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Give me the list of
the selected IPS officers. Sir. This is the file. Hello. I am Ishwar Chand speaking. Hello. I am Venkatesh
Prasad from Madras. Okay. Just a moment.
Anu, it’s dad’s call. – Yes. Is it dad? – How are you dear? I am fine. How are you? I am fine. Tell me how are the kids? Anju and Prakash are fine. They play daily after
brother has arrived. Listen to me. Either bus or train,
whatever ticket you get.. ..send him here as soon as you can. What are you saying? I don’t know if brother will
get a holiday once he is posted. I will keep him with me
for 2 months then send him home. Hey! If he stays there.. ..I feel uneasy.
I can’t stay without him. What is this, dad? Is brother a kid? You are controlling him so much. Leave him free. Give him the phone. Your son-in-law
has purchased a new bike for him. He has gone out with it. What did you say?
He went out with the bike. – Yes. Look, someone is coming. Hey, stop. You can’t go from here,
go from there. Why are you diverting the route? Are you new to the city?
It’s the birthday of Manik’s son. Go from there. You are blocking the
road for a single man. If you don’t block the door,
Manik will block the city. Go. Please go! Go from here. Come sir, hello. – Hello. Hello. Sir, all the MLA and MP are here.
– The whole parliament is here. It is Manikam’s son’s birthday. Everyone will have to come. Have your meal and then go. Everyone will surely
have the meal, sir. Hey! Little one. Your birthday.. celebrated by the whole city.
– Thank you daddy. Thank you. Sir. – Yes. Tomorrow a big auction
is taking place in the city. If you go no one will auction. The auction is at 10 o’clock. Hey! Entertain everyone well. My son. Enjoy! Okay. What happened? Sir, they were bursting crackers,
the school was set on fire. Why didn’t you call
the fire brigade? We called them up. Both the vehicles
went to Kot Manikam’s house. Sir. Sir.
The school close by has caught fire. Sir, tell them to start
the vehicle quickly. The children are in danger. Sir, if you get late,
anything can happen. Are you new to the city? If we take the vehicle
without informing Kot Manikam.. ..he will kill us.
– The children will die, sir. Sir. Sir. Listen to me. – Get aside. Sir, listen to me. – Get aside. Who are you?
Why are you making a noise here? A school close by has caught fire. Call the fire service quickly. What did you say? Fire service? The function will get over
at 5 o’clock. Take it after that. Sir, till then many children
will lose their life. Should I talk to Kot Manikam? Hey! Will you talk to our boss? He saved them. Hey! Hey! If a child studying in
the school is even hurt a little.. ..then I will burn the
son of Kot Manikam alive. Tell the fire service
to reach to the school quickly. Come on, take out the
fire brigade. Quickly. Don’t worry.
The fire service will be here. Teacher, take care of the children. Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen. Please go there. Teacher, take the children there. Brother, my birthday. According to your father’s status.. ..if you would blow one
candle off it would be less. Look, he is drowsing
such a huge fire. Okay. What is your name? Chota Kot Manikam. Children,
wish uncle a happy birthday. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
– I am leaving, bye. Bye. Bye. – Thank you. Birthday. What have you done? Enough. That’s more than enough. Go back. Dad said he doesn’t like this. I didn’t heed to him.
This is my punishment. What have you done? You trouble me and dad a lot.
– Come on sister. I saved the life of 100
or 150 children from fire. You should be proud of it.
And you are getting angry. Be happy, sister. How can I be happy? Will I be happy for what
you have done all my life? Why? Why are you sending me away? Look, don’t do anything.
Live decently. Driver. – What is it? Listen, leave my brother
until the railway station. It will cost Rs.200.
– What did you say? Why Rs.200? – Leave him. Leave him. What are you doing? Right.- Shut up! Brother-in-law, he is saying 200.
– Let it be. Alright. I will give you 200, but
leave him at the railway station. Go. – Sister, I don’t want money.
I will drop you for free. Hold this. – Come sir. Sister, bye. Bye, brother-in-law. Yes. Alright.
– Live in fear all the time. Hey! Let’s go quickly. Sister, bye.
Bye, brother-in-law. – Yes. Take care. – What have you done? What have you done? Two days.
I sent you there for 2 days. You invited trouble by having
a scuffle with a goon there. Your bodies are different
but your behaviour is same. I don’t think you will ever change. All of you are useless. Param had a fight
in his sister’s village. As usual his father
is correcting his son. Why don’t you talk to him?
– Why not? Don’t worry about
trivial things, uncle? With age,
learn to give liberty to children. Shut up! I told you to talk to him.
You are explaining to me. Hey, I will make things worst. Guru, how are you? – I am fine. Brother. Don’t go from there. Why? – Your father
is scolding your friends. Wait for sometime. Go when he vents his
anger on them completely. Do you study psychology? – Yes. Very good. Guru, have you just arrived? Why? – Your father scolded
us again like everytime. He never brushes his teeth. He started it from today. But your father
didn’t spare even him. Do you know how you were saved? I know how to appease my father.
Let’s go. Where? – Come on. Hail to the lord! Hail to the lord! Hail to the lord! Bless us. – God bless. Hey! Dad gave us his blessings. Guru. – We are in the temple. Uncle, give him blessings.
– Yes dad, give your blessing. s God bless you all. – Thank you. Hey! Guru, listen to me. For your wellbeing, I.. ..always prayed to god. With his mercy and my prayers.. got selected for IPS and.. ..within 2 or 3 months,
you will become a police officer. But before that you had this fight. I fear you may put
your job in trouble. But you can enjoy
until you are posted. Hey! – Hey! This is a temple. Calm down. “The days of life.” “Are so lovely. Are so charming.” “We will live happily.
We will be happy.” “We will get beautiful moments.” “Without that it is difficult
to live or say anything.” “That is the path of
my love and destination.” “I will dance with joy.” “The days of life.” “Are so lovely. Are so charming.” “Whatever I have
in mind is my life.” “Listen, come here.” “With yearning eyes,
waiting for her.” “When I showered flowers on her.” “A girl inside me is like a bird.” “She has taken my breath away.” “I went crazy seeing her.” “I forgot everything seeing her.” “I will dance and sing with joy.” “Without seeing her,
I won’t be able to live.” “Seeing her, I become breathless.” “The days of my life.” “Are so lovely. Are so charming.” “Oh my god! Oh my god.” “Oh my god! Oh my god!” “Flowers here have thorns.” “When you break them,
the thorns prick you.” “We are dancing with
joy in a dreamland.” “We will endure pain for her.” “I have found happiness.” “I will see love
for me in her eyes.” “When she will be adored
with the wedding attire.” “I will become a sage.” “My heart is happy and sad too.” “I am in love with her.” “The whole world is my witness.” “I can’t live without her.
I can’t be upset.” “She is your sweetheart.
She is your sweetheart.” “I don’t want to live without her.
I don’t have to be upset.” “She is your sweetheart.
She is your sweetheart.” I spend money to bring this biscuit. I need to earn something out of it. Looks like the
theatre is house full. I need to trick
someone or the other. Why are you pushing it? Mister, how do you drive?
Can’t you see? Listen. You will park the
car in the middle of the road. Don’t you have sense? Why are you asking about something
which is not existing? – Nonsense. Stupid. – Alright.
The introduction is over. Let’s watch the film. Ride the bike. Divya! Are you hurt? – Massage with oil. You wound will be healed. First of all you push and .. No ma’am,
this is a medicine for your beauty. Nonsense!
– He is so manner less. Idiot. The queue is so long. Will we get a ticket?
– You have such a nice personality. You will also get some dame
with good figure. Don’t worry. Is it? Divya, I am hungry.
– Let’s eat some biscuit. They are tired. Excuse me,
will you take 2 tickets for us. Oh! – She is the
accident female. – Look. If you ask me for the ticket.. ..I will complain to the police
saying you were teasing a girl. Oh! You will complain? Do it. She will put a case on us.
Come, let’s ask someone else. Don’t forget the oil. Oh! Hey, why didn’t you
put a chain in your neck? Hey! We got a person
without a problem. We will get the ticket easily. Aunt. – Aunt!? Aunt. Aunt. – Aunt!? I and Aunt.
– Aunt, don’t you remember me? We used to live together at Vellore. I was in Vellore’s ladies prison. How can he know me? If he wants to get trapped,
what can I do? Yes. You are the grandson of
the neighbouring uncle, right – Yes. God bless you. How are you? Aunt, yes. She is okay. – Dear. Are you alright? Aunt, have you come
to watch an English movie? Actually I like chains. – Chains? Chang. Jackie Chang. Oh Jackie Chang! I love that flat nose guy. Without a ladder.. ..he climbs the wall up and down. Jumps. He is a mischievous monkey. Right. – Yes. Aunt, take 2 tickets for us. Why not? You are my first client. Come on. He is keeping his had
on my legs while laughing. Mister,
keep your hands on your side. Alright, I will keep it
on the shoulder for sometime. You? Have you come
to watch the film.. ..or to fight with us. – Okay. We will make a pact. – What? Until the interval
keep your hand on my hand. After the interval I will
keep my hand on your hand. You? I will kill you. Hey! Sit here.
– I will take care of him. Sit on my seat. Come on. Why should I sit there.
I will ask aunt to sit there. Aunt, sit here. – Just a moment. Aunt, eat the biscuit. Hello. Hello.
