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  1. After hearing "If you're sick, you have to treat it" I was in tears for the rest of this talk/compilation. This really hit home.

  2. Funny its like ive know most of what hes ever said most of my life without reading about it. Alas without the articulation of his words. Frim observing and interaction within bad environments. This stuff really is mental defence essential in todays world of cults terrosists econmical challanges recessions automation chemical imbalacing environmental poisoning family unit violence political parties group identity climate change nuclear Armageddon miseducation god youtube algorithms trying to manipulate your desires and my bad somethings i may have forgotten. A few lessons really can give you the edge over all that comes your way. He is correct psychoanalysis really are like our best defence againts our own selves. Wish i had the compassion alas all i see are objects for me to use…

  3. Is it better to be an intelligent person and happy or an unintelligent person and happy?
    Is it better to be an intelligent person and sad or an unintelligent person and sad?
    Is it better to be an intelligent person and sad than an unintelligent person and happy?
    Is it better to be an intelligent person and happy than an unintelligent person and sad?

  4. I sometimes wish someone would've told me some of these things when i was younger. I wouldn't have been so confused and depressed.

  5. That second analogy about the open doorway for snakes struck a cord, I've been putting off getting help because I thought it wasn't that bad. last week at work I noticed that my writing has become an illegible mess and it spiraled into thoughts of suicide, if these things strike a cord, SEEK HELP it really does get out of hand before you know it.

  6. Everybody knows How to do right, only the conditions of the serounding sets the boundries.

    We live in a house, if you compair that with life, than you know the bilding Will fall down a few time’s. Because you don’t know How to bild it right the first time even when it is told you How to make it. The foundation Will form in the first 10 years of a childs life. When the person is well taking care of he Will treif. Because when the foundation is weak it Will fall down every time you you build it.

    When a baby is Born the parents is given a White sheet like the one of a painter. The collors and the forms on that sheet is Made bij de parents. If we could manage a general typ of education for the little ones Maby they would See things from a different angle. Because bad dogs Aint Born that way, the are Made bad.

  7. I'm a ex soldier and have seen some of the most horrific things that any human can possibly see. Sometimes I locked myself up in the house for days. Still do it sometimes. So a few years ago my doctor at the time suggested and prescribed antidepressants. I took it for about 5 months. It really pulled me through that rough patch but it wasn't a long term solution. Not for me anyways. Then one day I got lucky. Someone took me to a different doctor was is ex military himself and he understood. Then ingot even more lucky. He referred me to Dani. My psychologist and my absolute saving Angel. She is ex military herself. Now 4 years down the road I still see her. She saved my life and for her I'm eternally thankful to my God!!! I now have a beautiful 14 year old daughter that I raise as a single father and somedays it is still hard but I look towards tomorrow as the sun will shine again.

  8. Came back to this video to say I took Jordan's advice on seeking help and getting onto antidepressants the next day of watching this.

    I had always put it off saying “if you have a splint in your foot, don't take pain killers, remove the splint”… the problem though is the splint was always me and my mental conditions. the pill in the morning has set my emotional oversensitivity to a manageable level. I wish I had started this when I was 18. I have suffered needlessly for years. I can now function, study properly, sleep properly, think clearly. I have euphoria, not because of the drugs effects but because i realise the possibilities I can now achieve despite my irrational fears and unconscious hesitancies.

    thank you Jorden , you have changed my life, but more so the drugs 😙

  9. No job… no friends….no significant other….overeating….cry…. my kids can’t continue to “carry the load”…. spouse died 1.5 years ago…. retired, stay on social media most of day.

  10. In thirty years of teaching he’ll have one person who in thirty years will be someone close to him and he’d be the reason they became who they are. There’s a strange comfort in that.

  11. I wish I had you as a father.

    Or I wish ………this was 1998 when I was a youth on the net….
    Super could have used a MF like this growing up.
    I spent my years in penitentiaries and centers over the pasdt ten years..
    Yo I wish i… I wish I had dudes like him in my life growing up, I put a vast amount of the wrong faith into the wrong people.

  12. THE FIRST port of call with depression is to clean up the diet. It ocured to me some time ago, "When do you see a depressed person with a kick ass diet?"… I changed it up and improved of many years I found so much about "health" food was bullshit. A big one was that I get regular fresh live leafy greens in salad as about half of every meal during every week day, quit drinking during week and the biggest was I found I had I gluten intolerance. Gluten was giving me the feelings of hopelessness and severe anger. This is the indicative of the hard time of the liver. The liver has so much to do with mood. It's was a miracle to now know that these moods aren't "who I am". ALWAYS try Diet try at least 60% Raw vegan. You will be very surprised at the changes in the physical, emotional, metal clarity and energy. Get an Reverse osmosis water filter, take nascent Iodine Vit D3 (with proportional amount of K2), Spirulina for Good Plant based B group vitamins, Methylcabolamin NOT cheap CyanoCabolamin (derived from cyanide). Research bodily pH. Research Research Research. There is ALWAYS A WAY. Check out Dr. Berg, Food matters…. Doing the same thing expecting a different result IS insane. Good luck, love and Nutrition my fellow humanity.

