Jordan Peterson – How To Develop Your Dark Side

What would be a practical approach to developing your shadow Well that’s a good one Let’s do a little review of Jungian Psychology. The first thing is, if you want to know about this The proper source is Carl Jung’s collected works volume 9 And there’s two parts to volume 9
A and B published as separate texts And volume 9 is called “archetypes of the collective unconscious” The other one is called Ion In archetypes of the collective unconscious there’s a good discussion of the persona and the shadow The persona you could say is… A good way of thinking about it
You know, you watch all those romcoms Where there’s always some kind of a beta male guy who is being real friendly And is always failing miserably with women because basically he’s lying to himself and to them He’s a persona And a persona is the face you show to the world when you’re trying to pretend To convince yourself and other’s that, I’d say, harmless, but we could say a good person But a good person isn’t harmless, a good person is capable of Well, maybe a good person is capable of anything But is willing to hold that in abeyance I read this interesting commentary a little while ago on a statement by christ in the new testament The statement generally interpreted is that the meek shall inherit the earth I was looking up the multiple translations of the word meek Meek is actually derived from a Greek word of course Because the bible, at least some of the original forms of the original bible were in Greek And that word didn’t exactly mean meek, it meant something like Those who have weapons and the ability to use them but determine to keep them sheathed will inherit the world And that means that people who are capable of force, let’s say But decide not to use it are in the proper moral position Nietzsche commented a fair bit on that too He thought of most morality as cowardes
Not because morality itself was cowardes But because most people who are cowards disguise their cowardes as morality And they claim that their harmlessness, which is actually a consequence of their fear And inability to be harmfull, say, or to be dangerous is actually a sign of their moral integrity And that’s a really bad idea If you’re an ex-murderer but you don’t have an axe, that doesn’t mean that you’re moral So that’s the persona And the persona is the mask that you wear, and that’s what persona means It’s the mask that you wear to convince yourself and the world that you’re not a terrible monster So that when you look at yourself in the mirror you don’t have to run away screaming And you might think, well, that’s a bit of an overstatement But Jung was very interested in phenomena such as The psychological phenomena that would characterise the actions of someone who might be An Auschwitz camp guard for example That’s a pretty monstrous form of behaviour The thing about Auschwitz camp guards is that there’s no reason to assume Really, that they were much different than normal people Now there would have been exceptions obviously And what that means is that, perhaps you too can be an Auschwitz camp guard And perhaps you would even derive some enjoyment out of it And you might think not, but you shouldn’t think not so quickly What that also implies is that if you could see what that meant When you looked in the mirror and looked at yourself You might run away screaming Because you’d have a revelation of just exactly what a human being is capable of And that’s a very unpleasant revelation and also one of the things that stops people from being enlightened Because that revelation of the evil of the self is part of the journey to enlightenment, and an early part Now the shadow would be all the parts of the personality that the persona rejects And that might be the aggressive elements Certainly that’s the case for people who are hyper agreeable There’s two pathways to the development of the shadow And they’re tightly allied with one another The fundamental pathway is truth And that’s to face the bitter truth about yourself To break that down more particularly you might think about that As the capacity to observe your own resentment You’re going to be resentful and bitter in many situations Because you don’t get what you want And if you watch that resentment and bitterness you’ll see that It produces fantasies that can be unbelievably dark And that can be very frightning You might not want to admit to yourself that you’re actually capable of having fantasies like that Or impulses like that or aggressive feelings like that If those aggressive feelings and impulses and fantasies are integrated into your character It’s like you’re opening up a dialogue with a part of yourself that can be very forceful and strong And dangerous
And it’s really usefull to be dangerous Because if you can be dangerous, you often don’t have to be And it’s often weak people, for example it’s weak men who generally rape That’s a very common occurrence And it’s a very violent act, but it’s borne out of weakness not out of strength, that’s for sure You attend to your resentment honestly And you observe yourself and what you’re actually like You gotta pay attention as if you don’t know yourself As if you might harbor hidden devils
And then maybe they’ll emerge Jung also felt that sort of embedded inside the shadow were the contrasexual tendencies And so for example Sometimes you see people are well developed Men, let’s say, and we can also talk about women in this regard Men who’ve integrated their shadow also often develop a kind of peculiar grace That would be a consequence of not only allowing their aggressive side to step forward But also their feminine and compassionate side That they may have kept squelcht because of embarrassment about it Or because they may have been harassed for being weak or any number of things But the practical approach for developing your shadow, I would say Is to contemplate and consider your resentment And notice what it says Because your resentment will also tell you what you have to say So look at what happened at Google this weekend Jame Damore wrote that memo and you can imagine he was pretty angry And perhaps even some what resentful at having to attend that diversity seminar I am really just using it as an example But, what he did was to decide that that man he had something he had to say Look at the consequences of that, man It is absolutely unbelievable And so you know if you are feeling oppressed at work or You are oppressed in your life Or you are oppressing yourself Then you gonna notice that you are feeling oppressed Then you have to notice that you are feeling resentful and angry and bitter and maybe even like Cain The story of Cain enable Because Cain is the sort of archetypal bitter man And you have to decide what is you need to do in order to remove from yourself that bitterness And that usually means that there is something you have to say And you have to say it Because your soul depends on it And it is not only your soul that depends on it I would like to say the fate of the world depends on it Because you might be wrong and then you should be straight out, or maybe you are just being wining, You have to talk to somebody about that Or maybe you are actually detecting something wrong Some tearing is directed towards you and another people And it is like your moral obligation to speak up about it And so many world places become toxic used the terrible cliche Because the people in them won’t speak up for what they actually want Or they speak up too late and then they are all twisted up about it And you know they torturing other people Because they are so unhappy and so forth and so on So Practical approach for developing shadow fundamentally is radical honesty Jung said that genuine moral effort was a good substitute for psychotherapy.

