28 thoughts on “JOE BIDEN DEPORTATIONS: Crowd Gets Mad At Biden At His Own Rally

  1. Apologize for what that guy needs to shut the hell up come to this country legally you wouldn’t have a problem. Joe Biden is so weak Democrats will lie and tell the people anything they want to hear just to enrich themselves with our tax money . Thank God we have a strong leader in the White House.

  2. If YOU don't belong here and commit a crime. Get out!. I only wish we had Exile laws to strip hard core thugs and criminals of their citizenship and exile them somewhere else.

  3. Whsy do liberals constantly say the wealthy do not pay taxes, the top 25 percent of wage earners pay 90% of all federal tax revenue. The bottom half of wage earners pay less then 3% of the federal income tax revenue.

  4. AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTICES that LEFT-WING politicians are ALWAYS talking about "THE RICH" when every last one of them are SUPER RICH???? Bernie Sanders is ALWAYS talking to his base about how he's going to make "THE RICH" pay their fair share WHEN IT ITS THE RICH WHO ARE PAYING MORE TAXES THAN EVERYONE ELSE. The ONLY thing that Bernie has right is that there are people THAT AGENT paying their fair share…and that would be THE POOR.
    It is THE POOR that are ABUSING the welfare system in which the middle class, and "THE RICH" have to FINANCE. It is the CROOKED POLITICIANS(like Joe) that won't clue these OATHS, these IGNORAMUSES in on these things. This is WHY democrats ALWAYS see to it that they DESTROY every school system that they can, SO they can always have DUMMIES THAT WILL KEEP THEM IN OFFICE.

  5. Fake polls indicate sleepy Joe is the candidate. I voted for Hillary but if you give us Joe I'm most likely voting for Trump.

  6. How old is this guy ? Pelosi, as well. Aren’t there any younger more clever people around ? Murder as the single reason for deportations ? What about knife stabbing, drug trafficking, rape, … in these cases, the honest tax payer has to come up with the costs for incarceration and psychological treatment ? I’m from Germany, where exactly this has become daily practice due to open borders and Merkel‘s refugee welcome politics and I tell you, that’s definitely not the way forward. Will only make far right parties more stronger. Biden is a LOOSER !

  7. Illegals parents and kids they don’t care about this country the day they broke the law. Send em all back and apply legally like the legal ones- who waited years to be here and gain the right!

  8. I would have called ICE right outside that room and get those 4 illegals deported. Also it’s I’m pro trump and over here it’s not Biden’s fault. The crowd is full of illegal criminals. They probably can’t even vote. It’s USA- you love Latin culture so much migrate to Spain or stay in South America.

  9. Trump should run an ad on democratic platforms with a clip of Biden saying at the end “You should vote for Trump”

    That’s gold.

  10. America should help the Mexican government wipe the drug cartels off the face of the planet . That would end most if what illegal immigrants are flee from. And then rich Americans couldn't take advantage of their cheap labor.

  11. Plz deport those three hoes that will just be a burden on our tax paying money to house these non working welfare hoes and deport that fat Mexican watering our food stamp benefits feeding his fat azz.

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