  13. Stop with the 'Like' and "Subscribe" notifications. Peterson in the middle of an important thought and distractions appear onscreen. No need.

  14. "youve always done that sort of thing and you always will" the only answer to that is to hit someone – this had me laughing its so real hahahahaha

  15. I've been in straight commiss ion direct sales most of my life. Our mantra is – when the going gets tough, the go knocking. The thirf best cure for depression is to
    close a sale. The second best cure is getting paid for
    that sale. The best cure for depression is getting referrals from that sale.
    Depression is caused by fear and laziness.
    And I don't have a PhD.

  16. drugs will cause serious damage, don't listen to this guy about pills…….He knows a lot, but not everything…

  17. Truehope, a company in Canada that created a vitamin therapy (Empower Plus) for people with central nervous system disorders including Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression among others conditions changed my life. I went from many years on medications and feeling drugged to the point I had no personality or real quality of life to having to take no medications at all and feeling better than before. I've now been on them over 15 years so they don't stop working like meds can..they are getting to the root of the problem instead of masking the root cause. They have a support staff second to non to help people come off their meds and transition to the vitamins. The truth is Truehope and their Empower Plus vitamins saved my life.

  18. I think the problem with the very first few minutes of this is the "you'll know in a month, just stop if it doesn't work!" line of reasoning. Not everyone has disposable income to play musical chairs with psychs who want to shove pills down your throat before properly diagnosing you. Not everyone has the time to deal with a month of possibly extremely detrimental side effects that worsen your depression, remove all motivations, make you apathetic towards anything and everything, etc. And then what? You try more antidepressants, since there's a large list of them, and keep up the same old song and dance while trying to maintain hope? When you're depressed, every single failure hits harder. If you try several of them in a row, it's no longer "just wait a month" it becomes "I've been trying meds for months now, some of them make me want to kill myself more, one of them made me lose my job when it made me irritable and violently outburst at work, some of them have no notable effect whatsoever aside from lowered libido and appetite" etc. With each failure, they lose more and more hope and their depression and cynicism gets darker and darker. You don't have the risk of insulin making your diabetes worse, or having to deal with telling your employer you have to go out for diabetes treatment. Tell them you're taking off work for depression treatment and watch your position listed on Indeed.com within a week. We don't think of mental illness as real illness in society, so we until then we can't properly accommodate it with treatment options available. Because guess what? If you have diabetes, your insurance will cover you and people will be more compassionate towards your plights as it has physical effects on your health. Because depression exists in the mind, nobody cares and will just assume the average depressed person is just lazy and not in need of medical help, just need to "toughen up."

    Before we rush people to shove pills down their throat, we need a complete overall of the mental health system. When we stop treating mental health as a luxury that doesn't need immediate care, as if it was just crooked teeth that could be resolved with braces at any time. When more care is taken to the severity of mental illness, this is an appropriate suggestion. Until then, I've seen too many people die on antidepressants than live through it for me to consider it useful. Statistically, more and more people are becoming people and seeking help. You'd expect that with more people seeking help, we'd see a decrease in suicide rates, but we instead see the opposite. So clearly it isn't working and will continue to fail until we actually take a look at why all these people seeking help end up leaving in a casket. Antidepressants work for some, but looking at the data empirically it seems like most studies completely commit "severe" depression since those numbers skew the success rates of treatments. So many studies will cite "Light to moderate" depression since those aren't treatment resistant and probably aren't as deeply ingrained into someone's psyche. Once you get to severe depression, or "treatment resistant depression," you see that these treatments simply don't work and we need others. He addresses this by mentioning depression coming from a terrible life needed more attention but I don't particularly think that's correct. Anecdotally everyone I've met with depression and their "life together" has had little response (or negative, one killed herself) response to antidepressants.

