Karen H. On the Migraine and Headache Solution She Got from Tocci Dental Associates

So it was a lot of headaches a lot of tightness. I mean, my jaw would click get stuck be sore and then have a lot of headaches and the headaches would be pretty constant. I could take a lot of bad villain week which I wasn’t happy about doing but I just thought it was the way things were because been going on for so long. I didn’t even realize I was avoiding eating certain foods or doing certain things just because it was too much effort are just too uncomfortable. So, it’s great to be able to do that to not have as many headaches to have a lot more comfort during the day and the appliances that I thought I would really hate, I love them. I absolutely love them and I use them pretty frequently. I have a mouth guard at night and I have a lower appliance that I wear if it’s going to be a lot of stress during the day or just a really you can feel things starting to tighten up it helps to keep things at bay. I feel good. I feel much better than I did. Fewer headaches and I think and I don’t know if this is even part of it but one of the things that was interesting to me is that there’s a concern about everything that would be causing the inflammation by Dr. Tocci, so I actually had the food testing done and found that there’s some foods that cause an inflammatory reaction for me and it’s so I eliminated those and that has helped a ton too. So it’s not just coming in for the treatments but it’s sort of the on-going maintenance of what will solve the problem long term and that was pretty effective and pretty awesome for me because again if it’s easy enough to eliminate a few foods from your diet and have a more comfortable neck and jaw that’s all good too. The treatments are about an hour, sometimes our 10 minutes and it’s some massage of your jaw and neck and sort of the affected areas. Some white laser, some exercises that they’ll give you as well. It’s kind of a soup-to-nuts making sure that the muscles are getting relaxed and you feel great when you leave. It’s wonderful.

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