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*dat Madras Meter Madness* What did ya ask? That only – about Valentine’s day. Have you ever loved? I’m 30 years old! What you mean ‘have you loved’? How many? Twice πŸ™‚ That’s why…you don’t understand others’ struggle. He hits 4’s and 6’s. You’re single only, right? You’re single only, righhht? And go fetch me a couple of water bottles. Ma’am, watcha doin’ for V-Day? Nothing. Just another day. What, don’t have a boyfriend?? What man, what you talking?! When V-Day comes, you guys just pick a camera and trouble people. Why, girls can exist only if they have boyfriends?? What, don’t see Priyanka Chopra’s tweets??
– Ok, thank you, thank you ma’am. Valentine’s Day?? Don’t have time for such stuff. I’ve got dance practice..need to attend cooking classes.. You see, I’m very very busy. Don’t have time for boyfies and relationships. In fact, I’ve got to go right away – keeping my phone down, bye. Its OK if these single, all-alone failure types marry even their aunt’s daughter. But to correct a girl and maintain her… They’re dead even if attempted. Where’s my gift?! I’m your gift πŸ™‚ Don’t fool around – where’s ma gift?? Hey, seriously yaar, I’m your gift!! Cha!! *goes away in disgust* Don’t do like this and all, you! What ma, what’s the gift? Who gave you? Happy father’s day, dad! Ohhhh, very nice of you. But isn’t today Valentine’s Day? No, today’s Sunday. Hahahohoho, good joke, good joke, good joke. The house is full now, ma. I thought so. Should have booked then itself – how will we get if we book now. I don’t know if you even have any interest or not… Come come, selfie selfie selfie! Done!
– Put it on FB FB ah…err, my cousins are there on it.. They’ll see it at home and all. And I’ll get into needless trouble.. They’re going to know someday right?? Its ok, put. Even if its there…
– WIll you put?! What are you feeling so much for?! Ahh, okay miss..okay ma, I’ll put it, put it…put it. Done! πŸ™‚ Show me. Hey What you’ve said worried and all? Worried?! *oh shit* Yes yes, I’ll change it. Some spell check issue… Oh, it’s ‘wonderful’… I’m so…got it wrong, sorry! What man, where we going this Valentine’s Day? Errrr….You don’t know what’s up? The Iyer guy who got us married. He has joined *something* Oh noes, what you saying?! What happened? Then what…should keep quiet after doing all that?! Go… I get annoyed just looking at that greeting card. Look, I’m going to tell something nasty! Can’t you guys peacefully come for a movie in the night? Yo, I’M SPEAKING, LOOK! I kinda like youuuu..
– JUST DIE Now.. No macha. Love is…an awesome feeling! If you don’t understand it, you don’t understand it! Hey Useless Standing simply only right – give me a hand! Careful, careful, careful! Will anyone do it in the night?! I’ll do it though! *something* pig. Did you see that? Men are like that only. To that level, doing…
– Yo What you sayin’ some story here?! I’m there just for that. Just shut up, make somethin’ up about now and then, and leave. In our land, there are 2 types. One is inside Satyam theater, and the other is other the theater. Inside coffee shop, outside coffee shop. The guy outside is our man. Since no girl works out, they go around crying for attention and putting on a show. I love you ma’am. *goodbye* I love you… Chi….I need some time. I love you. πŸ™‚ Bro, super bro. Pack it well! Yo… Have you yet to still give this?! What if she thinks it wrong…? Yo, let her think what she thinks. You just go give. Huh… 2025 Okay, it’s alright – leave it. What about her?? Big deal if she said no. No dude, she actually said ‘ok.’ She said ‘ok’?!?! Why then keep your face like a beggar? No, I was with the flower. Now without it, I feel weird. Now you want a reason for something, that’s it right? Keep it, go. Today, if a regular girl doesn’t fit us. But there are these fogies who show attitude after getting a high-class girl. They get under my skin… Lali! Lali! Hi
– Hi! We both like you a lot. But uhh, we can’t decide between ourselves. And the choice is yours – we have no hard feelings πŸ™‚ What would he have said to correct them?! What, is this a dream…or real? Yo, what you think of Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s day *hmmmmmmm* First thing, need to change V-Day from Feb 14th to 3rd or 2nd. Why sir? Ok, you think of a month’s expense Electricity bill, current bill, this and that bill – even credit card! All my money gets over by the 5th [due to them] Then what will I do on the 14th?! Correct only sir, but if we change it to the 3rd..
Then what will I do on the 14th?! Correct only sir, but if we change it to the 3rd.. And if you spend all by then, what will you do? Oh, that’s right… Keep thinking sir. Both Ramesh and Suresh have called me for V-Day. Just don’t know what to do… Think I got into the soup this time. Simple, meet Suresh for lunch, and Ramesh for dinner! Wow, how come I never thought of that?! K, I’ll call Ramesh strait away πŸ™‚ Hello Ramesh. Ya, can we meet for dinner? Hello Suresh, road clear, we’ll meet for dinner. Ah, ok ok. Hey Shilpa. Let us meet for lunch πŸ™‚ You don’t need a reason to cut things loose, sir. Breaking up is like an art. A highly creative process. Divya.. It won’t work it, lets breakup. I can’t take it – we’re done Divya! No Rahul, Please Rahul…Rahul, something…
– WE’RE DONE DIVYA! Rahul….. Divs…what the haps? Ma boyfie broke up with me… πŸ™ *GREAT* Hey…I’m here right… I’m there for you no! One last time you called me and made me wait for 4 hours…you never came! I might have had some work to do…and hence… No no….uhh….yeah! Actually, I could never have moved on without you. Do ya know that? Lots of thanks! Please do say again once more for me… Please, just once.
– No need ya… Just once, pleaseeee. I’m there for you na. πŸ™ Thanks bro. You understand? Felt like I understood, but…. don’t think you understood. That’s only Valentine’s Day! Oi What you searching for? Subscribe button… Look down you. Eii. Look here dude. Hit it. Hit that. Hit that. *please subscribe, THANKS! :)*

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