The picture is over. Get up. Hello ma’am. Oh my god! My jewellery is missing. My chain is missing. – Yes. Looks like the biscuit ma’am.. ..robbed your jewellery. Oh! – Oh! Where are you taking me? – Come on. What is it? Why are you asking questions?
Read the newspaper. Read it. Read it carefully. Read what is written. Hey, what is this? This is wrong. It is written that we are
the members of that biscuit woman. Hey! We are good friends. There is no doubt about it.
– Then we must have a share. You want a share.
– Yes. – Come here. Everyone will get their share. First of all an unknown
girl blamed us for robbery. Secondly you will confirm it. Beat him. Beat him. You are senseless. You overacted.. ..and made that woman your aunt.
Did you see the result? The newspaper called us robbers. Actually.. – Shut up! Friend,
we met at the theatre, right? Do you remember? Go away from here quietly. Get up! Get up! Get up! – What? Run. Run away quickly. What happened?
– Look there. That girl is here. Hey, sit down. Listen. I was saying that.. What do you want?
– Chinese is boring. Where are you going? – For a change. Sit down. – Leave me. Hey! – You rascals! Hello! – Wrong number. Get up. – Hey, she is telling you. You also get up. Yes. Robber. – Hey! – Hey! Whom did you call robbers? You rob along with a old woman. What else should I call you? We spoke to her for the ticket. Why talk to her? I will call the police. – Alright. She is talking.
– She is calling the police. Come on. – Hello. Hello. – I will deal with him. Hey, will you go to the police. Hey, will you go to the police? You hugged her.
You hug her seeing the opportunity. Whom are you picking up a fight?
He is an IPS officer. Who you? – Not me. It’s him. Hey! You want to get away
calling yourself an IPS officer. Did I say it? – Why are you talking
to her? Show her your identity card. No. – Ma’am, take this identity card. B. Param Guru. IPS. I. D. card, please! Do you know who I am? Do you know? If you tell us, only then
we will know. – Law college student. Oh god! – We are trapped badly. Shut up. – Don’t fear. Will this card scare me? What is there in this card? It’s about my future.
– Your training is over. Will you rob until
you get your posting? Do you know anything
about law or not? I don’t know. Tell me,
what does section 2 and 3 says? It didn’t tell me anything. You put my job at a
risk by giving her the card. I thought she would fear
seeing the picture. – You? Hey look. – What is it? If any police case
is registered against you. Then you won’t get a posting,
you know that, right? Yes. The lawyer has
surrounded the police. Before my birthday.. ..return my jewellery. And then take your I.D card. Then we don’t need
to worry for a year. No. My birthday is next week. Next week.
Keep on counting your days. Hello. Hello. The robbers these days look smart. It seems he robbed your
heart along with the jewellery. Yes. We will have to fear. Am I right? Oh god! What happened? Father, she is the one
who robbed our jewellery. I called her here. What are you saying? I am a criminal lawyer.
I know everything. I know when a robbery
takes place in the city. There are a few people
who buy stolen goods. I had already informed them.
The robber is caught. Seth has come with the robber. Okay. Where is your partner? Partner? Solo performance only. I am alone. Then who were the
boys who called you aunt. They formed a relationship
with me for the movie ticket. When the film ended they left. They and I have no connection. Seth, bring the jewellery. Check it, is everything alright? Alright. I am leaving. Bye. – Biscuit.
Where are you running away? The thing I couldn’t
earn at the multiplex.. ..I am going to earn
it at the local theatre. I mustn’t rob a lawyer’s daughter. He questions a lot. Instead of being happy on
getting the jewellery, you look sad. No. A person studying IPS.. ..I considered him a robber. I must return his identity card.. ..and say sorry to him soon. Top the whole state. All the best! Thank you brother. – Bye.- Bye. Bye! Do you want to run away? No. – Where is my jewellery? That.. – What is she doing? I hate three things. To rob. Telling a lie. And forget something
after taking it. That is too much. – Yes. I like justice. Honesty. Principles. And truth. I feel sad seeing you. I am giving you a week. Bring my jewellery. Or I will send you to prison. Divya! What is this?
Instead of saying sorry.. were threatening him. Everything starts with
teasing and ends with love. Here it started with
love and teasing is going on. Wait and see! Where did that biscuit
woman disappear? I can’t see her anywhere. I have searched her everywhere.
I didn’t see her around. Once I catch her,
I will teach her a lesson. Yes. Ah! Look there. It’s the same woman. She is tricking someone again. Hi dear,
are you alone or with a group? Yes. I am alone. Then eat a biscuit. Hey! Stop. Stop. We must deal with such woman alone. We will trap her. – Hey! We will trap her suddenly. – Yes. Run. – Catch her. Catch her. Come. Come on. Hey! Catch. Catch. Catch her. She is a robber. Hands up! I didn’t know these two words.
Hands up! If I knew.. catch her.. ..why would I trouble
myself running after her. Forget that.
Old woman. – What is it? Give me that jewellery.
– Where do I give it to you from? Hey! – That girls father
is a criminal lawyer. He knows the people
who buy stolen goods. He caught me the next day
and took the jewellery. – What? He took the jewellery the next day? Yes. Do you know what
was special in that? He snatched the chain
of the fisherwoman from me. Forget it. – Hey! We will not spare that girl. She is troubling us even
after she got the jewellery. Hello. – Hello, I am Divya speaking. Yes. – It’s Divya’s call. Hello ma’am. – It’s one week.. ..that I gave you time
to return my jewellery. If you don’t return my chain today.. ..I will die. The signal here is weak. Will you speak loudly? There is no signal. I will die if I don’t get my chain. She is being stubborn about it. Tell her to wait there. Hello ma’am. Reach at Fashion technology quickly. I will meet you there. If I get late. You will not see me alive. Ma’am, don’t do anything in a hurry. We are reaching there. What is this?
– Did you get my jewellery? No! – I knew it. How will you return it? Rob. Robber. I can’t live without that chain. That’s why I got this
poison bottle so that I die. Divya.. – Shut up! Why are you taking me there? Even after dying,
I won’t let you live in peace. By blaming you.. ..I will keep your IPS card. ..and complain to the police. I will die once
I get you imprisoned. Who will pay for the bail?
– Shut up. Let’s go from here. – Speak up. Then? Speak up. Hey! – She keeps hugging you. Robber. Idiot. Rascal. You tortured me saying these words. Why did you do it? For this. – Oh my god! Did you make me a scapegoat
for your love story? Do you support them? I will.. – Aunt! “I am amazed my dear.” “Without knowing why
do you consider me a liar.” “You are an unfaithful man.
Why did you change?” “You thought I was a liar.
I will prove you wrong.” “You are easy going.
You trap me with your eyes.” “You are a liar or truthful?
How do I believe?” “You are a robber. You are lovely.” “I thought you were strong.
But you are a coward.” “My heart is beating.
Is your heart beating.” “I love you heartedly.
I am ready to die for you.” “My heart is beating.
Is your heart beating too?” “You are my love. Don’t go away.” ” Tell me what do
you feel about me?” “Tell me you have feelings for me.” “You reside in my
heart since I met you.” “You robbed my heart.” “Are you a fairy or a moon,
tell me?” “You think I am a liar.
I will run away from you.” “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” “You are lovely. Different.” “If I see you,
my heart starts beating.” “You show attitude. You prick me.” “I watch you. Let me try you.” “My heart is beating. It slipped.” “In the rain.” “In the rain.” “If you come in the rain,
it will be fun.” “We will get wet, it will be fun.” “You melt bit by bit
just like ice cream.” “The sun looks at
me like I am his enemy.” “Come and meet me. I am happy.” “Without knowing,
why does she consider me a liar.” “You are quick.
You are trapping me with your eyes.” “You are liar or truthful.
How do I believe?” Hey! Come son-in-law. Come on dear. You wanted to live with dad.
Right? Stay with him. Sir, you gave me a job.
I am not refusing it. I have got a good
job in the village. I have to join duty by
showing them the certificate. Or my life will be ruined. Return my certificate sir. You want the certificate? Okay. Give me a billion and
take your certificate. Sir, a billion? Where will I get a billion from?
Sir. Sir. Sir, my family sold
everything and educated me. My wealth is my certificate. For god’s sake,
return my certificate. Sir, I will be grateful to you. First you will ask for a job. Then you will leave the
job when you get a government job. We will be left empty handed. Give me a billion or just get lost! If you create a problem,
I will burn your certificate. Sir, for god’s sake
don’t burn the certificate. Sir, return my certificate. Sir. Sir, please sir. – Get lost! Who is refusing to
return the certificate? He.. he is standing there. Remove the certificate. Hey! Leave him. Guru! Why? Why are you behaving
in this manner in a public place? He didn’t behave like a human.
That’s why. He was begging to
get back his certificate. But this person beat him up. When I beat him,
he returned his certificate. Hey! Stay away from these troubles. I have told you so many times.
But you don’t understand. I understood it, dad.
You don’t understand. You fear these people. That’s why they scare you. Leave it. Stay away! Instead of saying this.. ..if you would say
deal accordingly.. ..then I promise.. ..this man would bring the
certificate to our house to return. Hey! You have picked up
a fight with a goon unknowingly. Now, you will face
danger through me. Hey! You are a goon. You can’t be educated. But I am educated. I can become a goon anytime. Remember that. Hey! Guru. Come on. Hey! Take him away. Brother, this is the
place for you. – Oh no! What kind of a place is this? A person who lives in a garden.. got him to
stand next to a drain. Guru, has a girl come
to your uncle’s house? It’s not a girl but a goon.
