20 thoughts on “KJV Minute #21 – In the 2011 NIV, Jesus is Angry for No Reason (Mark 1:41)

  1. also psator steven i just want to point out that the NIV and KJV also differ on the mark of the beast
    Revelation 13:16

    It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark ON their right hands or ON their foreheads,

    And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark IN their right hand, or IN their foreheads:


  2. IT is interesting that the best evidence for Jesus' anger in this passage comes from the Codex Bezae which was important in the development of the Textus Receptus.

  3. I find Mark 3:5 interesting when considering the passage in Mark 1:41.  The parallel passages in the other gospels don't indicate either compassion or anger for this interaction with the leper.

  4. Mp3:


  5. considering English language was new in the time of the 1611 kjv then people are mad for assuming every word in translation is perfect. I personally prefer reading the later editions of the kjv. Kjv only rubbish is a more effective device that satan uses to draw us all apart. Just my worthless opinion. I mean no harm or offense.

  6. So you're assuming that Jesus "felt compassion" in this text because… why?  You say, "because it makes sense."  But that's hardly a solid reason to conclude that it's the correct reading.  You simply don't believe in examining the mss evidence.  You're more comfortable with Jesus being "compassionate" than "angry."  That's the substance of your argument (other than the circular KJVO reasoning you normally operate by).  Jesus was angry on other occasions as well when healing someone.  Therefore it IS quite plausible for him to be angry in on this occasion as well, and we should be seeking as best we can to understand why that is.

  7. +sanderson1611…If the KJV is the perfect, inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God then how do you deal with the fact that the KJV makes a son older that his father, see 2 Chr. 21:20 and 22:1-2?

    Also how do you deal with the conflicting or contradicting numbers in the KJV such as 2 Kings 18:13 vs 18:1, 9-10 (see also Isa. 36:1); 2 Sam. 8:4 vs 1 Chr. 18:4; 2 Kings 8:26 vs 2 Chr. 22:2; 2 Kings 24:8 vs 2 Chr. 36:9-10; 2Chr. 36:9-10 vs 2 Kings 24:8; 2 Kings 24:8 vs 2 Chr. 36:9; 1 Chr. 11:11 vs 2 Sam. 23:8; 1 Chr. 21:5b vs 2 Sam. 24:9b; 2 Chr. 3:16b vs 1 Kings 7:20b (cf. vs 42); 2 Chr. 8:10 vs 1 Kings 9:23; 2 Chr. 36:9 vs 2 Kings 24:8; 2 Chr. 9:25 vs 1 Kings 4:26?

     Constantine the first beast compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet (pope). King James the second beast, born 6/1566, 6th of Scotland, authorized a  bible in 1611 that now has 66 books to control the people with, an image of God's word they make to speak (the bible says).
          They carry it in their hand and memorize it in their head. If it were possible Satan would deceive the elect with this delusion.
           By having faith in this idol, they break the new covenant of having faith in the Living Jesus through the Holy Spirit who is the word of God. The bible is only history and has no authority.
            It is only history about God and has been used to control man with and to misdirect them from God in the Spirit. Satan uses it to deceive the world into thinking they are saved. The bible of itself is nothing, but when you have faith in it as the word of God then you have taken the mark of the beast. If you claim to know God from it you are deceived and are stealing the faith of others from the past and your faith will fail. Seek Jesus for the Holy Spirit; it is the only way to overcome the mark.
           Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were under the Old Covenant. A testament is of force after men are dead. It has no strength at all while the testator lives. For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. So Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are under the Old Covenant because Jesus had not yet shed His Blood.
          We are to be led by the Spirit and not history books that have been interpolated.
    Ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit and He will lead you home to God.

  9. The 2011 NIV reading at Mark 1:41 is culled from one Greek manuscript, Codex D, perhaps the most corrupt manuscript in existence. This ridiculous reading was adopted by the NIV translation committee because they employ one of the principles of modern text criticism which is "the harder reading is better than the easier reading" because another of the axioms of modern text criticism is that the Bible is a ridiculous, error-filled uninspired book, no different in kind from any other book. As for the numbers of the kings in the Old Testament (II Samuel, I and II Kings, II Chronicles, etc.) they are due primarily to different ways of reckoning accessions to the throne. A number of scholars have explained these apparent discrepancies, such as Dr. Floyd Nolan Jones in his book The Chronology of the Old Testament. Answers to questions such as these are out there, for those who sincerely seek them and wish to find them.

  10. @sanderson1611 – how do you explain the use of the word Easter in the KJV, which as I’m sure you’re aware is a pagan holiday? Also, the TLV and the CJB are more accurate translations of the original text than the KJV. Sorry bro.

  11. I watch your videos often and on most things we agree whole heartedly. However it seems there is a lot of NIV bashing going on on YouTube and I was disappointed to see you among them. One self proclaimed pastor even blew up an NIV. That was more than appalling. You on the other hand are promoting the KJV as the first and only word of God. It is one and not that accurate. If you examine the original greek and/or an interlinear scripture, in the full context of your noted story also with historical timeline, I think you would begin to see that in deed Jesus was being pressed upon by not only the sick and diseased but also by an endless battle with demons. Original texts paint a very different picture than the poetics and politics of the KJV era.
    With all the love of Christ and a prayerful heart I am suggesting that you dig a little deeper brother before shepherding down that path. There could be a millstone awaiting.
    It is Christ's human side we can relate to in this passage for who among us could have even stood along side of Him during this ministry. He was exhausted and trying to seek time to go before the Father in prayer. He went iff into the desert and the apostles went and found him. And dont forget that with every act and word the Sanhadrian spies were looking for any reason to kill Him.
    Sincerely and
    Always in Christ

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