Jonathan Rhys Meyers Was Working Through ‘Anger Issues’ Before He Was Detained by Cops – News Today

 Jonathan Rhys Meyers‘ wife Mara Lane is clearing the air after the actor was detained by police following a cross-country flight on Sunday  Meyers, 40, and Lane were flying into Los Angeles from Miami with their 1-year-old son Wolf when he got into a verbal dispute with Lane, PEOPLE confirmed with airport police  The actor’s wife took to her Instagram on Tuesday to explain that Meyers is working on his anger issues and that the incident on the flight wasn’t serious  “8 months of sobriety and an unfortunate day of airline travel,” Lane writes. “We were in South America specifically working holistically through anger issues that result in these kinds of episodes When in it… he is not in a frame of mind where he can really even comprehend the repercussions and necessary response to his own actions J IS extremely sorry for any inconveniences caused to anyone traveling yesterday ”  Lane goes on to explain that the two didn’t have a fight as reported, just a disagreement about him using an e-cigarette Airport police were eventually called to the gate when the plane landed due to the prohibited use of smoking devices on board  “There was no argument, just me asking him to not use his e cig per stewardess’ request to me and him not being himself, speaking very very unkindly,” she continues “It was out of his character. It was unbeknownst to me anything that happened on flight, as I was with my son with a privacy wall up We are home safe and he is feeling deeply sorry for any remote disrespect afforded to me, attendants, onlookers or officers Thank you for your compassion on this ongoing battle with addiction we are in.”  Airport Police Public Information Officer Rob Pedregon told PEOPLE on Monday that a male passenger was detained once landing at LAX Airport Sunday night  “We had a situation where police received a call for service about a passenger that was arguing with his female companion and possibly smoking,” Pedregon confirms “Officers met the aircraft at gate upon arrival, detained parties involved and conducted a thorough investigation We determined a male and his companion were having a verbal dispute during the flight and he got up and took a hit of e-cigarette He was advised against by a flight attendant it due to a violation of regulations and he complied ”  PEOPLE reached out to Meyers’ representatives but did not receive comment.

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