With a mark. He is healthy. Looks like
he is out on bail. – Our on bail? Hey! He isn’t aware
that goons are treated here. Oh! In the morning and evening prayers. They irritate me with their prayers. Stop this noise. How are you Vit Ramaswamy? Why are you surprised
that I am calling you by name? Look. You rule at Trichi. So in Chennai, I rule.
Am I right? – Yes. You have 18 murders to your credit. I have 28 murders to my credit. You are from Tata. I am from Pota. Anyway, Pota is greater than Tata. I came here on my elder
brother’s insistence. This has 10 billion in it. What? 10 billion? Do you want to kill some VIP? Brother, you were speaking
of killing since a few days. I am very eager. Shall we do it? Hello. – Ramaswamy. You are out on conditional
bail from Trichi. To teach a lesson to Rajpuram. He speaks a lot. Kill him. Whether you say or not,
he will have to die. Sit down. Take him. – Beat him. Go. He mustn’t run away. No Ramswamy. No! Forgive me. Don’t kill me. Brother,
I won’t take your name hereafter. Or will I be seen in your area. Brother, forgive me.
Brother! Brother! No brother. Brother! Forgive me. Mother! Guru. Guru, come inside quickly. Come. – What happened? Why is everything so quiet? Come in. – Come inside first. Come on. – Mother! Mother! – Sister,
this is Sindhu’s voice. Don’t ask questions. That goon who was out on bail.. ..killed a man in front of everyone. The whole area is scared. Sindhu saw it happening. That’s why she is scared. Come inside. Leave it. Come inside. Go in. I will check on Sindhu.
– Listen to me. Guru! Sindhu! Sindhu! Sindhu! Sindhu! Sir, he is searching for me
like a mad person. If I am caught.. Hey! Hey! – Leave me. Wait! Wait! Listen to me, Guru. The one who was killed
was a big goon from Madras. They must be having
some fight amongst them. The doctor said she will be fine. Why do you get into trouble?
Let it pass. Listen to me. Brother, mince. Fried meat. Soup. Mutton chops.
– Order this from an Iranian hotel. Enough. How can
an Iranian hotel help? The food must be tasty too. This place smells of asafoetida. Vacate the house.
For god’s sake vacate the house. What is the high priest saying?
Who has to empty the house? Lord. Lord. – The lord? Oh no. – Tell me the name? In this lane.
– Should I vacate the whole lane? Brother,
everyone fears you in this lane. The woman are scared to come out. For god’s sake vacate the house. Hey! I don’t have the
habit of vacating houses. I have the habit of
killing people. Go away! Go away! Whom did you say go? What is this?
Staying in my house.. – Listen. ..will you argue with me? – Listen. Ramaswamy, what will you do? These people come to be
beaten up early in the morning. Don’t you know me? What happened? Oh god! Lord! – Don’t beat him. Don’t beat him. – If you talk
of vacating the house again then.. Got it? I will kill everyone
and vacate the whole area. Where is he? – Here. Hey! the doctor
has checked properly. There is no problem.
Everything will be fine. Are you alright? How is she? Did you see?
Do you see our condition? He beat up aunt and
now she is bedridden. Without inquiring.. ..I gave the house on rent
to Vithal Swamy. This is the result. I told him because of you children
don’t come out of the house.. please vacate the house.
That’s all I told him. He replied, I will not
vacate the house but the area. He said that and beat me up. Keep patience. Before you return
home from the hospital He will not be there. He won’t. Hey! Guru, stop. – Leave me. Hey! Ramaswamy, come out. Guru. Guru. Leave him. Guru. Leave him. – Leave me, sister. I have to teach them a lesson. Listen to me. Guru, leave him. Please let’s go from here. Sister, get aside. Guru. – I am telling you to go home. Guru, listen to me. Let’s go away from here.
– Where is Ramaswamy? Guru. Let’s go. – Rascal. You bully here. – Let’s go. Guru. – I will kill him. Guru, listen to me.
Let’s go. – Shut up, sister. What does he think of himself? Will you listen to me? – Leave me. Guru. – Go home. Don’t interfere with my work.
– Listen to me. Go home. – Let’s go from here. Sister, today he beat
uncle and aunt who are old. If we let him go then
he will beat anyone. Is there no one to stop him? Guru! – Look sister,
if someone beats you up. Then you must chop those hands. You are.. – I am not a coward
to sit quietly watching such things. Let them come.
I will teach them a lesson. Come on. – Teach them a lesson. Go! Go! Leave me. I agree you are a hero. But whenever you
try to become a hero. Dad has lose his dignity. Do you know that? What are you saying, sister? – Yes. You beat the contractor who didn’t
give Krushna’s certificate, right? You know dad spoke to
you and asked you to return. Do you know what
happened after that? If everyone will do
a police complain then.. son’s future will be ruined. Is it? So ask your son.. fall on my feet
and say sorry to me. Sir, for my son’s mistake.. ..I say sorry to you. Forgive me. Hey! Do you want father.. lose dignity before
such goons. Alright. Do what you want to do? Go. Hey! What happened to you?
Why are you sad? – Dad! Hey! What happened? Tell me. Why did you fall
at that goon’s feet? You should have told me once. Then I would say sorry to him. You are going to
be a police officer. Will you fall at that goon’s feet? Listen. Your father can
endure any insult for you. Dad! No dad! I won’t let this happen again. I vow. I won’t do anything
like this hereafter. Who is he?
– There he is. – It’s him. Ma’am, are you new in the area? Do you need to know?
– We should be informed. Oh god! Yes. Take this. Come in a queue. Everyone will get water.
Don’t worry. Yes. Take this. Who is next? Give that pot. Hey! Are you a goon? Are you a goon? You came upstairs to shout, right? You will teach me a lesson. I am standing before you.
Teach me a lesson. Now teach me a lesson. Come on. Beat me. Guru! Hey Guru.
What happened? What happened? What have you done?
Guru, what happened? Tell me. Brother, let it be. Leave him. Forgive him. Leave him. Let him go. I say sorry. What happened, Guru? What have you done? Tell me. Brother, he will not
interfere in your work. Let him go. Guru, let’s go from here. Let us go. Let us go. Let’s us go. Come on, let’s go. Hey! I am Ramaswamy.
I will kill you. Guru! I didn’t come here
to give you an explanation. I am feeling proud. I am really proud of you, my son. Look, you need more strength
to be beaten up than to beat. Going out of control.. ..instead of getting angry but
adjusting to things is being smart. Till now, I have seen
anger and excitement in you. I saw your intelligence
and maturity for the first time. When a person.. ..uses his intelligent
with his strength.. ..then he can win any war in life. You will win. Not only as a police officer. Dad! Dad! Why are you saying this? It is hurting you, right? I will get pain killer for you. Your son can endure
any pain for you. You know this. I don’t want anything
more than this. I am sorry, dad. No. No. I am sorry dad. – Alright. Respected police commissioner. I live in Anjunia colony. Vit Ramaswamy,
who is on conditional bail.. living here. The peace of our colony
is disturbed as he has come here. He beats up old people. He ruins the life of
people who go against him. The woman are scared
to come out of the house. He and his men make
the women uneasy. That’s why cancel his bail. And send him to prison once again. Your truly. Who send a petition against me? No sir. – Tell me. Who are the children
who go to school in this area? Bring them here. Wait. Answer my questions quietly. Or I will kill you. Do older girls study with you? Yes. They do.
Sister Vidya is in 10th standard. Vidya? Who is Vidya? Is it true?
– Dad, trust me. – Shut up! I didn’t write it. Trust me, mother. Trust me, I didn’t write it.
– Then who has written it? Hey! If not you then who
wrote it in a school note book. Do you know he is a big goon? He beat up people
in front of the people. Do you know how much
he beat Param Guru? And you write about him.
– Dad, I haven’t written it, really. Why did you do it? Mother, trust me.
Why will I write it? I really didn’t write it.
I vow on you. – Shut up! You take my false vow. Mother, if you won’t believe me.. Dad, why will I write about him? Hey! Will you come
out or should I come in? If he comes here,
the matter will escalate. We will go there and
say sorry to him. – No! Listen to me.
Please listen to me. – Dad! No. Come with me.
Do me a favour. – Come on. Dad, no. Let me go. You will have to go. – Come on. I am scared dad. Don’t take me. – I am telling you. You will have to go. No dad. – Be patient.
Everything will be fine. Sir, my daughter wrote
it unknowingly. Forgive her. Brother, forgive her.
– I say sorry on her behalf. Oh god! – I beg of you.
– Forgive her. Leave her. Let her go. No! Don’t do that.
– You wrote that complain, right? Listen to me.
The woman in this area are not safe. You wrote this, right? Tell me. – Leave me. Did I hold someone’s hand? Did I undress anyone? Or raped someone? Tell me? – No! Speak up! Why don’t you speak? I don’t go to prison even
if I do a mistake. – Brother. When I didn’t do anything why
will I get imprisoned? – Brother. I have seen the petition. Now let me see who
comes to save you. Brother! – Who is your brother?
Where is your brother? Brother! Brother! Which brother? What do you think? Brother! – I will let you
go if you shout in this manner. Brother! Brother! Save me brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Save me brother, I will die.
Brother! Say something, brother. Brother. Save me, brother. Brother! – Hey! Bring her here. Brother, no. Say something. Brother, will you save me? Please! Tell me brother. Brother, save me. Hey! Stop. I tell you to stop. You are hitting such a great man. Take him to the hospital.
