Kiku | Counselling Directory UK & Practice Management Software – Manage Your Diary With Ease

Your Kiku diary makes managing your bookings
and availability a breeze. See at a glance what sessions you have available,
and which of your bookings have been paid for.
In line with GDPR all diary entries are anonymised and you can assign your clients with unique
reference numbers to help you to identify them. When a session is marked as unpaid, you can
open up the diary entry and issue a payment reminder to your client at the touch of a
button. From here you can also view their contact
details, add your session notes to the client record, cancel or reschedule the booking,
issue appointment reminders and add a note to the diary entry for you, or your administrator. New online bookings are automatically added
to your diary. If it’s a new client, we’ll also add their
contact details to your database. When making a manual booking, reserve the
slot by marking the session as unavailable while you add the appointment details. Fill out the appointment form and select the
payment method. Clients can pay easily using their Kiku account,
and you can take card payments using the card-kiku option. Cash and BACS payments can also be
logged in the system. To issue a confirmation message and subsequent
appointment reminder, simply tick the send notifications box before saving. When you’re going away on holiday readily
mark time out of your diary, by adding the start and end dates of your upcoming leave
or the start and end times, if you’re only away for part of the day. Leave can be edited and removed at any time. Should you just need to mark one session out
as unavailable you can do this by opening the entry in the diary and clicking the Mark
as Unavailable button. We’ve got it all covered. You do the therapy.
We’ll do the rest.

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