopefully a good one. You will most definitely despise this person afterwards And if you don’t you have a very awful judge of character So ksi has made his return to YouTube recently as you’ve seen joining in on the diss tracking trend I’m sure I don’t need to point out the fact that he was saying about how much he hates These trends and he hates drama, and he missed the old YouTube. KSI: all right It’s been a while since I’ve done this. I don’t know but in my opinion YouTube has changed a lot I don’t believe it’s about the YOU in YouTube anymore. Gone are the days where people will just make videos For fun. Now it’s about people making videos for monetary gain. increasing the length of their video so that he can add Several ads just to again increase their revenue. People now Just clickbait videos and have video star aren’t even related to the title. Alex: We also miss the old KSI so I think we can We can all agree. We miss him. Where’s he gone bring him back? Because the new KSI is in all words… A Cunt. You don’t need to write a book about the fact that you’re a bellend mate we’re aware that you’re a twat. So apart from the fact that KSI flew out a woman who is known to lie and Try and get with sixteen-year-old British youtubers to be in his diss track on Net-Nobody Apart from that, you know, apart from that very low blow. Apart of the fact that he dropped a few disses on self-harming Disses on self-harming Apart from that you know apart from those Two things he’s done this week. There’s an event going on called Upload, and he’s fair doing his Ksi stuff you know because he’s too big for other events so he created his own one He’s at an event called Upload and what JJ is doing at upload is fighting people. KSi goes on the stage with Joe Weller, and they have this drama or Alleged fake beef going on where they’re gonna be having a boxing match together, so they have a press conference It starts off. There’s memeing each other. You know it’s slightly going back and forth and They start getting a little bit more angry with each other And then Joe Weller a flaws the bloke. Look at that, right in there with the shoulder But currently everybody’s thinking “oh it’s all fun and games fake beef. You know we’re used to it. It’s just like the sidemen disstracks.” Then ksi Ups the anti, by mocking Joe Weller for apparently taking “Drugs”. Now we’re all thinking oh, a line of cocaine, all of them Do it. It’s not even a joke Surely it’s along that line of banter so their line of banter cocaine they all do drugs Good role models, so we think it’s that type of joke Then Joe Weller says “are you talking about my antidepressants?” KSI: Do you need drugs? Joe: Drugs? KSI: Do you need drugs to stay sane? Joe: What? Antidepressants? What you’re taking the piss out of Depression? *Unimportant arguing* Joe: How Dare you? Ksi Literally mocks Joe Weller on stage for having depression, the same week he mocked Adam For cutting himself, and I thought this beef was fake, I’m sure everybody else did but the look on Joe Weller’s face was one of pure anger and He looks genuinely hurt by this. And youtubers aren’t good actors. Have you seen? Laid in America? Absolute shite. No wonder people pirated it, but just like in the Net Nobody Ksi disstracks work Ksi upped the anti by making it personal slandering people and Mocking depression like antics like cutting mocking Adam for the fact that his ex-girlfriend basically fucking cheated on him and Then wouldn’t let him see his child. To then take it to an event in front of children and mock somebody on antidepressants for taking them Fucking disgraceful on all forms fucking disgraceful. There’s not even any comedy there It’s not even anything that’s funny to take from that. You’re standing up in front of thousands of children, You’re a role model to so many and in one week you mock people who cut and you mock somebody who takes antidepressants And then you start trying to fight them on stage because apparently you hadn’t sealed the deal yet. You’re a complete and utter Spastic. I used to enjoy watching ksi, And I’m sure loads of people did, but to see what he’s doing now especially after preaching about Love. What’s that line from that fucking abysmal song? “My only advice is to love and forgive” and don’t cut yourself Because you’re a bit of a spastic for cutting aren’t you you idiots who- who have depression? All the Antidepressants. Look at you. I don’t remember that being a line in your song “Creature”. The only creature here is you. I just feel like it’s ridiculous that this man could get away with this, And I don’t care if it’s fake drama or fake beef what he’s saying has very real effects on impressionable children. I actually remember When I was watching ksi when I was 10 a lot of the other people around me watched KSI And they used to use language like “the rape face” and because of KSI’s heavy racist undertones He Used in his video, a lot of kids would just make racist jokes because they thought it was funny Cuz ksi did it. Not a rolemodel, Not a hero. Most definitely not somebody who I look up to Or somebody who I would ever really be happy to see. Mark up your ideas mate It’s fucking ridiculous what you’re doing. Set an example for people you come back preaching about learning but you just learned how to be more of a cunt. Thanks for watching people if you enjoy this video don’t forget to leave a like subscribe if you’re new and Ksi is most definitely a bellend