And him to the police station. Come on. – Sir, if he has done the
mistake, why are you catching him? Come to the police station
and give your statement. Look sir, you are doing
something wrong. Come on. Sir, leave him. Come on, all of you. Divya. – Instead of goons.. assistant commissioner.. Why are you crying? I am sorry. I am sorry. This has happened because of me. I am the one who
wrote that petition. What? You wrote that petition. Yes. That day the goons hit you. I couldn’t control myself. That’s why I wrote a petition
without a name against him. Instead of arresting him.. ..the police arrested you. Your mistake was writing
a petition without a name. What? You could have written
your name instead. Hereafter if you want
to write a petition.. ..then write Mrs. Param Guru. I will handle the rest. – Come on. Oh my god! At the park,
at the beach, at the theatre.. ..leaving these places you
are having an affair in the lock up. Inspector, mind your words. I have come with court orders. Release him first. Advocate. Take this.
Take his signature and leave him. They come. Who is this? One is not discharged
from the hospital. Has he come to be beaten up? Who is Param Guru?
The boss wants to meet him. You met him, right? Now go. He called you as he wants
to speak to you about the case. Why? Can’t he come here? I am just inquiring.
Why are you staring at me? I am the boss for the whole city. But I am your junior. Sir, he is Param Guru. Param Guru. You look very simple. But you have beaten
up 10 to 15 goons. Leave them. That Vit Ramaswamy.. ..such a big goon.. broke his bones
and send him to the hospital. I don’t believe it. Hey! Strength doesn’t build guts. It is born in the heart. Brave boy! Young blood. Listen, why don’t you join me? Why did you call me? Dear, you speak point to point.
You speak limited. I will tell you.
Vit Ramaswamy is my man. He can’t go back to the prison. Some people from your area
has given a petition against him. Tell them to take back
the petition. – Okay. Who are you? What? Who am I? I am not a minister. But I am more powerful than them. I am not a police man. But I have more rights than a DCP. I am not a goon. But all the goons of this state.. ..fear me. I don’t know how many.. ..VIP’s are born in this country. But even to breath.. ..they need my permission. Then your name will be.. ..on the top in the
police encounter list? You aren’t posted yet. Before that you
talk about encounters. If I had joined the police force.. ..then I wouldn’t have
this talk in your house. It would be at my police station. I mean in the lock up. You will go against me. Then you won’t be
the police officer. I didn’t become an police
officer to fight people like you. But to finish you off. Mind it! Param Guru. – Hey! I came here to find out about you. I found out you have the
total list of criminal elements. Until now you saw a simple
and straight Param Guru. But now you will see Param Guru.. ..assistant commissioner of police. Take care. What happened dad? Sister? What happened uncle? Tell me. Why is the whole locality here?
Tell me. Hey! Tell me, what happened?
What has happened here? Did something happen again? Tell me. Vidya, tell me.
Did that goon do something again? No. – Tell me,
did he misbehave again? Tell me. Guru, every family.. ..dreams of making their
child to be a doctor or engineer. But, we wanted.. ..that you become a police officer. But.. since you beat that
goon & the case against you.. ..that decides you are not capable
of becoming a police officer. That’s why you are rejected. Not only Param Guru. By picking up a
fight with the boss.. ..people with high
post leave the land. What difference does it
make that he is selected for IPS? He will be rejected. Now he won’t be the
assistant commissioner. Neither any police constable. Okay sir. Thank you sir. Good morning sir. There
is a notice of a lawyer for you. A notice from the lawyer!? Who is the person sending
me a notice? – Param Guru. Param Guru? – Yes sir. You rejected him. He has sent a notice
to know the reason. He sent me a notice? Now I will meet him in the court.
Damn it. In the court. Mr. Param Guru. What is the reason for
sending a notice to the DGP? I am not capable to
become an police officer. How did he decide this? I want to know this. Do you have a lawyer
for this argument? No my lord. I will fight my case. You can proceed. – I want
to question inspector Veerapan ..regarding this case. Permission granted.
– Thank you my lord. Hello sir. You filed a case against me.. ..saying I tried to murder. Whom did I try to murder? Ramaswamy.
– Ramaswamy. Is this his full name? No. His full name is Vit Ramaswamy. What is Vit? His village. No. That is his title. Who gave this title to him? The people call him that. Is it? What is his business? He is a prisoner
out on conditional bail. Oh! His business
is to be a prisoner. Or he became a prisoner
because of his business? Okay. The prisoner
on conditional bail.. ..what does that mean sir?
– Condition bail means.. As the case is
pending in the court.. ..and until the case
is not done with.. ..he will be out on bail. – Alright. Which cases are pending
against him in the court? Case.. – Tell me. Tell us, Mr. Verrapan. That.. that..
5 murders, 6 robberies. 7 rape. 8.. actually.. Oh my god! The list is prolonging. I tried to murder such a great man. You made this case
against me, right? Your witness must be ready.
– Sorry sir. There is nothing as such. In reality when you
were about to murder him.. ..the people present there.. ..saw it happening. And tried to stop
you from murdering him. Three people got
injured due to that. I filed the case on their complain. It means you filed the case
keeping their complain in mind. Yes. Yes. What is their name? Triloth Govindan. Pali Mani. Kulith Swamy. Every name has a
village name attached. Do they have knowledge of singing? No. – You can leave. My lord! I want to
question them one by one. He will question them one by one.
Alright sir. Now I am caught. You two go out.
You go to the witness box. Come on. Come on. Hey! Why did you get hurt?
Did you fall down somewhere? You beat me up. And you are making
fun of my wound. – Is it? Why will I beat you? When you were hitting Ramaswamy,
I came to stop you. You beat me then. – Alright. When I was hitting Ramaswamy.. ..what was he doing at that moment? Tell me. What was he doing? – He.. He.. – You don’t
know what he was doing.. .. it means I didn’t hit him. You didn’t see.
You gave a false complain. No. I saw you hitting Ramaswamy. Then tell us, what was he doing? He was reading the newspaper. Where? – Outside his house. What were you three doing there? Swamy was standing on the right. On the left was Mani. I was massaging brother’s legs. What did he do while reading
the newspaper that I hit him? He didn’t do anything. Actually before brother
does something.. ..he checks the time. He had to go to
sign the ration card. He asked me, what is the time? Why are you asking the time? Your time is not good. Saying this you kicked
him in his chest. It means when Ramaswamy was kicked.. ..Kulith Swamy was
sitting on his right. Yes. – And on the
left was Pali Mani. Yes. – And you were massaging
brother’s feet at that time. Yes. Absolutely. – When
Ramaswamy was reading the paper.. ..I hit him then. – Yes. You can go. Just a moment! Isn’t the inquiry over? It has just begun. Go and stand there. You wrote a complain that
I was hitting Ramaswamy. – Yes. Did you see me hitting him? I did. That’s why I complained. I wouldn’t complain
without seeing it. When I was hitting him,
what was Ramaswamy doing? – What? Tell me. He was praying. Where? – Where else? At the temple. Mani was showering flowers. I was worshipping. And he was ringing the bell. No. No. – Is it? Ramaswamy was praying. Then why did I hit him? What did he do? He was.. .. taking the name of the lord. You said Ramaswamy.. got Briyani.. he got released
on conditional bail. You wanted him to eat. He refused so you hit him. Is this justice or religion? Tell me. It means when I was
hitting Ramaswamy.. ..he was praying. Yes. – He was worshipping. And you were ringing the bell.
– No. No. I was worshipping. And he was ringing the bell. Alright. Stand there. My lord,
I want to call the third witness. Yes. You can proceed. Did you see how
I took care of things? He had trapped me. But I am matured. Did you see how I turned the table? Yes. You are stupid. You are senseless. Shut up. You are senseless. Listen to me. Pali Mani. I hit Ramaswamy. You three
filed this complain, right? Yes. When I hit Ramaswamy.. ..what was he doing then? Oh my god! – Oh my god! Tell me, sir. Why I hit Ramaswamy.. .. your friends told
the court this truth. Speak the truth
or you will be caught. Traitors, you cheated brother. Hey! Why did you do it? Brother did so much for you. When you went to prison.. ..he bribed the police. You gave witness against him. Hostile people! What is the difference in you
and that girl who gave the petition? Hey! Okay. Who is that girl
who gave the petition? Hey! What are you talking? You are saying as though
you don’t know anything. On giving petition
against my brother.. ..when he caught
that girl in anger.. hit my brother badly. And when I came to stop you,
you hit me too. It means your brother
caught that girls hand. That’s why I hit him. – Yes. Order. Order. Order. Please note this point, my lord. I want to inquire from
the DGP who rejected me. You can proceed. On hitting a goon who
is out on conditional bail.. ..and on the basis of false
statement given by his men.. ..a case of scuffle.. ..was filed as a murder
case by this inspector. On the basis of that
first information report.. rejected me.. ..calling me not qualified. What is my mistake in this, sir? What is my mistake? Is it a crime to stop a
goon from raping an innocent girl? Is it the duty of the police
to protect the common man? Before I was posted for the job,
I did this work. Is it wrong? I gave another chance
to the person.. ..who without investing.. it wrong? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Your misbehaviour is much greater.. ..than the goon who
is out on conditional bail. Tell me, what is the
difference between him and you? Listen. There are rules and regulations
for the police department too. No matter how big
a scandalous he is. No matter how big a criminal he is. To arrest him.. need an arrest warrant. You can’t beat him up. One more thing.
