John McEnroe’s angry outbursts

Right on the line No mistakes so far in this match, right? You haven’t overruled anything. No mistakes whatsoever … Second serve, please Answer my question! The question, jerk! Code violation Verbal abuse Point Mr. McEnroe Code violation Abuse of raquet How can you be sure from here?
How can you be sure form here? and you did nothing about it
just do me a favor, that’s all I ask Fault That was inside the line right there The ball was right on the line How can you not call the ball on the line?
Why not? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Didn’t you see the god damn ball? But you can’t be serious man, you cannot
be serious that ball was on the line. Chalk blew up. It was clearly in.
How can you possibly call that out? Everybody knows it’s in in the whole stadium and you call it out? You guys are the absolute pits of the world, you know that? I’m going to award the point against you, Mr. McEnroe You are never going to work on a court again. You understand me? You are pathetic! You know that? You’re the worst umpire I’ve ever seen in my life You’re never going to work another match Grow some hair! That’s cute – he misses the ball
over the baseline, he says the baseliner “Grow some hair”

99 thoughts on “John McEnroe’s angry outbursts

  1. I think Johnny Mac's line should be used by moderators of political debates: "Answer the question, jerk."

  2. It's interesting how today McEnroe's fans say that Djokovic is arrogant and lacks sportmanship and McEnroe did 10 times worse things and they still loved him.
    It's just because Djokovic comes from Serbia and McEnroe does not.

  3. Dang can't even watch one damn video without all the racist in the comments… Miserable self haters! Sheesh…stay looking for anything to spew hate and filth that is inside themselves.

  4. One of the biggest jerks to ever play any sport but I loved watching him play. Great hands and a magic touch.

  5. He was a scrawny angry man child. He'd only act like that because he knew nobody would come down from the chair and kick his ass

  6. McEnroe is my favorite tennis player ever. I do admit that there were times when he got mad that his game suffered afterward, during a match. I saw him lose a couple of matches that he could have won if he'd only let the bad calls (and they were bad calls) go, recomposed, and played on.

  7. A genius who often could not behave well on court. And didn't want to either. But still he's loved and a legend of Tennis. Big Mac, everyone!

  8. McEnroe a talent with a loud mouth. Him and Serena would make a good pair. On could shout and the other could threaten!

  9. It would be useful if we could actually see the ball. Did they record tennis games with vegetables in the 80s?

  10. My all time favorite. Number 1 in singles and doubles. The most exciting to watch. Bit of a nutcase, but he had the best touch in tennis.

  11. Any opponent of Mac needed nerves of steel. Who wouldn't get emotionally rattled by his numerous outbursts? I used to be a fairly good pool player, but I'm sure that I've lost many matches because I let my opponents get to me psychologically. It's a very powerful tool, and who knows, maybe Mac knew that and used it to his advantage, maybe? I know my pool teacher used to tell me that the game is 80% mental. That just has to apply to other sports too.

  12. Fuck me if he was raised in the modern era he’d have channeled his anger and persecution complex into Jihad. McEnroe in ISIS.

  13. Who is here to watch McEnroe swear at and scream at the refs? He was famous for that, it was quite the sight to see.

  14. i was stunned when I found out neither Borg nor McEnroe won a major championship after the age of 25. Serina and Federer are both in their late 30's

  15. As a child I remember the news would show these highlights I was too young to follow tennis but he sure brought attention to the game.

  16. So this is the tennis player discussed in the book "Mindset" by Carol Dweck. The player with a very fixed mindset who blames every body for every misfortune he has. My god, he is so immature and so awfully unbearable to watch.

  17. Good old American spirit with baseball background. Learned it all from Billy Martin and Earl Weaver. Instant replay? 🤔

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