100 thoughts on “KSI Mocks Joe Weller’s Depression (KSI Joe Weller Fight)

  1. Yo I actually remember making rape face jokes with a friend of mine since we had both watched KSI when we were younger.

  2. You know that he won the fight. Al that you sed is wrong. Wy dont you fight him after the logan paul fight.

  3. the depression joke was funny anyway Joe Weller is the one you sed anti depression of corse he is going to say yes also that cutting line is lit plus getting his baby mama in there is great ksi is the best MY ONLY ADVISE IS TO LOVE AND FORGIVE

  4. Dude you took this way too far. First of all he didn't make fun of depression and anti-depressions and second of all he didn't make fun of them or Adam cutting them self. Also near the end of the video you said that one of his songs had the line that says "love and forget" that's true but then you go on and make it look like he also says in the song "and don't cut yourself" which he didn't say in the song actually. Also if you knew the whole story then yeah you can make an video but obv you don't its very clear that you just made ksi look bad when really he isn't. He didn't make fun of depression or people cutting them self.

  5. I said KSI should have died and other nasty things after his comment cause I was angry at the time but actually I don't think he meant it like that, I regret saying that shit but tbh everyone says shit that makes people angry and Allexx himself has said shit that makes me want to punch him and makes him sound like a vile person so tbh I think everyone gets hot headed and the real beef causes people to say things they shouldn't

  6. can we just acknowledge the fact that allexx mocks the fact that ksi got pushed really far,first of all he was not expecting it so he body was not braced therefore pushed further,also joe weller is alot stronger than the average human and allexx how are you gonna call people cunts and bellends when u sit in ur 3 by 3 inch apartments chatting shit over a detached mic and would probobaly get fucking dropped by a push from joe weller in fact anyone your size puzzy boi would get completely fucking sent flying so m8 shut up(also ksi did not make fun of his depression so shut up)


  7. Good god you don't just mock someone for taking the meds that make them able to function.
    I have bipolar and anxiety and I used to have such bad episodes that I'd go into the bathroom stall at my school and I'd argue with myself. My rational mind would say I need to get back to class, but my irrational mind would convince me that I was stuck in the bathroom and if I left something horrible would happen. I went into hysterics once. I was legitimately laughing my ass off, like a yard away from a step-family gathering dinner, while self harming.
    What do my pills do? They make me not break down in the bathroom. They make me not want to harm myself or off myself because I have been there too I have been very suicidal before, I'm just not so open about the details on that one. My mood stabilizers make me able to function like a rational human being, not letting that irrational manic side of my mind take over like it used to.
    You don't just go bashing that. You don't bash someone for supplying their brain with the correct chemicals to reach a proper balance and keep them sane.

  8. Im honestly mad that KSI dissed depressed people. I have to take citalopram for my depression for the rest of my life because of my brothers death. and the fact that he makes remarks about people cutting themselves just shows how much of a cunt he is. I used to cut myself and I'm glad it's over with but i don't make fun of people for doing it because they must be going threw something really shitting. for me it's to get my mind off my brother by cutting myself. I honestly think KSI should take a break from YouTube because of his stupidity .