No matter how huge the crowd is. And he is firm on retaliating. Even then you can’t do anything.. ..until the senior
officers command you. Not even raise your hand. Mind it! It means if you see
an injustice being done.. have to keep
quiet watching it. Can’t you stop it?
– You can’t stop it. You can’t stop it. That is rules. Before your posting.. ..if you are so violent. So after your posting when
you will be the police officer.. will you maintain discipline? You are not fit to be a police man. So.. life long. You can’t be a police officer. This is my final decision. Then.. my father’s dream? And my goal? I.. I can’t be a police officer? I can’t? I will not spare you. I won’t spare you. – Leave me. Leave me. I will kill him. Leave me. Stop it! Stop it! – Leave me. Why did these people beat me? Why did they hit me? Did you say charge? Or they have come
with an arrest warrant? The people who break rules.. ..must be dismissed as per your rule. Will you do it?
They wanted to save your life. That’s why they hit me. Now tell me.
Is law greater than humanity? Are rules greater
than real sympathy? Instead of helping a girl.. ..the department’s
dignity is greater? It was not my motto.. insult you, sir. But to prove my point.. this court.. ..I had no other way. That’s why I came
to hit you with a knife. Forgive me. My lord!
My fight is not for my job.. ..or for the salary that I will get. If I had to work for money.. ..then so many
multi-national companies.. ..offered me so many jobs. And selected me
at the college campus. But I didn’t join them. Why? I didn’t consider the
job of a police officer a job. I consider it a prayer.. giving my life. The happiness.. helping helpless
people from criminals. The proud of encouraging
honest people.. ..and appeasing them. Just like the soldiers who
protect the country from enemies.. save the country
from internal anti-elements.. ..I want to become
a police officer, My lord! I want to be a police officer. As a child my mother
used to protect me. After that, my father took
the responsibility to protect me. This is not a
responsibility but a duty. It’s love. Likewise.. is the responsibility
of the police to protect everyone. Even their responsibility
can’t be a duty. It should be love.
I did exactly the same. The police officers
who must praise me.. ..they.. ..rejected.. In this case Param Guru.. ..beat up Mr. Ramaswamy.. save an innocent girl. This has been proved. So Mr. Param Guru.. ..before this court is dispersed.. ..on immediate basis.. ..should be made the
assistant police commissioner. This is my command
to the government. Besides that, Mr. Ramaswamy
who is out on conditional bail.. ..and his men’s bail is cancelled. I command that they
must be imprisoned at once. What? Param Guru has
become an police officer? It is not possible. What is it?
You are alone since yesterday. What did you ask?
That I am alone since yesterday. Our pair will be superb.
Will you drink? No brother. – Drink it. Brother, no. – You call me brother. Call me your husband. – Please! No brother. I am a poor girl. Poor girl. I will make you rich. How much money do you want?
– He is the minister’s son. He is very rich. Ask him any amount. He will make you rich at once. Yes. No brother, let me go. Tell me, how much money do you want? Tell me. – I don’t want it. I don’t want. No brother. Hey! She is injured. It’s bleeding. Forget it. Someone or the
other will admit her to a hospital. Come on. We want justice. We want justice. We want justice. We want justice. Sir. – We want justice. We want justice. – We want justice. What is the matter? Sir, a few girls from our locality.. in a hotel near the beach. The minister’s son and his friends.. ..abused my daughter. My daughter is injured.
She is in the hospital. The daughter says she will die. Hearing this, the locals are angry. The girls are scared to go to work. You will have to do something. I will investigate. Minister’s son.. ..will never tease your girls. I promise you. Please leave. Hey, will you come? Shut up rascal. – You don’t like it. What is the matter? – A girl
was working here from the shanty. We are investing the case. Where is Vinayak?
– We teased her for fun. She slipped. What can we do about it? AC, if we don’t
have fun at this age.. ..then will we have
fun during our old age? Go away.
With what case have you come? Come on, sir. Do you know who he is? He is the minister’s son. If he finds out that
you came to investigate. He will get you dismissed. Why do you need to exaggerate
such a small affair? Go away! Go away sir! They will go.
First get some beer for them. I thought you seriously
teased that girl. But this happened for fun. Even this was for fun. Dad, ACP Param Guru is coming
home with the arrest warrant. I don’t fear any arrest warrant. In fact he will get scared.
Watch it. Are you ACP Param Guru? The police come to
our house to protect us. I am the minister since 30 years. You are the first police man
who has come with a arrest warrant. Then in these 30 years.. are meeting a courageous
police officer for the first time. Hey! What difference
does it make to me? I will be the minister. –
No matter which government is formed. I will definitely
be the police officer. Did you see the profession
column in your ration card? I have written politics on it. Yes. Did you see the caste
column in the certificate? I have written police
officer there. – Hey! I have 5 billion voters with me. Will you fight me? Are you thinking of taking my son.. the police
station to beat him up? What is this, sir? He understood what
you have in mind correctly. He knows what the people want. That’s why he is the minister
for so many days, right sir? Okay. Do you fool? Come in, DCP. Good morning sir.
– Why do you fear now? Tell your boss what you have to say. Tell me. – Hey,
this is a high profile case. If you create problem for
them without giving a thought.. ..then our department’s
reputation will be at stake. Do what he tells you. Listen to me. Don’t talk about beating
the boy at the police station. These days the police officers have
started taking law in your hands. That is the job of our department. Present the boy
at the court directly. Look here. I handle murder
case and drug case too. This is just an eve-teasing case. The boy will come out instantly.
Remember that. Yes. The superior officer is objecting. The lawyer will dismiss the case. And the minister.. ..he has 5 billion
voters to his credit. If I touch the
boy even after this.. ..I am not so crazy. I let him go. – That’s good. Sir, it is my first case. I have come with a warrant. I can’t go empty handed. I promise you.. ..I will present him
at the court directly. – Dad! Hey, why do you fear? Don’t worry friend. If you want.. ..take your dad, DCP.. ..and the lawyer with you. Sir, I am telling you the truth.. ..I won’t even touch your son. Now you are talking sense. Vinayak, did you see? He came to arrest you. He surrendered. Come son, don’t worry. The police, jail, these things.. ..are made for the ministers. Hey! Why are you driving slowly? Sir, it seems an
accident took place. This is normal in this city. Sir, this is not the street
that leads to the court. I don’t know where we have come. So what? They will handle it. Sir, your son.. ..had teased the
girl from this locality. Sir, now the car has stopped. O god! O god! O god! I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do.. Hey! – Sir. Come here. – Me? Yes. You. – Why me, sir? Come here. – Yes. Hey! What were you doing
at the commissioner’s office? Sir. Sir, what have I done?
I haven’t done anything. If the girl from this
shanty doesn’t get justice.. ..then not one police
officer will be spared, right? No. I didn’t say that.
– Did you say this? I didn’t say it at all. Not at all. Hey! You want to take
away the jobs of the police. Sir, why will I say that? I am an ordinary man. What is he doing? Sir. Sir. He is going
to trap us by playing a game. Dad, I am very scared. – Hey! The DCP is with us. Even the lawyer. But, fighting is not my cup of tea. It is his job.
He will deal with them. What will he do? Before that he will
deal with us all. Hey, shut up. You are scared
and you scare others too. Sir, be brave. Don’t worry. No one will do anything
in my presence. – Okay. Go. Sir, even the lawyer is going.
Stop him. Lawyer, where are you going? Sir, get your son alive
to the court somehow. I will keep the judge ready. What did you say? We won’t take any action
as he is the minister’s son? Why? Will you say
that on television? You will get it printed
in the newspaper. Sir, he says blame us
by saying we have taken bribe. No sir. I didn’t say that. What are you doing?
Why don’t you let him go? I didn’t say it, sir. – You did. I am telling the truth. –
When he is refusing, why to bother? How can he refuse? Hey, how do you know I
didn’t hit the minister’s son. Come with me. – Listen to me.
– He is inside the car. Yes sir. He is the
son who injured my sister. Thank you sir. Everyone, come here. We found the one
who teased our sister. Come on.
Let’s go quickly. – Quickly. Beat him. Beat him. – Beat him. Beat him. – It is him. It is him. Dad, save me. Or they will kill me. Look, no one.. ..will pull the boy outside. Beat him. – Come down. Get down. – Beat him. Bring him down. – Look carefully. Get him down. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him. No one will drop
him down and kick him. He will go to the
court if you hit him. He will sleep if you lie him down. Pick him up and beat him. You teased our sister. Now I will make
you my brother-in-law. Look, how a brother-in-law is? Now take the beating. Sir, don’t go there. He is young.
He will bear the beating. You are old. Your bones will break. Leave me. – Rascal, how dare you? You will tease the
girl from our locality. Now take beating from me. Alright. I won’t let him go.
He touches my daughter. Beat him. – No one will break
the boy’s hands and legs in a hurry. Beat him. Beat him. You can’t escape this place today. Stop! Stop! He has been beaten so badly.. he will not think
of any girl all his life. Leave him. We will rest and return back.
– Loafer. Lie down here. Oh god! Hey! Param Guru. Instead of taking
my son to the court.. got him to this locality.
– Sir, I am true to my promise. I didn’t even touch your son. The DCP is the witness. Sir, did I touch him? Tell him. And that advocate.. He ran away. Stupid. I am still saying
I didn’t touch your son. Whether you touch him or not,
what difference does it make? The people have
beaten him up, right? Sir, there is no need
to take them to the court. Take him to the hospital
and then do the post mortem. Tell him. Him. The post mortem. My son. I want to go home. – You
have been beaten black and blue. Get up! Get up! Hey! I have 5 billion voters. I will deal with you all. Brother, who are you? As an assistant commissioner
in your first case.. took the accused to
the locality instead of the prison. No Divya.
