Key & Peele – Spoiler Alert

There’s no way
that he can win. No, mm-mm, no. So, anyway, what did you think
of the season finale ofGame of Thrones?– [gasps]
– Right? – That was–
– No, no, no. I’m reading
the books. Oh, sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry. And he reads slow. [laughter] We can never
talk about it. We’re never
gonna talk about it. Okay. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
– Uh-huh. Hey, has anybody seen
that new Russell Crowe thriller? ‘Cause let me tell– Ah, ah, ah! Ah. Sorry, it’s just we’re going tomorrow,
and I don’t want to know a thing about it. Doesn’t want
to know a thing. – Got you. Okay, all right.
– Sure, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
That is– How–who won the game? – I think–
– N-n-n-n-n-n-n. That–I’m–
I’m gonna watch it later. – Oh, you’re–
– Oh, you have a DVR. – I got it–
– Sorry, okay. Mum’s the word. – Yeah.
– So… – So…
– Yeah. What’s the weather
gonna be like this– [squawking] [dog barking in the distance] Sorry.
It’s, uh… [sighs] We’re having
a barbecue this weekend, and I don’t want to stress
about the weather. – No, of course you don’t.
– We just–Yeah. Yeah.
You know, yeah. [clears throat] This three-bean
casserole is– [scatting] I’m so sorry, babe.
I just– – I hadn’t tasted them yet.
– I’m sorry. – I’m sorry.
– Really looking forward to it. You know? Don’t talk about
the ingredients, I know. It’s a surprise
for your mouth. – Yeah.
– Really. Oh, uh… [laughs] You know that
commercial with– Okay, never– Oh. [laughs] [laughing]
Okay. (woman)
Never mind. That’s probably best. – Yeah.
– [clears throat] Oh. No, it’s fine. – Cheesecake.
– [gasps] – What?
– Huh? We got cheesecake. – I mean…
– Oh, yeah. No, I’d love
some cheesecake. – Yeah.
– Let’s do that. – Yeah.
– Yeah. All right,
what the hell? – Okay, cheesecake.
– Cheesecake. I mean, I’ve been watching
my cholesterol intake, but what the hell, right? We’re all gonna die
someday anyway. – What?
– Honey. – Wow.
– Come on. Are you
kidding me? You just ruin it
every time! I’ll see you
at home. – But wait a second.
– So rude! Now, how would you not know
that that was taking place?

100 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Spoiler Alert

  1. Now this sketch doesn't work. No-one would get so excited mentioning season finale of Game of Thrones

  2. i wonder how many cuts it takes before they've perfect it..maybe less coz they're all professional actors..if i were it i wouldn't stop laughing just because i see the faces of my co-actors and probably the director will be pissed off by me

  3. Damn. Cringed SO hard when the lady started squawking like a crow at the weather question… trying way too hard… ew. Key and peele videos are usually cringe free

  4. To he fair they all could have been immortal vampires without realising it- they were supposed to find out for themselves

  5. Omg I have a friend who does not let us talk about any hot topic mainly because he is too lazy to watch it and doesn't want spoilers

  6. This is what many social situations are like with people that shouldn’t be hanging out anyways just nothing but awkward silences

  7. This is why I don't invite people over who haven't seen Avengers: Endgame yet.

    Because I'm going to talk about it. At length.

    It is a masterpiece.


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