  9. Dude the funniest part about this video, is you dissing KSI's physique 😀 Because he is better in everything…

  10. Wait I just realised you're friends with willne who is friends with ksi and you are friends with Atozy who is friends with netnobody anyone else confused here?

  11. Cutting yourself is just a stupid thing… and if you are presenting your cuts, you obviously just wanna have attention cause ppl with real depression wont show their cuts cause they dont wanna get anyone involved

  12. I'm glad Joe Weller handled KSI's comment the way he did, KSI is honestly such a gobshite and a complete dickhead. I feel like I need to take a shower after watching that clip. Genuinely disgusted.

  13. One year later, and now this video looks retarded, Weller manipulated people and purposely mentioned depressed to turn people against KSI, but give credit where it's due, Joe fooled everyone. I even thought KSI was genuinely mocking Joe for having depression, but it became very clear are re-watching it multiple times that it was manipulation.

  14. Totally agree with you, mate. It was a shit thing of KSI to say.. and some of these comments are a goddamn hot mess

  15. I’m sorry buddy you can’t talk about KSi and try to make shit out of him he haves wayyyyy more subs then you and he’s like 18372638378 times bigger then you

  16. Want to cause some shit, mental health has gone too far, u can't say anything anymore without triggering someone's "trigger warning"

  17. I was on the verge of getting depression, but hearing that from a name like KSI is honestly disgusting. He is one of the worst fucking humans on the planet, and that means a lot coming from someone who wants to help people with Depression and Anxiety.

  18. There are so many things he could have made fun of. His hair? W A C K, his clothes? W A C K His depression? Something that shouldn’t be made fun of.

  19. Common Alex Ksi wasn’t mocking depression at the event joe was twisting his words even though he shouldn’t have talked about cutting wrists. Ur the one that called him a cunt and manipulating kids u ass hole

  20. There's actual anger in Alex's voice, he clearly is so pissed, and it shows he isn't doing it to the views, respect

  21. All of my friends loved KSI and thought he was the best yter ever, but then I showed them this video. They now don't watch the Side men and are big fans of your channel. Keep up the good work Alex!

  22. I hate him. He disrespects Mental Health Problems. He is a absolute Cunt. If he ever came to Brighton I would tell him to his Face that ask His Sidemen or Bodyguards to let him free and speak to Me. Talks about People with Depression. I will offer him a One on One and He can bring Deji with him and I bring my Family member who also suffers from Mental Health. KSI is a Woman abuser and a absolute cunt. I wish He would come to Brighton and say that to Me. Money has gone to his Head. Absolute fucking cunt. He looks like he has walked in to Pets at Home and has seen a Tarantula and said I want my Hair like that lmao. Deji needs to go back to Primary School and learn to speak properly instead of faking Videos with his Parents. I will never forget the one where he went to Pizza Hut. What a Fucking Tool.

  23. watching this video, i now USED to like ksi. now that everything about him mocking mental health (bear in mind that i used to suffer from anxiety) has been said, i now hate him. i thought he was better than that but clearly he's no better than jake or logan paul.

  24. * ksi mocks joe weller for having depression * he didn’t know the name of the drugs and probably didn’t know what they were for and joe weller took it to something different randomly saying u mocking depression stfu
    Also * ksi likes fighting in press if u look closely u might see joe weller purposely shoulder barged ksi

  25. You are an ugly piece of shit so shut the fuck up, no point in flipping your hair ya fucking queer why don’t you fight no one you fool

  26. i know this was a couple of years ago but i haven’t forgotten this. i obviously don’t know KSI personally but no matter what he says, i can’t forgive him. i feel like taking antidepressants keeps me sane as if i miss a couple of days, i’m either manic or depressed. he meant what he said to joe, and that’s the most upsetting part as i genuinely love joe

  27. I like Joe Weller, Ksi and Logan Paul just because it keeps me entertained. Idc bout the rest tbh I just leave it to other people.

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