He is not a goon or a criminal. He is a wayward son of a minister. If I would imprison him. Then he would come
out within a few days. That’s why I handed
him to those people. They enjoyed beating him. And even I liked it. Hereafter he will
not tease any girl. I love you! “I have you in my heart.” “There is not one beside you.” “My heart is crazy for you.” “Come my dear,
let me take you to a dreamland.” “In the field there
are so many limes.” “Come my dear, take my love.” “Your face has a smile
because of the lime.” “There comes the smile
and mouth started watering.” “Everything belongs to you.” “You are a robber.” “So it will be definitely good.” “Don’t worry about me.
Listen to me.” “The deal of love will be real.” “When I saw you. – It rained.” “I will come to your house.
– I will wear a sari then.” “When I saw you. – It rained.” “I will come to your house.
– I will wear a sari then.” “You are my love. My affirmation.” “You are my heart beat, dear.” “You are my heart and its beat.” “I have accepted you.” “Don’t go away from me now.” “You are a robber, I didn’t forget.” “Everything will be fine.” “Don’t worry about me.
Listen to me.” “The deal will be real.” “I am mad for you. – Even me.” “I accept it. – I know it.” “I am mad for you. – Even me.” “I accept it. – I know it.” “You are my man. I like you.” “You are my partner, my love.” “This is my request.
It’s radio mirchi.” “You are my patience.” “I don’t believe what I am hearing.” “You are a robber,
I haven’t forgotten.” “Accept it.
Everything will be fine.” “Don’t worry. Listen to me.” “The deal of love will be real.” “I have accepted you.” “There is no one else beside you.” “I am crazy for you, my dear.” “Come, let us go to paradise.” “In the field there
are so many limes.” “Come my dear.” “You have a smile
on hearing about lime.” “You have a smile and
your mouth is watering.” “Everything belongs to you.” “You are a robber,
I didn’t forget it.” “Everything will be fine.” “Don’t worry. Listen to me.” “The deal of love will be real.” It is distributed. They are officers from
education department. Hey! I have spend millions
of rupees to build this college. We have given admission to
children and taken money from them. Now they will say.. ..that this is not right.
That is not right. Shut the college. If the matter was so small,
it was fine. But.. the thing is very huge. They have told to sign Sign and give the cheque. Fill the amount you want. Go. Go.- Shut up, you idiot! Running a college without
government orders.. a crime. A crime. What is there in your college? Is the building structure good?
Is there a lab? Is there a library or there
are good professors in your college? They take billions of
rupees and trap poor children. Look. Look at them.
They will run the college. You should have thought
of the children’s future. Starting from nursery.. ..when the child learns to write. You start making
education your business. You can study only
if you have money.. ..the children know
this wrong teaching. That’s why there is no development. Thousands of children
are in loss because of this. That’s why the corrupt
instigate college students. To take action.. ..we are sent as special officer.
– Alright. I will shut down the college if
you say so. – What are you saying? Don’t shout.
The expenses of the building. The amount to be
returned to the student. The bribe we paid
to officers like them. The interest. My fees. It will be around
100 or 125 millions. Give it to me.
I will shut down the college. Are you threatening
us as you got goons here? It is wrong. Threatening is wrong. I have the habit of killing. I was talking to you
as the boss told me to. I won’t fear a goon like you. Touch me. Just touch me. If you know so much.. ..that you need to
be a goon to earn money.. ..then we who pay
money to get education.. don’t know how much strength we
can have on the basis of education. If ten thousand students join us.. ..then try to imagine
your condition. They will have a monument
for you in this college. Hey! – Hey! Mind it! What do you think we are? We are government employees. Without knowledge. We will see how you run the college. Let’s go. Hello sir.
– I tried doing what you said. Go out and play. Thank you. What happened, Shiva?
What’s the news? Did the university officers
sign the documents? Is there any problem? Sir, actually..
– Why do you look scared? I did a small mistake. What do you mean? This. – Yes sir. Sir, I wanted to ask you so.. I have their dead bodies
in the guest house. You are senseless. They were government officers. What if people find out? They insulted you. That’s why. Sir. Sir,
I will surrender to the police. No matter how much they torture.. ..but I won’t take your name. Today there is a peaceful
march at Beach road. Change that peaceful
march into a riot. At least kill 30 to 40 people. Along with those bodies.. ..put these 3 bodies. This news.. ..when it will be shown
on tv and read in newspapers.. ..officers died in the riot. People will believe it. Hello sir. I want to meet assistant
commissioner, Param Guru. Why are you troubling
us again and again? What is the issue? Prabhakar! Mother! – What is this? I told you so many times.. ..don’t come here. – Mother. Come. Come. – Mother! Mother, listen. Param is here. I want to
speak to him. – Sit in the rick. It’s a matter of few minutes.
– Come on. It’s very important. Sit inside. – Listen. Mother! Listen. – Sit down. Sit down.
– How long will we hide it? Good morning sir. – Good morning. Who is he? What is their problem? The boy’s name is Prabhakar. He studies in the college.
He is coming here.. ..since many days to
tell you something important. His mother took him away. Is Param Guru.. ..the one who was
known as Masti King. Is it him? – Yes. He cried so well on seeing girls. No. He sang. “With a full skirt you look great.” “Even the sun rises with your kiss.” “By touching you, you fade.” “Seeing you, I become breathless.” “Tell me your name, girl.” “You look beautiful.
Make me your groom.” “The lightning strikes.” “You smile.” “Come to me, my dear.” “Come and reside in my heart.” “The lightning strikes.” “You smile.” “I will keep you in my heart.” “I will fight with you.” “You will dance in the rain.” “The flower will bloom.” “There will be a
smile on your face.” “If you dance with me.” “You are sweet sixteen.” “I will hide you
in my heart and mind.” “I will make a house
in front of your house.” “You look great wearing a skirt.” “Even the sun rises
with your kiss.” “Take a kiss.” “Take a kiss.” “You swing.” “You are restless.” “I am unlucky.” “The lotus doesn’t bloom.” “She walks fast.” “You smile.” “You are not a burden for me.” “You don’t get such
opportunity everyday.” “Your name is Kasturi.” “I see your work.” “So many flowers
have showered here.” “Where do I go without you.” “I will dance with you.” “Let’s dance together.” “Let us sing and dance.” “It’s a great occasion.” “Let’s dance and sing.” Welcome Power Guru. Oh sir. – Okay. Okay. Welcome Param Guru. Please come.
Everyone is waiting for you. Sir, bouquet. Same old naughty boy. How are you sir? Earlier you were mischievous.
Now you are a police officer. Come sir. Sorry! Come Param Guru. Prabhakar,
you came in search of me.. the office twice. Why sir?
If I complain to the police.. ..and they find out,
those goons will kill me, right? Who told you?
– My mother fears a lot. I am my mother’s only son. I lost my father when I was a child. My mother is teaching
me by working hard. I study in B.A 2nd year. I am my mother’s pet. Sir, for my well being.. ..the way my mother thinks.. the same way for the well
being of the student committee.. ..these 3 officers worked for it.
– Which officers? University, grant commission and.. ..grant approving officer. The riots that took
place a few days ago.. ..the officers who died in it, are
you talking about those officers? Sir, they were not
killed in the riots. They were murdered. What are you saying? – Sir. Beside my studies, I.. a taxi as a part time job. One day in my taxi.. ..I took those 3 officers.. a place. Oh god! These are.. Sir, I came to you by breaking
the promise I gave to my mother. As I trust you. Sir, I will give witness
at any place you tell me. Those murderers.. ..must be taught a lesson. We need to teach them a lesson. The enthusiasm I have
inside me at the age of 20.. ..I made it my goal. And completed IPS studies. I promise. I will deal with them. – Prabhakar! I have told you so many times.
– Mother! Don’t come here. – Listen. Don’t come here. – Listen. Listen to me.
– He doesn’t listen to me. Why are you hitting a child? He.. he is lying. Don’t believe him. No one killed anyone
neither did he see anything. He is lying. Since a few days..
since a few days.. ..on seeing anyone.. ..he shouts a murder. A robber took place. He has fits. I took him to the doctor too. If he takes medicine
for some time then.. ..he will be alright. Trust me. – To hide the truth.. proved your son is mad. He will be alive for
few days as a mad person. Sir, these are for rich people. Even his name is associated with it. His life is in danger. Sir, the person who
committed 30 murders.. hide 3 murders. Will he let him go? How will he? Sir, I have no hopes
on his education. I don’t hope him to have a job. Let him be alive until my death,
that’s all I want. Sir, for god’s sake don’t
involve him in this case. Don’t involve him. Aunt, there is nothing to fear. Because of this
fear justice is dying. Forgetting his promise to you.. ..he trusted me so he came here. I will take care of his protection. The job of the police
is not only to catch criminals. It is also their job
to protect good people. You have officers,
guns and many police men. But I have only my son. For god’s sake don’t
put us in this trouble. Putting you in trouble.
You are wrong in judging the police. Even if you son gets a scratch.. ..I will be responsible for it. I will arrange for your protection. Be brave. Say hello. Let’s go. Let’s go. What are you saying?