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  1. The consequences to being honest can bring a lot of personal misery, however. For example, the college where I worked was obsessed with hiring its first female president, and they did hire one who was unqualified and a tyrant bent on destroying the lives of men who showed any signs of disagreeing with her. I myself was within two years of retirement. To speak out against her would mean to throw away a pension and lifetime medical benefits and career spanning some 30 years and for what? To "expose" a truth that everyone already knew? It simply wasn't worth it. Hence, the dark fantasies. Many of the employees there, and not all of them men, told me they had fantasies of killing her by beating her to death or throwing her down a stairwell. Fortunately for me, she was promoted to an even higher position at another college and she left. This is the age in which we now live.

  2. Jordan, when you get the chance, please speak with Ben Shapiro about his recent BBC interview and his shadow. Ben used way too much force to make his point in that interview. I have seen your shadow and your discipline and restraint when responding to the left wing extremist. I am a big fan of both you and Ben Shapiro. You both have much to say about the human condition. I want Ben to succeed, and I believe your advice and counsel would help him.

  3. I'm really trying to comprehend his point of view. By looking at his body language and gesturing is he analyzing himself or is somebody analyzing him or is he speaking on a topic. The part about how some "guy fails miserably with women" and then another comment about how "he seems like he's nice but really isn't" is what made me wonder like from what angle is this video? Because I realize that a lot of people say "you're not nice" when you don't want to do things their way or think your thinly thoughts to the advantage of their agendas.

  4. 'those who have weapons and the ability to use them but are determined not to shall inherit the earth.' everything this man says is PURE TRUTH

  5. The Revelation of Evil in People:
    Celso F Lopez being involved in the murder of his sister then a close friend whilst living on earnings from prostitution and benefits for over 20 years

  6. Simply the system has to be more gentle with us, and things would move smoothly!
    Why is all this aggression from the system, what hell the system wants from us!!??
    Deliberately wanting to make us crazy, and out of mind and ruthless!
    Common people seriously, our life to short for all this movie!
    I just want to live mu life in full potential and diy happy knowing I left lot of good memories to the people!
    No just punching them, dominating on them, swearing on them!!!
    That is easy the truth strong people are the one who can truly control they dark side!!!!!!

