Key & Peele – Obama’s Anger Translator – Michelle Calls Barack

– Good night and God bless. – In the name of the father,
the son, and the holy spirit. Shit. – [Cameraman] And
cut, that was great. – Felt good. – Felt good. – Opp, I’m blowing
up. It’s Michelle. Hey sweetie. Yup.
Alright. Oh, Bo did what? Rolled over and barked? Well that’s a fascinating talk. Look I do have to run
because I am busy. – I am very busy! I mean damn, why
don’t you just call me the next time you take a dump! Damn, girl. I’m tryna lead the
free world up in this bitch! – No, that’s Luther sweetie,
my anger translator. Yeah. No I think he was
talking to his wife. Okay. Yes, I will
definitely watch the new Tyler Perry
movie when I get home. – Are you out your mind! After a busy day
dinner is all I need. Please don’t make me
watch a grown ass man in a goddamn dress! – I love you sweetie goodbye. Luther. – Yes sir. – Yeah I don’t
need your services during my personal stuff. – Oh Luther, come on man
stay up out the man’s life. Stay up out the
man’s personal stuff! Shaklayka!

100 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Obama’s Anger Translator – Michelle Calls Barack

  1. This is GREAT comedy!!!! God is more awesome than humans……Some human may be offended  but let's not put it on God……Keep going you guys….you are Great

  2. These guys are fucking hilarious. I just wish they weren't all up on Obamas dick. Their comedy kicks, but there political views can pre suck my genital situation yo.

  3. toooooooooo much  cant get enough   wanda sykes  does a bit about Obama and michelle  trying to act  white  in the white house  its hilarious  I think it was a stand up in washington

  4. Thank you for helping me. I am glad that you did not give up…I understand now that God uses everything we go through to help us.

    I did not know God was such a prankster. He sure tricked me. I laugh now when I think about how scared I was and how much crying I did.

    I can only imagine Him laughing when we humans think we are in charge.

    If you have not heard these two songs, please listen to them. This Place by Tamela Mann and Yes, You Can by Marvin Sapp.

  5. I just can't get over how well he does that Obama impersonation. I'm an aspiring voice actress, and it's stuff like this that intimidates and inspires me all at the same time.

  6. “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit SHIT”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I cannot with yall

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