They changed the march into a riot. Yes sir. To hide the dead
bodies of the inquiry officers.. ..thirty people were killed. And there is an eye witness
who reported this to me. Sir, until this inquiry is over.. protect that boy.. our responsibility. Not only this, by catching
the goons who started this riots.. ..we will catch VIP’s. Proceed. – Thank you sir. Param Guru.
Assistant commissioner of police. Hello DGP. – Hello. You got the biggest post
in the police department. Congratulations!
– Thank you, be seated. Tell me without hesitation.. ..if you need any help. You will help the DGP? Everyone comes to ask
for help from the police. But you want to help the police.
Thank you. The witness who saw the
officer’s murder is present. It is not difficult
to commit a murder. But we don’t want a witness. Go and find him and kill him. Mother, why do you want to go to the
village? I have an exam tomorrow. All my efforts will be a
waste if I don’t sit for the exams. Hell with your studies. You will lose 2 years
if you don’t give your exams. You will die if you stay here.
Let’s go. Param Guru is a good man, mother. He is brave.
He will handle everything. I believe no one can
do anything in his presence. Look, we will not
stay here another moment. Pick up your luggage. Come. Come on. – What are you doing?
I am having exams. I am telling you, let’s go. – Let’s
meet Param Guru and then leave. I don’t want to hear a word.
Sit inside. Mother! – What happened? This is that murderer. What are you saying? – Yes mother. I had seen him.. ..murdering.
I am speaking the truth. Go and sit inside. Mother. – Go inside and sit down. Mother. – Yes. Where does Prabhakar live? Tell me? We are new here. Ask someone else. Hey! Let’s go. Wait! Take your bag. Hey! Where is Prabhakar’s house? The one you were talking
to is Prabhakar’s mother. What? She fooled us. Take this. – Come on. Mother! – Come quickly. Mother! They have reached
here searching for us. Hey! They must be somewhere here. Find them out. Come on, be quick. Be quick. Mother! Mother! Mother! What will happen now? Come quickly. Sit down. Sit down. Dear. Dear. This is my seat. Go away from here. Go away from here. No. Leave him. Leave my son. Leave my son. No! Mother! My son. My son! Sir! Sir! Save my son. Sir. – What happened? What happened? – Save my son. They.. – Hey! Wait a moment, dad. – They.. Aunt, tell me. Where is Prabhakar? Dad, take her to
the hospital. – Sir. Save my son. Guru. – My.. my son. My son? – He has gone after him. Where is that boy? Tell me. Hello! Prabhakar. Prabhakar, look your mother is here. Your mother is here, Prabhakar. Look son. I don’t want anything. We will leave this city. Get up! Get up quickly. Come on. What kind of a boy are you? You forgot your specks. Yes. I have kept it carefully. Here it is. Let me put it on you. Prabhakar! Son, I saved your specks. But you.. I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t save you. Oh god! Look sir. Look! Sir, I had told you. That my son.. ..doesn’t know anything
about the murder. Leave him. But you didn’t listen to me. He was my only son. He is mad. Let him be with me. But you didn’t listen. Now look at him. They have thrown
him after murdering him. Look. Are you happy now? I didn’t want to be caught
up with issues of the rich. We wanted to leave this city. Param Guru is a good man.
Nothing will happen. He will manage.
Don’t worry. You said this. We trusted you. And you didn’t save him. Why? Why didn’t you save him? He is a poor boy. That’s why you let him die. Right? His mother is not rich. That’s why you let him die. You said if he even gets a scratch.. ..then your police department
will be responsible for it. They have killed my son now. If you can’t save
a life of a poor person. What is the use of
your police department? Remove this uniform. Good morning sir. Open the lock up and
get these goons to me. Alright sir. Good morning sir. – Get
the FIR copy of the goon Shiva. Alright sir. You tore the FIR copy of Shiva. How will you take
action against him? Hey! If I find him, I won’t
get him punished at the court. I will kill him right away. Go and tell him, out. Get out! Sir. Sir! Sir! Sir! What is it? What happened? Sir, Param Guru, the ACP. Is searching for
me like a mad person. If he catches me.. ..he will get me killed. Hey! I am hearing this
from you for the first time. Why? We have seen
so many police officers. We have bribe so many lawyers? We have threatened so many judges. Sir, I found out that he torn.. ..all the FIR’s against me. There is no case against me. In fact he is following
me as his personal enemy. He won’t let me go. Is it? He can’t follow us. Now we will follow him. I will manage. Don’t worry. Look his life is in danger. That’s why he came
to ask for our protection. Parama Guru,
the most important thing is.. ..that the responsibility
of his protection.. ..should be taken by you.
– I am sorry sir. The Prabhakar murder
case that I am dealing with.. ..I have found an
important evidence in it. In this state. How can I leave that
case and divert my attention? Param Guru, this is the order
from the home minister’s office. You cannot ignore it. Give him protection
and save his life. It is your duty to save the
reputation of the police department. The ACP is talking
about an important job. By stopping him in between.. are adding him to my list. Thanks a lot, DGP. Security! Sir. – You and the watchman
can go home and rest. Your protection. – That.. The government has arranged it. Param Guru. He will do your work. – Alright sir. Param Guru. – Shiva, come here. Why do you fear? Come fearlessly. Shiva, are you scared
seeing Param Guru? He is not the police
officer who will catch you. His duty has been shifted. Now he is my bodyguard
who will protect me. Security. So he can’t do anything now. Come. Come. Hey Param Guru. Do you know why you
have become my bodyguard? You understood it, right? Shiva is my pet. He has done many things for me. If anything happens to him.. ..I won’t endure it. Don’t follow Shiva. If you don’t listen.. I have asked for
protection only for a week. It can be extended for a month. Even for a year. Think about it. Or you will be a watchman
until you retire. You can’t do anything. If anything happens to me. He will have to report
it to the government. Think about it. Decide after thinking. Shiva, come on. Let’s go. Did you see, no one can be
happy picking up a fight with you? Everyone has to bow to you. Yes. Welcome Guru. Did you change your mind? I have seen.. one can stand.. ..before the boss’s power. Ask what you want.
He will give it. Go. Param Guru. If you laugh, you will
not find a greater friend than me. If you act stubborn then
you will have the worst enemy. I have thought about it a lot, sir. You pamper Shiva. If anything happens to him,
you will not endure it. Why should I arrest him? I have decided to adjust with you. Hey! Did you see that? He fears me. No one can go against
me after coming to my house. Look, even Param
Guru is supporting us. Param Guru, ask me.
What do you want? Ask me. What is this sir?
You ask me to ask you. I want his death. Sir. Param Guru. – Hey! Assistant commissioner of Police. I have to report to the
government no matter what happens. I will surely give it.
He came to kill you. So I killed him. Are you shocked? I will kill you now. I will add another line. That he shoot at you. That’s why I killed him. Why? If you die
under my protection.. ..the reputation of
the police will be at stake. That’s why I let you go. Right? What else did you say? You will make me
a watchman all my life. Alright. I am ready. What are you saying? Jai Prakash.. responsible for those
officers murder. – Yes sir. We need to take action
against him quickly. Param Guru, Jai Prakash is a VIP. If we take action against him then.. ..we will have to give
answers not only our department.. ..but also the government. Alright. Even if we take him
to the court on your insistence.. ..we have no evidence
to prove him to be a culprit. That’s why I am asking
for an inquiry commission. They will do the inquiry. The truth will be out. The police has no right.. have an inquiry commission. You know it. – Yes. I do, sir. That’s why I have got
people with such rights. Who are they? The family of the
dead officers, sir. If they will give a petition.. ..then you need to have
the inquiry commission. Sir, we thought.. ..our husbands were
killed in the riots. But they were murdered. We were shocked to hear this. We were heart broken.
Those criminals.. ..must be punished, sir. Don’t worry. I will arrange things
to bring justice for you. To find out about the death
of 30 people and the riots.. ..this government
appoints retired judge.. Mr. Virendra Singh. Honorable justice, please! I am a retired judge. But law doesn’t retire. That’s why I feel to take up
this responsibility. Sir, a criminal like Prakash.. ..has the freedom
to roam in the country. Not only law, order and the police.. ..but the whole
society is in danger. Whatever witness and evidence
you have against him.. ..please handover everything to me. I will try my best
to get him punished. Yes sir. Verrapan. – Yes. I asked you only one question. On hearing it you bowed your head. Did you do something wrong? In the peace march 4 months ago. You were taking care
of the security, right? Yes sir. How did the peace march
changed into a riot? That.. I don’t know sir.
– No. You know. I really don’t know. I gave the report
to the commissioner. I am asking you the right report. Sir, that is the right report. Sir. – We will meet
with the right report. The riot took place 4 months ago. The post mortem report
of the deceased.. ..has been sent to
the government already. How can I help you if
you ask the report so late? The report of 27 people is right. But the reports of the
government officers, is it right? They died 4 hours before the riot. Our department doubts it. Sir, you have forgotten
even I am a government officer. My report isn’t wrong. In your talks I
feel it is not right. Doctor, to prepare such reports.. ..did someone threaten you? No. You are threatening me. My report is absolutely right. Okay. Thank you doctor. I have resigned from my post. And sent the letter
to the government. Sir?! – I don’t want to talk to you. You may go now. – If a honest
officer like you fears injustice. Then what about the people? If this inquiry doesn’t
take place then.. ..the government.. ..feared a single man.