  7. I hate beta males so bad! I'd like to fuck everyone of them up big time, swift kick in the bollocks and roundhouse to the head would sort their miserable rotten lives out! The beta makes are all that's wrong with humanity. I do believe Petersons explanation of persona was totally misleading, I'd even go as far as saying bullshit. I think he was getting too character specific and thus could be easily misunderstood and misquoted here…

  8. It s not Cain enable…It s Cain and Abel. I don t like to be such of a critic, but this video si about enlightenment and opening your mind and this translation is pretty bad for such a video.

  9. I'm an INTJ, I don't have to develop my dark side, it just comes natural. [Think BATMAN, Walter White, Lex Luther, Rick (Rick and Morty)

  10. I learnt to use my dark side when things had gone miserably wrong for me. It was about adapting to the environment at that time. Getting through a single day was equal to a war that lasted a decade.

    I honestly can’t go back to what I used to be. A pathetic people pleaser, who didn’t spoke up against tyranny.

    Now it’s a journey about fusing both the light and the dark side as one. Bringing out the best in me.

  11. who else came to this video because they are just feeling angry underestimated or just judged by the world? This definitely made me feel better.

  12. So not keeping it inside and play it nice every second but notice the bad feelings within you which are trying to tell you in a logical way that there is something wrong. It could be you or the outer world which understood correctly of the issue that leads to improvement.
    Did I get that right?
    Also that should help breaking out of the sticking to persona and discovering your true self?

  13. Always I've been friendly to my friends To my family to other people but now I saw that this life is not good after my experiment for both of evil and harmless life
    When I was young I was loving darkside and wanted to develope it but few years later I knew that it's not that easy that I thought I spent years and years to enter the real dark side to harm people
    So if you want to enter the darkside and you are weak don't think about that

  14. Like Palpatine used to say to anakin
    "To master the force you must study all it's aspect…not only the dogmatic and narrow view of the JEDI!"

    wise word

  15. I developed my Dark Side with Dath Bane – Path of Destruction, excellent book for a 17 year old Sith Acolyte

  16. John 8.44
    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  17. Have you ever read Carl Young personally ? I mean have you read his books, where he describes his inner "personalities" ? In former times he would have been described as the most demon possessed man on earth.

  18. why would I or anyone else derive pleasure from hurting someone who has never hurt me…(talking about austwiz camp scenario)

  19. This is very abstract, can you dumb it down.
    I try reading that book and it’s not an easy read by any means.

  20. I tried to be brutally honest with myself about myself. I am a short sighted slob, and I hate being critisized. I am short sighted because I do not think of my own survival, because I never had to provide for myself. I am a slob and I hate the mess I create, and I hate myself for the mess I create, and I hate myself because I cannot get rid of the mess. I opress myself in the way that I am alone. I am alone, which causes me pain, and I am the one that keeps myself alone. And I am alone because I fear rejection. Rejection makes me miserable and angry. Rejection and critisizm makes me internally hostile. Every problem I have is created by myself. My suffering comes from myself. Yet I blame others for my problems because I fear the blame. And I fear responsibility.

  21. Auschwitz guards were commonly on hella drugs, like baby meth amphetamines. Makes them energetic, fearless, and not as smart… huge way to easily implement mob mentality going with the murders

  22. The way Peterson seems to encourage development of aggression along with his blatant and exaggerated projections on to the 'bloody marxists' and and the left makes me think the man has some serious emotional repression going on.

  23. I wonder how many people will be able to pull a fast one on their dark side because of Peterson.

    Good luck to everyone including me!!

  24. Absolutely a fact, if you are not assertive when someone steps on your toes then it will manifest in a negative way. Unfortunately, the reality is that people in workplaces often have a lot to loose by risking offending others and managers on average want submissive employees. When you don't fit in, you get isolated, and if you are the only person standing up for yourself among submissive colleagues then you make yourself a target of management. Game over 🙁

  25. From a Christian perspective I would think developing your dark side would mean involking satan into your life. From everything I have learned about Satan and the nature of sin and its capacity to grow more sinister over time, I would say from a Biblical perspective you cannot put the brakes on Satan and sin. Jesus did show anger a few times in the Bible and I could not think that satanic influence was involved in that anger, one would have to assume that the shadow side would have a third perspective and not correlate with total evil. There would have to be 3 seperate levels in a sense, total good, the shadow, and full on satanic.