  19. i've just realised i have a horrible horrible life and i'm not depressed at all
    im totally adjusted to horrible

  20. My friends and family see me as mentally strong but I just cry in the dark, it makes me feel alone and I don’t want to tell people cause they will treat me differently and I constantly lie to myself telling me that I am fine and hearing Jordan Peterson talking makes me realise that the best medicine is being logical and radical

  21. My friends and family see me as mentally strong but I just cry in the dark, it makes me feel alone and I don’t want to tell people cause they will treat me differently and I constantly lie to myself telling me that I am fine and hearing Jordan Peterson talking makes me realise that the best medicine is being logical and radical

  22. My friends and family see me as mentally strong but I just cry in the dark, it makes me feel alone and I don’t want to tell people cause they will treat me differently and I constantly lie to myself telling me that I am fine and hearing Jordan Peterson talking makes me realise that the best medicine is being logical and radical

  23. what terrible advice – an antidepressant does not exist it is mere advertising they are drugs and have drug effects and are different for everyone for some they are crushing to sex life, can uttery numb you out of your emotional life, you might kill yourself if you are using them, they might cause mania, or change how it feels to be you – not to mention the massive corruption in the clinical trials and regulator capture at least in the UK

  24. I am 60, have been very left wing (anarchist type) but this guy makes a lot of sense. The selfish part of me wishes he were my own, very personal advisor, instead of being the the whole world's. I am glad he has an audience of predominantly young people; I think he can add a lot to their lives.

  25. Something needs to be made very clear here. No coaching lecture is going to cause a severely, clinically, biologically depressed person to be happy or even serene (which is really what we should be striving for). It takes a combination of medication, counseling and maybe some inspiring talks, along with help from friends and family (if they exist) for such a person to lead a better quality of life. A well balanced approach. I'm sorry, but I live in a family with people who have been institutionalized due to mental illnesses of various kinds. People who were serene, competent and capable for 33 years and then one day woke up and couldn't get out of bed or shower for weeks at a time in an instant. They didn't eat, cried all day and took no pleasure from things that used to give them pleasure. No triggers or bad experiences that set it off. Just an overnight change. It's as biological as getting cancer. There are depressed people who feel their mental illness in a way that a paranoid schizophrenic does or a bi polar person does. It is extremely important to distinguish between regular depression and clinical depression. I do believe that some doctors and psychiatrists (it tends to be the doctors, they know less about mental illness than a psychiatrist) hand out antidepressant meds WAY TOO MUCH. For instance, just because you are sad and feel grief because your dad died is not a reason to get antidepressant meds. What it means is that you are experiencing emotions and feelings that everyone does when a loved one dies. It's healthy to experience those feelings and emotions. But people who think that a clinical case can just snap out of it has not been exposed enough to people who have REAL mental illness or who have seen people change totally overnight. Either that or they have an ax to grind (I hate BIg Pharma, etc.) and ulterior motives.

  26. I just get so tired of not getting better.Nobody like him we come and help me,ill just become another shooter.

  27. People only get depressed because money rules them,give them a million quid and watch them smile all of a sudden.

  28. It's really interesting, though it's difficult to watch the video with this musique which really makes the listening difficult. Is it possible to remove it?

  29. All therapies to treat the symptoms/side effects, what I want to know is exactly why my brains chemical production doesn't work properly and how to fix the cause

  30. I'm in tears 😭
    31 years I've been alive
    About 20 years I've had depression.
    Only now have I come across such a clear enunciation of how I feel and what thinking ensues during a depressive episode.

  31. I can't disagree with him but be extremely careful with anti-depressants. I had a horrible time with them, tried several before finding one that didn't make me even more depressed but I gained an enormous amount of weight (which made me feel even worse) and I felt NOTHING, didn't care about anything and the world could have ended and I wouldn't have noticed. I was lost in myself, isolated from everyone and just went through the motions – I was on auto pilot at work. Getting off of them took months because you have to be stepped down or you'll have the pleasure of brainstorms. You just think you have problems until you have brainstorms – you'll think you're losing your mind when these happen and had I not been warned, I don't know what I would have done or how I'd reacted! The upside, once I was off of it the weight literally fell off as quickly as I'd gained it. What I found ….. you have to want to get better, accept things and move on because the past CAN NOT be changed – only how you deal with it. In the words of Red from Shaw Shank, "Get busy living or get busy dying".

  32. I really want to hear what Dr Peterson has to say but the errie organ music is too distracting please turn it off!

  33. Wow, Famous celeb JP today and Teacher JP back in lecture are two different person, JP YOU TRAITOR!!!

  34. Everyone suffers from depression sometime in ones life.and we-reflect on not so nice experiences of the past.
    Just remember to morrow is another day , and can bring a entirely different picture to the one in mind of yesterday
    It surely is not a right thing to do to bring your actions of this awful responsibility on your family or on anyone.else.Takes time for depression to lift, but it will go .and you get out of this dark hole

    out of this dark hole and will stand up tall and see life is beautiful again I have been there took seven years struggle while I had four young children , husband with no empathy ,a job, and not enough money to feed and keep us, but I came through and am all that stronger for it. Hang on to life,we only have one.see the sunsets, flowers and look for the beautiful things on this wonderful earth ,and live life to the full. EF