This is what the people will say. No sir. Please, don’t resign. Param Guru. I have saved my children
from that demon.. ..with much difficulty. Now don’t try to change their minds. Listen to me. Your husband.. ..can bring Jai
Prakash to the court. Before that you must know ..what he did to my family? 13th floor. You will have an inquiry
commission against me? My family is shivering
out of fear hearing this. Then your family
must also shiver, right? Listen, you think
I am an ordinary man. I won’t beat you,
scold you or tie you up. I won’t cut you, shoot you. But this one.. this girl.. Her. Her. Anyone from here. Will have to jump from here.
Jump. Jump. Are you scared? Even I am scared. You should also fear. Tell my man to throw
them one by one. Look, you have a
problem with me, right? Then kill me. But let my family go. Don’t do anything to them. I.. I am ready to die. Grandfather, don’t jump.
I will jump. My child. – Jump. He will not interfere in
your matter hereafter. Let him go. You have come from other states.
This is my place. If you talk of having
a commission again.. ..then I will catch
each of you and kill you. Hey! Guru. Why did you want
to become a police officer? To protect good people
from the bad ones, right? When the inquiry
commission summoned.. ..then why didn’t the doctor,
police and the judge come out? Fearing that goon, right? First you need to relax their fear. But it is not easy. Then a new revolution
will take place. God knows how many years
it will take for this. Till then you need to fight. You will not accept defeat. The day the officers
will be brave and honest.. Our country will be free
on that day in the real sense. And my son will do this. He will do it. You have to do it. Dad! Has anything happened to you? Come. Guru, phone. Hello! Hello! Hey! You will ask for
a commission against me? Doctors, Judges, Police. They won’t support you. They will support me. As they fear. The fear of my name. Even you will have that fear. Hey! Careful. Guru. Dad! Dad! Guru! Guru! Guru! Guru! We lost dad because of this job. I don’t want to lose you. Leave this job. Forget the uniform. Leave all these issues. Leave everything. Param Guru,
repeat this chant after me. No. It is useless to cremate.. father’s body in this manner.
– Param Guru. For the last rites of my father.. ..I never thought.. many officers from all over.. ..the city will be here. Thanks a lot. If the government
official will be true.. ..only then the people of
the country will live peacefully. My dad believed in this. But 99% of the government officer.. do they behave? Who comes to the ration shop? Who? Do the people who put
money in bank lockers come? No sir. The one who labours everyday come. In their rice, wheat and kerosene.. ..are contaminated. Are we paid for this? Tell me? A poor person falls sick. He can’t go to a private hospital. That’s why he comes
to the government hospital. Even he is asked for
a bribe of 500 or 1000 rupees. Where will he get it from? They say we will save
your life if we get the money. And if he dies.. ..then they ask money
to return the body. Does the government
pays us for this? Tell me? If goons and criminals
come to the police station.. ..we.. them with respect. With due respect.. ..we offer them cold
drink and a chair. In their place if a poor
person asks for justice.. ..then we treat him like a dog. Does the government
pays us for this? Tell me? Tell me? There is corruption right
from birth certificate.. ..until death certificate. When questioned,
we held the ministers responsible.. ..and save our skin. The ministers who do mistake.. ..we can change
them once in 5 years. But anyone becomes
a government officer once.. will get your salary
on the 1st of the month.. ..and pension after you retire. And if you die.. ..then our heir will get jobs. They give us this and we get life. We mustn’t think they are gods. At least we can
consider them humans. When we can’t do anything for them. Why do we think that.. ..they will support us in our fight? When Mahatma Gandhi promised.. give us freedom.. ..didn’t people support him? In the same way we
will work for the people. And make them believe us. After that if anything
happens to us.. ..they will take care of it. By avenging my father’s murderer.. ..his soul won’t rest in peace. We will work for the people. Say a honest word. Then his soul will rest in peace. Mr. Param Guru. Start the work of having
the inquiry commission. No matter how great the person is,
who commits a mistake.. ..I will bring him to the law. And punish him. Sorry sir. If I lose my life.. ..even then.. ..I will not support
criminals and goons. This is true, sir. Sir, I accept I gave a false
report about the post mortem. But I am ready to give
the commission the right report. Your father’s wish
will surely be fulfilled. We will support you. You are really great. Param Guru is not fighting
only for his family. He is fighting for all of us. And you want me not to support him. I must fear a goon like Jai Prakash. And turn against my duties. What will he do at the most? He will kill us. That’s all. For a good cause.. ..we will sacrifice our lives. Sir. Forget worrying about that man. I will manage him. Thank you sir. Thank you very much. Earlier officers came
in search of ministers. Now the case is such.. ..that being minister’s.. ..we need to search officers. Good morning sir. Have a seat. I have not come here to sit down. Why did you cancel the contract.. ..of water supply?
What’s the matter? Water? What is the matter? Instead of supplying
drinking water.. supplied drain water. The medical report says virus
is spreading in the hutments. So I.. cancelled the contract. Not only me, the officer
who comes on this post hereafter.. ..will take this action. And if you create a problem.. ..I will complain to the police.
That’s all. Hey! I have 5 billion
voters to my credit. Do you know what will
happen if you fight with me? Sir. – Call up assistant
commissioner Param Guru. I have already called up, sir. I have heard this name. Instead of taking
your son to the court.. ..he had beaten up your son
and thrown him in the garbage bin. He is the same officer, sir. Actually I don’t have the
ability to bear any beating. Let’s go from here. Alright. You won’t
return the contract, right? I will deal with you. Arrest him. Thank you sir. To get a month’s salary.. you need to give your life?
Tell me? Who was he being beaten up for? For you, right. – Sir, let it be. Sir, keep quiet. If he was wrong.. ..then he wouldn’t be
beaten up for the people. When he works for the people.. least you must try to save him. Who threatened you? He is coming to arrest me. Let him come. – Dad,
you know about Param Guru, right? He is a strict man. Yes. We can’t do any drama with him. Say sorry to him.
Only then he will spare your life. Or he will do this to you too. Chote. Sir! If you are feeling ashamed.. ..then I will say sorry
to him instead of you. Go. Stand out and watch the fun. Who says sorry to whom? Someone is knocking at the door. Hello sir. Hello. Param Guru. Have you come to arrest me?
Sit down. He is Prakash’s favourite man. What is the matter?
You are so arrogant. I will tell you, who I am? Did you see downstairs? I have called all the
journalist of this state. They are waiting downstairs.
Now watch it. I will tear my shirt. And say that you tore it. I will apply blood on my shirt. And say that you hit me. When you will take me out.. ..I will limp and walk. I will say that you broke my legs. Do you know what will happen then? The news will be
in all the newspaper. Chote, did you see
your father’s performance? IPS officers are always
junior to ministers. I don’t think so. Chote, let’s see if the journalist
are here or not. Come on. Hey! I have 5 billion
voters to my credit. You made my son stand
in the garbage bin. Look out, where I make you stand. Sir, you tore your shirt. Yes. – And said I tore it? You applied blood
to your mouth. – Yes. You said I hit you. – Yes. You will limp and walk.
As though I hit you. But.. no matter
how much you pretend. You won’t be original, sir. Your 5 billion voters must believe.. I will make it that original. Hey! What are you doing? Leave me. Hey! Don’t hit me. Oh my god! Chote. Your dad’s acting is so good. Acting for so many years.. ..he is good in acting. Superb! Oh my god! He hit me a lot. He hit me. If you allow them to click
your picture. Look there. Look, how much he hit me. He broke my bones. Oh my god! Look. Look. Print it tomorrow. Is everything alright?
– Yes. Absolutely. Talk openly about my boss’s
power in your newspapers. Don’t do any mistake. Where is the minister?
– What the boss? He was here in the jeep right now. Didn’t you click pictures? – No. What do you mean?
– You didn’t click. It means he kidnapped my boss. Run away. – Why should I run away? Look, I read the newspaper daily. I read in it.. ..that a prisoner is asked
to run away and then he is killed. Let me go.
If you want you can hit me. Beat me. Imprison me.
But don’t ask me to run away. Don’t ask me to run away. And yes. The 5 billion voters.. I have none. I won’t say it again. No. Don’t do this. – Listen to me. Take him to the police station.. ..and take his signature
in the file of Prakash. Why do you want the file?
Give me a plain paper here. I will sign it here. On the basis of Justice Virendra
Singh’s inquiry commission.. ..we will arrest Prakash at once. As he is a big goon.. ..the government has
given us permission.. catch him dead or alive. Mr. Param Guru. – Yes sir. It is not only your
duty to arrest Prakash. It is your responsibility.. save Virendra Singh
and his family from that traitor. His family must reach Delhi safely. It is the responsibility.. ..of our department. Yes sir. I will do my best. Thank you. Thank you very much.
– Thank you sir. What nonsense?
There is a firing order against me. That Param Guru.. Hey, Param Guru. I won’t let you go.
You won’t be spared. Take my family to a safe place. Hey! No one from the
family of the judge.. ..who supported Param Guru
should be alive. Kill them. Kill them. Give them death. Now he will see. Go and gather everyone. Go. Go. Sir. – Thank you. Thank you Param. – Thank you sir. Come sir. Come on. Hey! No! Thank you Param Guru. Thank you. Why are you saying this, sir? An honest officer’s
family is in danger.. ..this news spread
in the city like wild fire. That’s why thousands
have gathered here. We have beaten up the
goons that were following him. And hereafter if
the honest officer’s.. ..are in trouble then
we will protect them. We will protect them.
We will protect them. We will protect them.
We will protect them. We will protect them.
We will protect them. We will protect them. We will protect them. We will protect them. We will protect them. If we work honestly for
the well being of the people.. ..then the people will
give up their life for them.

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