  26. It seems that the collective unconscious may be nothing more than a fashion, that allows one to integrate aesthetically, and lives in an artistic individuality manner.

  27. My disgust for concentration camp guards is so deeply rooted (I watched all the documentaries about the holocaust since early youth) that I REALLY can't imagine myself enjoying it, sorry…..
    However, I must admit that I had some phantasies about taking vengeance on behalf of the tortured inmates.

  28. I read something long ago that stuck with me, which went something like…
    It is not that I am powerless that I fear, it is that I am powerful beyond measure.

    I always remember that when I get angry and feel the red mist cloud my judgment. It takes a split second to change yours and someone else's life. It doesn't take strength or courage, it can happen by accident even, when you are driving and texting at the same time and a teenager walks out in front of you. Always know that you have the power to make a real difference, and being powerful isn't something to aspire to be, it's something to respect and be responsible for.

  29. I don’t think the world could handle my dark side. Most of us are choosing to put forth their light side in order to not destroy absolutely everything around them.

    People need to really ask themselves, do they really want their shadow to grow “stronger”? That’s a ridiculous idea that only ends in more chaos in the world.

    Every murder committed is from the “shadow” side. Do you really want to join their ranks of murderers?

  30. Anybody else just want to be a fucked up dark triad high testosterone dude? Like seriosly that combined with being beautiful is how you become millionare and get places in life.

  31. So if I regularly fantasize about slashing a bully's throat, I should tell the bully I'm fantasizing about slashing his/her throat in order to stop myself from doing it?
    That would not end well for me Dr. P.

  32. Dr. Peterson talks about the "dark side", having positioned himself in a suitable shady light for the occasion. 😀

  33. The Bible has been translated into Swedish three times — completed in 1541, 1917, and 2001. It took the Swedish Bible Commision 29 years (1972-2001) to translate the last Swedish Bible from the original sources. Matteus (Matthew) 5:5, translated from Swedish to English by me: "Blessed are the humble, they shall inherit the land." (Straight forward translation. "Humble" is the word.)

  34. I’ve never pretended to be harmless and do not understand why people do this. If you do that can you explain the need to to project that?

  35. Lmao all these comments talking about their 'dark sides'
    You people are domesticated and neutered versions of people who lived even 300 years ago. Most people have never been in any uncomfortable situation not to mention a physical confrontation

  36. I have to disagree with Dr. Peterson on James Damore being sincerely angry or resentful following the diversity meeting. I really believe he honestly just put well intentioned and factually based criticism in a memo thinking he was doing the right thing with an open heart. Google's workplace is so warped in it's fake ideals that it made us think he was a monster. Dude was just trying help but like Ras said " I warned you about compassion"

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    Lying guess pricks in general WTF is twilght zone I was in house for year's crippled now you all got the dumbass big time . Like I came outside and you all idiots and I not genuise you just dumbfuck lyers I guess not but the truth probably hurts I guess brutal honest itarei is me learned or liar defend your bullshit lies . Guess intelligent is like learned think you dumbass so imust besnaet fucking idiot king dumbass Morons

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  40. Nearly all of the new testament was originally Koine greek.
    I really like listening to you in regards to behavior, but you completely miss the boat when it comes to Christianity, just as 99% of the church does today Acts 17:28 is explains this. Paul is talking to the religious philosopher's and poets on Mars Hill where they regularly gathered to discuss and evaluate new gods and religious philosophy. Paul is referring to Zuse. The Greek religion believed that Zuse was in everything and around everything. Paul actually turns this belief on its head by explaining that Christianity is completely opposite. We as believers are IN Christ. We are hidden in His righteousness. This is imputation. The only requirement is we believe of and in HIM. Look at it this way; If you are in a room, you're not the room, you not do remotely resemble the room. However you are hidden in the room. This is where our soul currently resides. The same illustration is given in the old testament. Hidden in the clef of the rock (The Christ to come). It's all very simple. our flesh will die and be baptized into the death of Christ to hide our corruption from the father, and our soul will have put off this corrupted flesh and inherit immortality, a perfect body. Stop with the religious gymnastics!

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