  35. When ever I listen to JBP, I feel like I can go back and finish my engineering degree. I felt I was a failure and dropped out because I had a 3.2 gpa…

  36. Depression is just so unpredictable and can just come out of nowhere. I have always had spells since a teen, back then it was bullying. Growing up I lost friends and family to suicide and drug abuse, my natural response was to just drink myself into oblivion and convince myself that I was coping, but that whole time I had no idea I was heavily depressed. As an adult, I realized that all I was doing was working and then living for the weekend, which once again just felt like spending my week behind a desk only to get drunk on weekends, eventually it got to the point where I felt empty, I wasn't having any sort of meaningful relationships with anyone, I felt like nobody really cared for me. And at that point depression is at it's very worst, you fail to see point or purpose in anything and it's such a hard thing to get out of. It's a truly terrifying experience, but it gives me peace of mind that I'm not the only one, and Jordan Peterson has definitely put things into perspective for me.

  37. To explain the pills part for everyone.. he’s saying try to fix the things in your life that are making you depressed before you start to take pills.

  38. Why is everyones life a tragedy. I follow and agree with you alot but dont understand your viewpoint??? Please explain???

  39. "You'll just stop if it doesn't work" LMFAO Yea, no life-long brain zaps, disassociation, the suicidal thoughts that INCREASE with the brain zaps, that sickening anxiety that makes you want to physically rip your heart from your chest to make it stop, and on and on. All that and all of your pills still haven't worked; in fact, things are so much worse now. So much worse. Doctors and these pills out just like they did with the pain pills. And nobody really cares about the person suffering.

  40. I love this man. The truth hurts. He is so able to speak the truth. You have to listen to this man he is a genius and he is not afraid to tell it how it is. It takes years some decades to figure this out. Praise the lord

  41. cant even watch this with that bullshit track behind it. Wanted to uses your video for an out patient treatment center, but you had to put a bullshit track behind this video for what reason?? curious? for you? to add to the video? (if thats it, then ur an asshat) for what reason? you fuckin numb ass tool..

  42. The way I set things up for my life is this. I set my expectations really low so my mediocre results still make me an overachiever. I have met some of my expectations and past some of my expectations therefore I am quite successful.

  43. This didn't help me at all, I feel depressed for a lot of things, but many of those things I have literally no control over, so, it's helpless just to "stay cool" "think positive" or find will to do anything related to his advice…

  44. I don't like the music in the background:
    It makes him to seem to be a priest, and what he says seem to be a flat hollywood thing.
    Also it romanticises depression

  45. From a standpoint of having first and second hand experience with antidepressants and reading many of the studies and medical literature about them i would never reccomend anyone ever take these meds it will only make things worse. Dont take my word for it lookup "breaking placebo and ssri study shortcomings" you will be mind blown. Pharma companies are not interested in your wellbieng they are only interested in profit. Not all drugs are bad but most ssri's and antypschycotic drugs are not well studied and have been rushed through clinical trials.

  46. From 46:05 on:

    Being "nothing is better than something pathological, but you're still stuck with the problem of being nothing."

    I used to explain this idea to friends of mine using mathematical terms.
    Imagine at one point in time, you're -100. Being a magnitude of ten is a great thing, as compared to being, say, a negative 2 or 5 or 33. But when you remove those "pathological scaffolds," as Peterson calls them, you move closer to zero. As you undo the "baggage," you technically ascend in value as a person, but you will see yourself unraveling from the perspective of what you thought previously empowered you. One hundred looks like 100, whether that's a positive or a negative, and not many will be willing to give that up, even if they're at the top of a criminal dominance hierarchy (just an example.)

    Making your way to being nothing after being so negative for so long is, in fact, a good thing, because you find yourself at the position to begin building real value of character. However, staying a zero, staying out of the game, and not improving, now this is indeed an issue, and is not preferable to being where you began, as zero will always be zero.

    As Peterson states, as you move forward, you have momentary collapses and have "unlearning" take place. When you first step away from negative 100, you will feel that your decisions are not in alignment with actual growth, but that "doesn't mean you have to stop."

    It's a long road ahead, but you'll be grateful you made the decision when you did.

  47. I so love this man. So brilliant and so passionate. I have been watching all his videos and feel again like I am a student of life. As students we are so lucky to have a teacher like this who is accessible via the net.

  48. There is always more ways to skin a cat! When hitting setbacks get creative! Talk it out with someone HEALTHY TO GAIN PERSPECTIVE! Take it one day a time. I call the opposite CATASTROPHIZING! Fatallizing! See if the values line up with your goals. Be humble! Be patient and kind to yourself. Find a SPIRITUAL ANCHOR

  49. The music, whining along, sentimentally in background contaminates the feelings and thoughts I'm trying to examine as I listen. Counterproductive. Get rid of it.

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